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11-15-2009, 02:55
So a little story that explains what makes DF a stand out game among MMOs.

[ok this ended up much longer than i thought it would, but if you are looking into the game to see what its all about then it might be worth reading]

So yesterday I wanted to complete a title quest where I had to kill a mob that wasn't located in my racial territory. The travel distance from my location was 8 km (or about 20 minutes travel time). There are no NPC cities along the way and half way through my journey i'd have to travel the other 4 clicks through an enemy territory.

Now I'm not uber character so though I can hold my own against the average PvPer, any group of hostiles or one thats just really good or really developed and I'm in trouble. So I locate the general coordinates of the spawn and then see that there is a wilderness bank not too far away. Knowing this I pack light but solid so I can fight the mobs or defend myself, but no so rich that if I get in a no win situation I take a big hit on the loss. I also notice that between me and the spawn are a bunch of enemy race NPC cities (Usually some of the more active areas in the game).

So the plan is I ride out and find the spawn (coordinates are only generally accurate), kill a couple mobs to get a feel for them and then head to the wilderness bank to restock what I will think I need to kill the rest to finish the quest. Now with all the NPC cities in the way I figure its best if I take a round about route to keep my distance from such high traffic hostile areas.

So as you can see, even before I took this journey i had to do a fair amount of research, thinking and planning just to have a fair chance of getting from point A to point B. Now part of the reason for this is that I wanted to stay bound at my starting location so that when I had finished the quest i could recall back without making the long journey back, and so if I died i wasn't bound naked and in unfamiliar territory in the middle of nowhere. But, because of this, if I died anytime before finishing my quest i would have to start the journey all over again from the begining. So even though I was equiped in only moderate equipment to soften the loss of getting killed, dying was not an option I wanted.

So off I went first traveling through my native racial land looking for chaos chests and keeping my eyes open for hostile players. Since i'm getting far from any NPC cities i expect anyone I run into to be hostile. As I get to the edge of alfar lands I spot a chaos chest, 100+ gold and a stam pot. Nothing special but a nice little bonus. Now I am heading into Human lands where 'everyone' will be an enemy.

The transition from Alfar lands to Human lands is very noticable. Where I am coming from is stark with rocks and giant strange mushrooms with scattered trees and bushes. Many of the lakes are acid and there are large areas with nothing at all growing. All of a sudden I see grass and dense forest with rolling hills and underbrush everywhere. I had been to human lands once before, but this time I am noticing the beauty of it, lush and green, full of life and a world a way from my drab and dreary, almost sureal homeland. I think i notice it more because last time I was with a group, but this time I am all alone and every person I see will be an enemy, me without a friend for mile, so I am extremely alert constantly scanning my suroundings. My tension level is high knowing at any second I might have to make a split second decision should I see another player.

Now where I need to go is due NE but because of the NPC cities i have to go due N beyond the coordinate and then swing around to the E and then back SE. I am skirting the outskirts of the NPC cities, keeping them just out of sight, with me riding through the dense forest. All of a sudden I hear another mount between me and the city and up ahead the forest is thinning and turns into a clearing. After a few more seconds i see I rider and hes head towards me from the clearing. I see the forest stays dense to my left so i figure ill try and lose him first and if I cant ill dismount and fight.

My heart starts pounding as I turn into the dense woods with the other rider maybe 30 feet or so behind me. I jump over rocks and through bushes trying to lose him, but even though I can't see him i can hear he is still generally behind me. All of a sudden i get a ping spike and then another and fps go real low (i'm in L.A. so my ping on NA is 25-50, really good). This much spike and lag can only mean one thing...damn...

I am heading right into a seige, or a battlegroup preparing for one! Well that changes the whole situation, given the choice of running into a whole bunch of people fighting (or all decked out in their sunday's finest preparing to) or take my chances with one guy on a mount behind me, I stop my mount and get off drawing my bow taking a stand where I have a chance of winning. I second later I see the rider 20-30 feet to the N of me and continuing on his way to what is likely a far more important engagement than little ol me.

So I remount and head away from where the guy went and continue on my way, soon getting to the point where I can turn east. Now I am at full alert traveling through both forest and open areas where I can be seen from a far distance. Scanning in all directions i can see i am about 3/4 of the way through my journey and all of a sudden i hear a weird sound and seconds later my mount erupts in flame losing a 1/4 of its life. The Fire Dragon! Damn again!

I quickly head to the nearest trees scanning the skys for the scaly beast. Now I have to ignore my given route and keep us much under cover as possible or the dragon will kill my mount in no time. After a few minutes I don't see the dragon any more so I go back to making a bee line for my destination. A minute later I hear an explosion and my mount erupts in flame again losing another 1/4 of its hps. Now i wish i didn't packed light because I don't have the regs to fully heal my mount. With little choice I continue on my way going from dense patch to dense patch, now scanning in all directions as well as up in the skys for the dragon.

Another five minutes and I enter a clearing with dead ground everywhere. Looking behind me I scan the skys but the dragon is no where in sight. i turn around just in time to see two huge skeletal monsters a little ways ahead preparing to cast spells at me. Now given i am looking for Giant Skeletons, finding them this easy was pretty cool though they are a far bit N than I expected them to be. Problem is my mount is half dead and I am in a completely open area. So i zig and I zag avoiding there spells, hoping I can get away before they kill my only mount here in the middle of an unfriendly nowhere.

I manage to get out of their range while only taking one more hit on my mount, who now has like 40% hps. I despawn my mount and draw my bow to go see what they are made off. I walk back into view and start peppering the first one from a pretty good distance and he goes down pretty quick so i open fire on the other as he gets closer and closer. When hes almost dead he is on me and gives me a good couple wacks. Ouch, they may go down fast but they hit pretty hard. No worries, now that I killed the 2nd one, I respawn my mount and start heading to the wilderness bank. A few minutes later I start getting close to the location where I think the bank is and start going up a small ridge when all of a sudden. ZAP! Damn for a 3rd time, its guarded by a tower. I turn tail and start moving away and ZAP! and a piece of my armor breaks (I was wearing fairly worn armor for this journey) I move farther away. ZAP! and another piece of armor breaks. And a final ZAP as I finally get out of tower range again.

Now i can't get to the bank and there is not another one for a good distance. My mount is over half dead as is my armor. I only brought 50 arrows and 5 of each reg, and i used 18 arrows to kill the first 2 giant skeletons and I need to kill 8 more. i devise a plan where I will just pepper each one with a few arrows to weaken them and then finish them off with melee. So i head back to the spawn.

For the next for everything goes as planned and I kill them pretty quickly only taking moderate damage. the next two spawn and i weaken the first one with arrows but then my bow unreadys, i'm out of arrows. I finish off the first one with my polearm only losing 1/4 of my life, but eh second one is on me and as i beat it up it beats me up too. I'm down to a 1/4 of my hps and make a run for it to heal up, but it gets another hit in. Then as i'm running it hits me with a spell and i'm down to just a sliver of hit points. if it hits me again i'm dead and I have to come ALL the way back here just to kill 3 more. I zig zag casting heal spells and barely make it behind a rock as two other spells barely miss me. Now I circle the rock trying to keep it between the monster and myself as I continue to heal up. Once I am back up to half I go back in and finish off its remaining hps.

So between spawns I hide in some bushes resting up, using this time to decide a plan for the last 2. With the regs I have, I should be able to weaken the last two enough so that I can finish them of in melee and be done with the quest. All of a sudden i hear some grass crunching, another player must be near. Being out of arrows, low on regs and in half dead armor I hope my hiding spot is good enough, because I am not going to stand a chance in a PvP fight right now. For a 20 seconds or so I sit there listening for more crunching but they seemed to have stopped. Is he gone? Or did he spot me and is now sneaking up? After another minute of straining my hearing, I think hes gone so i get up to kill the last to mobs.

Using some of my few regs i'm able to weaken the mobs and finish them off with melee. Done with the quest! Now I run away from the spawn to a think area of bushes and start casting my recall. Feels like it takes forever as I keep looking all around for someone zeroing in on the obvious siren of me recalling. though if i die at this point ill go back to where i'm going anyway, i'd hate to lose all my loot at this point after all ive gone through. After a minute my recall goes back and i'm back to relative safety, quest complete and loot secure.

But even now my heart is still pounding a little and intensity level is high from all I had done in the last hour and a half. It was nerve racking the whole time...

But what other game can you have an adventure like that?

11-15-2009, 03:14
I actually read it all~

Nice story.

Kill Yourself
11-15-2009, 03:26
I read the first few paragraphs, got boring.

11-15-2009, 03:33
yepp, these are my thoughts exactly, just fighting small simple mobbs is an adventure, I have 18 selentine keys worth only 200g each, but haven't cashed em out yet, since the place I have to go to is relatively far away, making it a travel distance I should do with mount, but the risk of getting into trouble is kinda high since it's between allot of cities :P

Small simple tasks are not so simple once full loot and ffa pvp is on :P

That and that nearly everything can kill you so that even simple mobbs can be a challenge if fought wrong, all that combined makes this such a good game :)

So what the graphics are not the best looking(since anti-aliasing and anisotropy ain't on) but the experience is the best I've had from a game in a long time.

So what the controls are totally fucked up :P once you get used to em and remap a whole bunch(which I know is wrong controls shouldn't be like that) it's still doable.

The heart-pounding pvp and feel of the game makes up for nearly everything, even the most minor of fights is a big preparation(unless you just died and start to fight random scrub mobbs to get gear :P).

11-15-2009, 07:33
Great post. Well captured. I love the adrenaline rush from a full loot pvp anywhere game.

Reminds me of good ole Shadowbane.