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11-14-2009, 15:39
I was wondering:

1~ How many ppl know of someone in game or in thier clan or themselves that uses bloodwalls, or alts, or auto clickers, or afk swimming/running/sprinting/jumping?

2~ How many ppl do you KNOW that uses aimbots, radar hacks, teleport hacks, speed hacks, health hacks, stat hacks etc etc etc?

3~ How many ppl do you know that have been banned for #1 or #2?

The reason I ask all these questions is because recently I have had 2 freinds get perma banned. 1 was banned for afk swimming at a city harbor and the other was banned for afk auto clicking beating on his alt. Now the funny thing is is that a person that me and both of my friends fraps using a teleport hack and speed hack and then somehow flew up in the air was the one that turned in my friends. The reason that I know he was the one that turned my friends in is because 2 days after they were banished he sends me a tell telling me "good try but they won't ban me but I hope your friends enjoy playing Aion". What he was referring to was that we fraps him killing the 3 of us using the above hacks that I mentioned and all 3 of us turned in our fraps all from 3 different angles and all clearly captured him doing the hacks. Now all 3 of us recieved emails from the devs telling us they have escolated the ticket and are looking into it. That was a week ago.

Now me and my 2 friends have only played the game for about 2 weeks so in reality the hacker didn't need to use his exploits to kill us. Now all 3 of us have been afk swimming each night when we log off and 2 nights ago 1 of my friends was excited that his cousin was taking a break from the game and was going to let him beat on his alt over night to skill up weapon skills. So on Wednesday night my friend set up an autoclicker to beat on his cousin's toon over night as he slept. When he came back in the morning his computer screen had a warning message on saying something like "kicked for botting". My other friend got a message saying something along the lines of "kicked for away from key skill gaining". I woke up in the morning with a lost connection to server error, so I guess I got lucky.

My whole point of this is that 1 single night of my friend beating on his cousin's toon(Wednesday 11/11/09 for litterally just the 1 night since that was when his cousin gave him the acct info) got my friend perma banned, and another was perma banned for afk swimming against a wall in an NPC city. Yet a hacker that utilized 3 separate hacks, teleport/speed/flying, and was fraps by 3 different ppl at the same time from 3 different angles and all 3 were submitted via the online tickets, is still playing a week later and was even the one that turned in fraps of my friends afk swimming and autoclicking on an alt.

So does this mean if you use 3rd party macros you get perma banned but if I use 3rd party exploit/hack programs I will get to play longer to turn in the 3rd party macroers.

11-14-2009, 15:47
Shouldn't be perma banned. Sure it's not just a week?

11-14-2009, 15:52
They have started perma banning for autoclickers etc. someone in my clan got banned too.

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11-14-2009, 16:31
It's probably a buddy syndrome.

So that guy using hacks most likely know someone inside AV.

He might even use GM privileges 'borrowed' from his friend.

I can't see anything breath takeing or gamebreaking exploit with afk swimming.
However it's forbidden in tower range because it's considered safe there.

Just meet the many people swimming afk at the corners of the world. The end of the world can be a very crowded place ...

It's hard to sell for AV to perma ban auto clickers, and NOT doing a shit against aimbotter, radar user and what else exploits running rampant.
Shouldn't be that hard to catch most of them. They clearly leave a trail in the database about their doing.

But that's the point, AV never did enough to get rid of them, imho.
That started with the not rerolled rigor exploit, wich they clearly must have seen in their database survey about char development.
They did nothing for weeks. And even after the exploit was confirmed they did nothing to reroll the wrong doing.
The famous hack invulnerable people weapon skill exploit, once busted in late beta, was back again at release.

I can almost feel why. Because someone in their dev team decided he can't live without that.

Just like WoW devs gave them a god like class to play, Shammies.

Oh well all conspiracy theories i guess.

Still the xploits are there, and AV did nothing from the very beginning to stop it.

Using an iron brush now hits innocent or minor cases, wich alienate the players even more. Especially if you see the next hard case of exploiting right around the next corner and oh wonder noone does anything against, again.

11-14-2009, 16:37
Could you please link your ingame account to a forum one because I sincerely think that you are trollling.

11-14-2009, 16:39
They have started perma banning for autoclickers etc. someone in my clan got banned too.

Yeah but it silly that they perma ban for things like that when the exploiters that are actually ruining the game need to be investigated despite the evidence. I re-subbmitted my ticket to ask for an update on the fraps that was sent in along with questions as to why my friends were perma banned. This was my response:


We are investigating your issue and we will contact you if we need more feedback on this. We hope to have your issue resolved shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. This matter is being escalated for investigation. If you continue to re-open the ticket, it will only take longer.

Thank you,
Darkfall Support

Basically they are telling me to drop it because they are letting the exploiter get away with it since its infinately easier to catch ppl that are afk swimming in NPC cities and perma ban them. I guess they figure that the exploiters and hackers are at least actively play despite the fact that they cause more ppl to quit the game then AV would lose if they banned them instead.


Not screenshots but fraps. I will post the fraps when I get a finalized answer from AV as to whether they will or won't take action on it. I do not want to ruin the chance that AV may actually take action and ban an actual exploiter instead of banning ppl that actually enjoy playing the game and that are trying to make up for 8 months of catch up. On a side note though my friend has now issued chargebacks on his credit cards because AV claims that they have investigated his acct for the last 2 weeks(keep in mind the acct was only 10days old at the time he was banned) and have accused him of botting on many occasions(again keep in mind that he only got his cousin's acct info around 7:00PM EST on 11/11/09 and was booted from server and banned at 3:47AM EST on 11/12/09). So in short AV is full of shit and has no idea how to catch exploiters so they are going for the fish in the barrel so to speak.

Shame to cause I was really liking this game and was excited to see the expansion. But doubtful that I will play much now and not only did they just lose 3 subs but also word of mouth on a game with no advertisement is huge for them. If this is the way they handle exploiters and blatant violators that alter game files and use them to achieve an obvious advantage over everyone else and then let them go with out even a slap on the wrist and yet perma ban ppl using programs to click a mouse every 11 seconds or hitting num lock into a wall. I guess our fraps will soon be seen on a few gamer sites to show the gaming community AV's lack of security within thier own game the lack of motivation to take care of the real issues that is ruining the game.

Thanks for listening to this whine/venting session and I hope the trolls eat well. :rolleyes:

11-14-2009, 16:40
Could you please link your ingame account to a forum one because I sincerely think that you are trollling.

How do I do that? Remember only been playing 2 weeks and only been on the boards 3 days. So talk slow. :p

11-14-2009, 16:42
How do I do that? Remember only been playing 2 weeks and only been on the boards 3 days. So talk slow. :p


11-14-2009, 16:54

Did it work? Or how can I tell if it worked or not? It shows my forum name on my billing profile now. Does my acct need to be active to show or indicate it. I have canceled my acct as of this morning so will that effect anything?

Sorry for the questions and all just wondering if linking the forum acct to the game acct will get this topic anymore attention or not since its a serious one, imo. I really liked this game as do my friends. I think it will take a lot of coaxing to get my friends to play the game again but they may come around if the ban is lifted on their accts. If its not I don't see them ever coming back nor will I.

Thanks in advance

Edit: oh nm i see the EU1 player next to my name now. Is that what happens when you link the accts?

11-14-2009, 17:08
Edit: oh nm i see the EU1 player next to my name now. Is that what happens when you link the accts?

Yes, it works.
Now back on topic.

It's very strange that your friends got permabanned for the first time even with the new accounts. From what I've heard you get a kick for the afk swimming for the first time or 24hr ban max. Maybe they've changed the policy on that too discourage people from macroing, or maybe it was just an agry GM. However I wouldn't macro or anything like that in an NPC city with the towers, it's just a time matter when someone will see you and decide to report you. I still don't understand why would you want an afk swim because gains per night are worth the same as farming mobs with melee for 30mins if not less.

If I was in your friends position, I would email support and ask to lift the bans if you did not have any previous infractions. Oh, and don't macro.