View Full Version : House question.

11-09-2009, 15:17
If you own a house is it possible for you to house recall to someone elses house?

11-09-2009, 15:24
very valid question.

currently the house system is totally screwed, since if you own a house you can only recall to this one house, if you are a guest u can always get invited by someone else to another location and recall there, so are free to go whereever friends have houses.

so long story short, its actually better for you to NOT own a house right now, as long as you have friends with houses.

Percival Kama
11-09-2009, 21:59
you do have a purchase contract which you signed that you will have to close on or before a certain date. You will first need to make an ammendment to the contract approved by both parties to push back the closing date. the other option would be to do a bridge loan where the bank will loan you the money for a few weeks and will be paid off with the proceeds of your home sale.