View Full Version : do i have to update patcher?

11-06-2009, 21:32
just wondering if i had to update the patcher again and wait like 4 hrs before i can log into na1 from xfer

11-06-2009, 21:45
If you do not have the NA client installed but you do have the EU client, follow these steps to install the NA client without having to download the whole 9 gigabytes again.

1. Download the NA Lobby from this link

2. Install it on a different folder than your EU client, such as Darkfall US.

3. Go to your EU client installation folder and copy the following files from the data folder:
All the dfdata_00XX.sfad files

4. Go to your NA client installation folder and paste the files in the Data folder.

5. Log in the NA Lobby and let it patch if needed.
( If needed means, that you have to update, if you didn't play this game for some weeks and didn't update to recent version already. )
You should now be able to log in and play. If you encounter any issues please contact our NA support department.

Got it ?