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11-03-2009, 22:37
I started darkfall about six months ago, but about three months ago my account went inactive.

1.. If I was to reactivate my account will my character still be there, with all the skills and items I had prior to quitting?

2.. What will be the total cost of transferring my account to NA? (if I wait to resub until after the transfer takes place)

Thanks guys.

11-03-2009, 22:50
I am wondering the same-thing.

I bailed at the whole NA transfer crap a couple months ago, when it was first talked about but would like to know what my options are if I come back.

11-03-2009, 22:52
1: Your character should be there as you left it.
2: Just pay for a NA sub as long as you transfer within the first month once transfers open.

11-03-2009, 23:00
1: Your character should be there as you left it.
2: Just pay for a NA sub as long as you transfer within the first month once transfers open.

On #1. have you quit, and returned Tedium, or are you saying this from what you've seen//heard from other players? ALSO.. can I get just a couple more people to confirm this?

On #2. a. I was told by a couple people that there will be a fee to transfer.
b. Then I also heard I will have to buy a NA "package" which, to me, means I have to pay another $60 to start playing again.

If thats the case, then you wont be seeing me resub. If all I have to do is pay to restart my subscription then thats not a problem, thats fair. I refuse to pay a transfer fee since I did not have the option to play a US server, I also refuse to pay for another game "package" aside from standard subscription rates.

NOW as for transfer fees for players going from NA to EU is acceptable, they had a choice. Also, transfer fees for transfers after the first are acceptable as well as after a certain period of time (like you said, a month).

11-03-2009, 23:07
I have two accounts I left my alt account dormant for two months.
It was where I had left it with the same bank contents and skills after I re-subbed.

If you read the news sections and the spotlight section you'll find your questions regarding transfers.



Hope that helps.

11-03-2009, 23:17
This is where I'm confused...

FIRST he says:

The process will start around the 3 month mark from the NA Launch, as originally planned. There will be no transfer fee if the transfer is completed within a month after the transfer option becomes available. You'll just need to purchase a subscription option on the NA server.

THEN he says:

Q: Will you have to pay for a NA copy during or after the free month of transfers?
A: No, but there will be a transfer fee back and forth between EU and NA servers for those that want to transfer their characters.

First he says there will not be a transfer fee....

Then he says you dont have to buy a NA copy but there will be a transfer fee DURING OR AFTER "first month of transfers" So that leads me to believe that the transfers are NOT free. However you do not have to purchase a new NA copy of the game.

Its one big contradiction. Get someone who can write a little more clearly to avoid this type of confusion.

Im fairly certain he means there will be a transfer fee AFTER one month, but his wording is a little less than clear and concise.

edit: did some underlining

11-03-2009, 23:24
Like they said there will be an official update with details on transfers before they start. But at this time I get the impression if someone want to keep swapping back and forth between servers month in month out there would be a fee. Your guess is as good as mine.