View Full Version : I have an account and no access....

11-01-2009, 00:07

11-01-2009, 00:14
I'm pretty sure accounts are being linked fine, the forums just have some sort of problems knowing that you're still subbed.

After looking into it, it seems that when you enter in a forum username/password it is verified and saved. If either was invalid, the little popup thing isn't closed, and the forum name on the profile form isn't changed. If everything was working, you would be able to use the forums just after this step, as the actual verify/submit thing doesn't actually send any information about your forum login.

But, my sub only has 2 days until it refreshes (I'm not exactly sure how it ended up on the 2nd of the month when I've been subbed since launch)... Maybe 2 days is too short to count.