View Full Version : Mexico City getting double-penetrated

Tir McDohl
04-27-2009, 20:06
An earthquake struck Mexico City this morning. It reportedly hit 6.0 on the richter scale. Quakes of that magnitude are officially classified as strong and are capable of causing severe damage.

Buildings in the capital shook but there are not yet reports of major damage. The scene on Mexico City, however, mirrored that in New York City as a military test sparked worries, with workers fleeing tall office buildings.

This comes on rumors that the mayor of Mexico City is considering "closing" the city. We have no idea whether that means evacuating the city or simply preventing outsiders from entering in a kind of quarantine.

Mexico is the second largest trading partner of the US and the 14th largest economy in the world.



04-27-2009, 20:06
Who cares about Mexico?

04-27-2009, 20:07
I bet the Taliban is behind it.

or the US government

04-27-2009, 20:07
The title of the thread kinda overshadowed the actual text. In fact, I didn't even click the link. Mostly because it's Mexico, but also because the title dwarfs anything it has to say.