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I just got done reading this book last night. It's something like seven hundred pages long with an appendix that makes up about another forty or fifty pages.

So this is basically a review of the book done by me:

A little too riskay for my taste. Ex. (Thirteen year old girl loses her virginity to a giant warlord who thinks he'll ride to heaven on a flaming horse when he dies).

Good plot twists and whatnot, I really was surprised when Lord Eddard's head was cut off.

A little too fantasyish and I really didn't appreciate the part when the Khaleesi Comes from within her husband's funeral pyre with three dragons, naked and no hair.

Good descriptions, it's not had to visualize the Seven Kingdoms at all, but when I think about it and look at a map of the human territory in WoW, and the Kingsroad they look shockingly similar *hint hint*.

My only complaint was that I think Martin was a little too ruthless in the way he used his characters. By that I mean he kills most of them or fucks up their life somehow. The bastard boy is sent to the Wall (a wall built near the northern part of the land that keeps out Mance Rayder, the Others and whatever beasts are beyond the wall), Lord Eddard is *Seriously, if you haven't learned not to look by now, just leave* beheaded. Khal Drogo is wtfpwned by a forty year-old woman.

Overall I'd recommend the book who can handle the sexual content and things of that nature but I think that the writing could have been better. He switches from first to third person a lot and it really pisses me off. I'm beginning to write a novel myself and I think that, among other things, are what irk people the most about a writer.


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The book by R.R. Martin. It focuses on the family called the House Stark, which are a northern-descended group of people who claim the Direwolf as their sigil.

But it also focuses on Daenerys Taragaryen, who's brother was killed by the king of Westeros, Robert Baraetheon.

Along with Daenerys, there's Tyrion Lannister, of House Lannister who ends up betraying the Starks and the northern lords and fiefs.

This is a write-up as to how I think the book is. It's not superb, but maybe it's just a rocky start. Hopefully the next book will be better.

02-05-2009, 16:59
You mean you read book one of A Song of Ice and Fire.

A Game of Thrones.

Now go read A Clash of Kings.