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  1. RE: Mage and Warrior changes [Feedback]
  2. Most Efficient Class To Farm With.
  3. [Video] New Dungeon Iriendir
  4. Anyone else having trouble leaving party sometimes?
  5. Static Field broke?
  6. I got banned from MMORPG.com for defending Darkfall.
  7. What happend to the market place?
  8. Possible minor desynch bug?
  9. Question: POLL: Should we get one prowess respec everytime a new school is introduced?
  10. what happened to limbo?
  11. 20 stam drain every time you hit someone who is shielding.
  12. Skills, Casters (not about balance)
  13. Sieges are UNPLAYABLE
  14. Air Mages
  15. A.V. where the hell are the Minotaur and Evil eyes?
  16. Really? The only class to get nerfed is warrior?
  17. How can i find the Wolf Lands?
  18. Is DFUW really a hardcore PVP game?
  19. wow av seriously. biggest bug.
  20. Week 5 in Darkfall Unholy Wars [Video]
  21. Stop whining because the naked elementalist -> Test of armors and weapons
  22. Problems with graphics
  23. [BUG] Can't perform actions with character when Chat is open
  24. >>>>warning, tailoring feat gain restriction <<<<<<<
  25. Do you want AV to prioritize pvp hotspots above all else
  26. Some noobs must die
  27. Changing role should reset PP to 0
  28. Lets talk about TTK (Time To Kill)
  29. Temporary Fix Suggestion: Keyboard Command for UI RELOAD
  30. Skirm chased me 4 tiles while I'm on a mount
  31. Want a buddy.
  32. Why did you stop supporting Darkfall online?
  33. New Rule In effective When Suggesting Class Balance
  34. What happened to the 10 new unique resources that was supposed to be added last week?
  35. Sieges and Crashing around too many players - Possible issue thats causing it?
  36. Can not be arsed anymore
  37. Is that guy on player auctions a Dev?
  38. Siege of Somerstone
  39. new bug
  40. DF2 has more Team Play than DF1?
  41. Suggestion: Trade Channel?
  42. Anyone know how to fix the "stuck at login screen" problem?
  43. Clan name colors
  44. Darkfall DDOSers got a new target?
  45. Teksyndicate.com gives Darkfall a bump.
  46. NA Server time zone and in game time display
  47. Increase Explosive Arrow Cooldown (and perhaps change the skill to be more fun)
  48. Question: Please Explain Scroaching
  49. Question: Warrior ultimate: stoic defence question (question for warriors!)
  50. Game has no gratification!
  51. Elementalists OP?
  52. Most comfortable way to play Darkfall
  53. Feat rewards
  54. this retarded and arbitrary backseat global chat moderation is ridiculous
  55. 10 kbs
  56. What is up with the NA1 Ingot and Rawhide / Leather economy?
  57. Aimbot? Animation Glitch? Bug? Exploit? What is this
  58. 3rd Elementalist School?
  59. Make 2 players increase spawn rates
  60. Another how to fix the economy and add value to player cities
  61. Horrbile PvP skill and this game...
  62. Remove Dying From Falling
  63. Suggestion: Do you want old cooking system back?
  64. Hamlet for sale!! No more use
  65. Attacking Cities - where is the raiding
  66. No patch
  67. Not even a hotfix after last patch?
  68. because 2 threads are not enough
  69. Would you play on a new Darkfall server if it had...
  70. Question: Question about INT
  71. Salvage seems to not be working properly.
  72. Veilron Key
  73. FPS tips
  74. hey av whats this weeks update ?
  75. Wow New Patch Notes
  76. Lower resolution but keep windowed mode?
  77. The feat system breaks up clans
  78. Remove stat bonuses from boosters
  79. More forum moderation/GM intervention in DF2 than DF1
  80. When you have a better chance to lose your gear by crashing.
  81. How to fix lag with 1h+shield
  82. Suggestion: Stampede rework
  83. No, again
  84. Av, is it so hard to communicate ?
  85. Typical Pathetic Stupid AV
  86. I saw the AV Time line with so called updates
  87. Regarding the Update Timeline
  88. Fight in dungeon = crash
  89. Join me in prayer...
  90. DF1 Fanboys
  91. Moving Corpse Bug + Auto Revive = Gamebreaking
  92. Balancing for skill: How to keep people who aren't good playing
  93. You really need to fix the crashing!!!!
  94. Crashes will kill Darkfall, just like it killed Shadowbane
  95. Fix safe zones
  96. 6.6.2013
  97. Biggest Issue with Darkfall
  98. Wheres this patch? icy confirmed for today
  99. Patch announcement - 5 hour downtime
  100. Patch DT - 5 hours
  101. Water
  102. Where is the new Warship?
  103. woohoo
  104. Penalizing Nakeds
  105. AV read my topic in beta foprum about add debuff effect to magic for better spell com
  106. That's it?
  107. New School and Sprint in water... I guess thats uber. (WTB dungeons/Enchanting)
  108. Woooooooooooooooo
  109. Synergy!
  110. Where is the warship?
  111. Minimap is too small
  112. Why not Stack the crit chance vs Nakeds?????
  113. Disappointing patch notes....QQ
  114. No boots in robe set?
  115. So they add a Ele school, weaken nakeds and fix water combat...
  116. The Obvious
  117. AV Patch Bug
  118. Map black
  119. Massive unlisted transfer buff.
  120. My 2 cents on the patch
  121. So much for the map being fixed...
  122. Transfer buff?
  123. Whats ninja in the patch
  124. Unintentional Tranfer Buff - PLEASE LEAVE AS-IS
  125. They finally fixed transfers!!!!!
  126. Yessssss they buffed transfers!!!!!!
  127. by far THE best patch released
  128. "it's quite complicated adding a new school to the game"
  129. How hard is water magic hitting?
  130. Why xfers get buffed?
  131. I'm logging in because of the transfers
  132. Mage robes and new penalty for armor
  133. Map Change Explanation
  134. My bank is full!
  135. Transer patch is good please keep!
  136. Serious ping issues for friend
  137. Like new transfers but Scale, mages and primas.
  138. Love the transfer buff
  139. Keep transfer like this
  140. AV, will you make people rage quit? [transfers]
  141. Keep transfers like this
  142. Change transfers back (not a troll)
  143. Post a video of the new WOF
  144. Which is better for farming in general.
  145. Ho-hum TTK lowered again
  146. Blizzard has a massive performance cost
  147. What should be the determining factor in combat? Numbers? Or Player Skill?
  148. Skirm Vs Mage issue
  149. Keep Transfers, Balance Warriors?
  150. dash nerf
  151. New and Hilarious levels of incompetence
  152. So I'm starting to feel they really did ninja nerfed essence drops in SZ...
  153. New Sig
  154. Nerf to Stampede?
  155. For the Record...
  156. WM Extremely OP
  157. Transfer Discussions
  158. Completely re-do the Housing System
  159. Stop qq about WM
  160. Suggestion: Water Trap-Possible fix
  161. Servers down in 20 mins for patch - eta 2 hours
  162. Naked Warriors
  163. Darkfall - The Red Wedding
  164. Patch Notes June 7th
  165. Rip transfers!
  166. AV, your "accident" was the best change you've implemented in ages.
  167. To all role balance whiners
  168. Patching issues
  169. How to kill a STR elem Air/Water (if he isnt str that work too) *Pro tips*
  170. Wtt watery grave for good old shards.
  171. I really don't understand
  172. tasos you are a fucking fool
  173. killed floating people
  174. Please fix incapped hitbox
  175. My transfers - nooooooooooooooooooooo
  176. Hybrid viability
  177. the best fix was a accident???
  178. Cross roles!
  179. i can smell another warrior nerf...
  180. Well this patch is right back to awful.
  181. Dear AV
  182. How fucking dumb is the company running this game?
  183. Transfert buff ok but revert them.
  184. Boats boats boats.
  185. So since we had 24ish to test transfers....
  186. Bring back transfer buffs for Wisdom Booster
  187. So the game was actually fun for the first time ever
  188. Darkfall's First Wedding [Video]
  189. Transfers =/ BRING THEM BACK!
  190. Suggestion: Tasos!, Please Buff the Transfers again!!!
  191. I want a refund every day you patch this game
  192. Party and Personal waypoints are still bugged since patch before today.
  193. Everybody wants Transfers buffed, Because...
  194. Typing Cannot Express How Much Fail Aventurine Commited By Not Keeping Good TRANSFERS
  195. Transfer buff was great! But..
  196. EU Down
  197. Water feedback form an elementalist.
  198. Bye bye (QQ)
  199. 10 unique resources
  200. Unsubbed until buffed transfers are reinstated. You should to.
  201. Shittest Chaos chest you've ever gotten?
  202. Coming from MO
  203. Stuff missing out of my personal bank!
  204. Alt+Tab Bug Workaround
  205. Where are u Tasos
  206. Welcome to Darkfall- What The Tutorial Should Have Included
  207. Transfers being good was fun. Looking for dev feedback on this.
  208. warrior class still is boring
  209. Warrior Armor and Elemental Magic Resists
  210. Question: Patching the old way?
  211. OMG transfeers
  212. [Poll] #1 Worst Ultimate Skill
  213. People macroing fishing all day is getting out of hand, AV needs to enforce it!
  214. crah EU
  215. And we're back!
  216. Ahh, life can continue again.
  217. crash before loading screen since new patch
  218. AV main project !
  219. Water Magic Review.
  220. Aventurine I have 27 kittens in my basement for every week you do not fix transfers..
  221. Regarding security breach.
  222. AV please listen to your playerbase...
  223. Transfers
  224. Auto Rez
  225. Sieges Fixed?!?
  226. Old Grind vs New Grind
  227. [MAP BUG] Edge of map cuts off Ruby
  228. AV. You need to listen the fuck up, and Buff Transfers! NOW!!!
  229. Slayer
  230. AV. Tranfers. Need. Buffed.
  231. Buff Transfers -> Give players a reason to try and get better.
  232. Okay, you fixed the security breach...
  233. Grandmaster Carebear presents - That awkward moment in Darkfall Unholy Wars:
  234. Trade my Macbook for a PC deal?
  235. Maxevil
  236. So we get it that some people want transfers buffed, but...
  237. server down
  238. Server
  239. Server craaaaaash
  240. We need player run pvp content
  241. Question: What information did you lose/what kind of 'security breach' did you have?
  242. Can we get some of that promised content?
  243. Fix Transfers///Make Villages Worth Capping/Stealing
  244. I need help
  245. transfers aren't as important as
  246. Fuck
  247. We're out here trying to function
  248. Na is Down Might as Well post this Video! Enjoy! Great Fights!
  249. Village Cap Rewards and Housing Items: Is There A Connection?
  250. Instead of buffing transfers