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  1. [Video] Duels as Primalist, it's not underpowered
  2. Stealing...
  3. Round Robin prowess and kills
  4. Lag when getting a mob kill?
  5. Darkfall sunday news channel 4 :)
  6. Reduce warrior's armor cost
  7. Do you see if you're red flagged?
  9. Buff skirmisher
  10. Question: What shall I do? *Crafts Masterys*
  11. Not played since early beta - WORTH ME COMING BACK?
  12. Game's boring once you get high prowess
  13. Am I the only one that wants a custom ranking system for my clan?
  14. {OP} SALVO needs a NERF
  15. i miss stormblast...
  16. Prowess Reset?
  17. Combat Mastery or Attributes?
  18. are all 40kers and higher tards?
  19. My latest rant about performance; Direction; and state of the game....
  20. Bomb Rush!!!
  21. 1 Man Guilds
  22. AV Dev speaks!!
  23. Suggestion: Solve the balance crisis with hybrid roles
  24. Month old sticky patch notes
  25. Alt + G hides the UI, but this time around we cannot do anything while it's hidden.
  26. Login Problems..
  27. #1 cause of player deaths
  28. How I feel whenever I return to the safe zone:
  29. 5 hours later..
  30. Darkfall on your smart phone
  31. [Video] Spirit Bond Bug - Game breaking glitch
  32. Bandicam + Darkfall Unholy Was = Crash
  33. Bring Back Ganking Screams!
  34. Frequent ping spikes since patch about 4 days ago
  35. Logitech G13 users (question)
  36. Torrent patching
  37. Av is going in the right direction!!
  38. Markets!!!!!!
  39. High Ping, death, ping drop!
  40. Fix the random crashing, but then once you do that, DO ALL OF THIS
  41. Strength Booster overly Versatile
  42. Vamp
  43. Best PvP Video DF:UW 2013 NA1
  44. Earning new roles.
  45. Nvidia Shield for Darkfall UW?
  46. server optimization patch down 3 hours...
  47. Im going to make a thread every day
  48. Vote city chat fark global chat (global chat killed df1 and it's killing uw)
  49. Starting game srashes pc since this patch/maintenance whatever
  50. 3d model viewer
  51. My First Impressions of DF2
  52. What would you like to see in Tasos' Next Update?
  53. Recording programs.
  54. Do you plan on resubbing?
  55. Regarding Round Robin
  56. Nerf naked farming
  57. Things you should not do AV
  58. Question: Reduced Building Costs - Compensation for already built buildings
  59. Update, May 15th Scheduled... Go to last post
  60. Hmmm one new dungeon
  61. Best video card for Darkfall?
  62. sigh-reduced costs for crafting
  63. 1 HUGE Dungeon , more then 1 entrance.
  64. Warrior Op
  65. Ban all DF1 Vets from ever playing the game or using the forums!
  66. No Excuse for Siege Crashing in PVP Game
  67. Queing
  68. From OTG to Empire!
  69. Ultra Brutale
  70. About elementalist
  71. Roles
  72. Fix Villages / Make Villages useful
  73. Dungeon concern
  74. When is the game truly released?
  75. Suggestion: Need a discount
  76. AV's stance on bindcamping - when?
  77. Longer subs
  78. something is going the wrong way, av.
  79. Thank You AV
  80. Say NO to Round Robin, instead SCRAP feat system
  81. Yesterday i went to Dwarflands
  82. stat restrictions, changes to safe zones and war decs
  83. [VIDEO][HD] The OtherSide of Darkfall: Unholy Wars
  84. So big patch on a Friday?
  85. Question: How to add a tenant to your cottage
  86. Darkfall weekly PvP hotspots
  87. Question: No active subscription on 1 of 2 accounts.
  88. Cannot City Raid
  89. Are you subscribing?
  90. What the hell is a protection shard??
  91. Class Balance
  92. Hidden Feats
  93. Charged 1 day before I was supposed to, AND I cancelled...
  94. Pvp
  95. New Feats they should replace the ones they have now
  96. Capturing a village
  97. NA Server done fucking up!!
  98. Fix the fucking na server
  99. just lost 200 ore!!
  100. Kicked out twice.
  101. Get rid of auto-revive
  102. Fix servers plz
  103. Can I get some help with the hidden feats?
  104. "We're working on resolving it right now."
  105. Server STILL screwing up
  106. server crashing
  107. 315000 ping and climbing
  108. Are there hidden crafting feats?
  109. Roll this shit back
  110. Don't roll it back.
  111. Crashed 5 times in a row
  112. Changes needed for Elementalist and Primalist.
  113. Steam Keys?
  114. A Logical Feat/Prowess Distribution System (NOT ROUND ROBIN)
  115. No Patch WTF
  116. FRIDAY 17 MAY AFTER MAINTENANCE: EU1 server-side lag
  117. Hello AV!!
  118. Question: Does AV know it is already 3rd week of May ?
  119. Forum mod..(Help us out)
  120. Can people still post in Subscriber if their account goes inactive?
  121. With new schools on the way....
  122. Why There Wasn't A Patch
  123. Game still sucks for casual players
  124. City walls and a idea for fix
  125. MMORPG review is up!
  126. This is just awesome
  127. Ping
  128. Suggestion: List of things to add after Char is maxed....
  129. [Video] Week 3 in Darkfall Unholy Wars
  130. food not giving stamina regen while sprinting
  131. broken maps.......
  132. Warriors hit the same damage as Skirmisher with bow.
  133. Na server fucked again>>>>>>
  134. No updates till servers are stable
  135. Tasos demand awnser!!
  136. Advice to Aventurine from a Professional
  137. 271876 ping
  138. In search of a 1-800-call-tasos number
  139. Tasos, meet your worst nightmare!
  140. NA Down(3rd time)
  141. Any old UO players here?
  142. NA Server issues progress updating thread!
  143. so i lost all my gear due to these ping-outs
  144. Unacceptable
  145. Just Adopt The EvE Online Progression
  146. Dear AV
  147. *BUMP Thread until A/V says something about the N/A Server problems*
  148. So I've Been Playing Asheron's Call While the DFUW Servers Have Issues...
  149. A bug with the Round Robin system. It's not even out yet.
  150. bored...
  151. The game just feels... Wrong.
  152. FIX YOUR SERVERS!!! IT happened last 3 nights at prime time
  153. NA Offline
  154. The reason NA server is down...
  155. Remove fizzles please.
  156. DDos Attack has arive on EU. ...Good luck AV!
  157. Happening again
  158. Give Us an Update On Server Issues Please and...
  159. AV stop the dupers and check the logs to see who are purposely benefitting from it
  160. Darkfall got 7th place.
  161. Bank items gone, game broken/unplayable
  162. NEW RECORD: Server crashes 3 days in a ROW!!!
  163. the real reason for ping spike crashing is...
  164. How I feel as a new player to DFUW.
  165. Login server down?
  166. Everyone should remove their credit card information because of the DDoS attack
  167. cut AV some slack it's not their fault
  168. Seriously Jake
  169. Servers STILL down?
  170. Are BOTH serves down? EST 10:30
  171. Please bring 1.0 back
  172. Does anyone have info for what the two new elementalist roles will be?
  173. Sorry i killed the server
  174. New inventory system?
  175. No update on NA server issues all day
  176. EU down for ~6 hours, no response?
  177. Working As Intended
  178. Cancel all content updates for now and fix the servers!
  179. GF's at Skarn
  180. Suggestion: NPC vs Player City - AV for you!
  181. Class speculation thread
  182. No patch today
  183. Eu1 server lagging badly: Sunday 19 may 1400gmt
  184. Suggestion: How to make elementalist viable.
  185. Server ping problems again
  186. Server attacks and instability
  187. the reason of no updates and server instabilty
  188. Possible to use left click for both radial wheels?
  189. Manage sticky threads pls
  190. The Fairly Prolific Primalist Tailor - 7 Prowess.
  191. Sweden Hockey <3
  192. [video] DF sunday news 5
  193. How a gaming company SHOULD respond
  194. Question about alignment system.
  195. why is there a month between ele and other roles 3rd Role release
  196. So at what point are warriors going to get nerfed?
  197. ...and so it begins again.
  198. is this legit?
  199. Something special.
  200. [Video] Real pirates don't run from dragons....
  201. Server's going down down baby...
  202. How do you get away from a skirm?
  203. 154k Prowess Sup Ladies
  204. mob spawns broken, ughhhghhhh
  205. Bring back Sharks and Sea Serpents!
  206. df uw region blocks asian players
  207. Soul Takers take a ban to thier roster.
  208. Getting access to post in subscriber forums
  209. Reset button?
  210. Vote on community Poll: Vote NO to get stuff as soon as possible!
  211. Why Can Skrims Still Outrun Mounts?
  212. Why Can Skirms Cast Abilities in Water?
  213. jumping, in water
  214. Any Pre-Ddos action going on?
  215. Delete Item Timer
  216. Villian Feat
  217. Need help with aiming!!!
  218. So anyone else notice difference in drops inside and outside SZ?
  219. Crash Crash Crash
  220. Please save this game AV
  221. Question: I want to work with Aventurine
  222. Unburden.
  223. Why do mines suck so bad?
  224. If Cities, Villages and PvE Loot Aren't Fixed Soon the Servers will be Empty
  225. May 4 week
  226. (Alchemy)
  227. Trading items in other games for Darkfall items?
  228. Question: diference bettwen GreatClub and GreatSword?(GC vs GS)
  229. May Week 3 is Done
  230. Siege and Crash Party
  231. [VIDEO] Week 4 with Ripper X & Friends
  232. skilling disabling blow
  233. Feats, which do not exist
  234. Unexpected error
  235. Can we get an update?
  236. banable or legit ? plz dev answer.
  237. That patch from 2 weeks ago maybe happening this week?
  238. Clans Withoug Holdings/Solo/Small Groups getting screwed?
  239. What's the most exciting class to pvp with?
  240. We're ready...
  241. Login Desync ?
  242. ToS and ToS Violation
  243. Bannable or Legit, Devloper please answer?
  244. Tasos Prayer
  245. login que wait
  246. Boosters
  247. these forums have gotten so boring
  248. The NA Server DEMANDS a Response from Aventurine, NOW, NOT LATER(crashes)
  249. Our necks are broken!
  250. It goes without saying!