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  1. Is this something we should be woried about?
  2. Speed increase on pirate raft?
  3. Make Weapon Equipped change skill slots
  4. Why are people punished for using a 10k mount?
  5. Make Begone/Evade COMMON skills
  6. The Era of Dueling & Simple Minds
  7. Ninja patch notes.
  8. Suggestion: Fire attune retarded bolt spamming
  9. Server Down?
  10. Is it patch day?
  11. Do you think removing equipment requirements will be a good change?
  12. Question on workstations in player housing
  13. And again cant deliver.
  14. Ship cost
  15. after economy patch and enchanting ... wipe it all
  16. Enchanting, Alignment, AOI System Messages and Always-live villages
  17. STAHP already!
  18. Needing hotfix.
  19. Question: Should Exalted Sacrifice Bounce Targets?
  20. The next step
  21. Why EU is still OFF?
  22. Selentine Shop, Let us give you money AV!
  23. One simple thing
  24. Player vendors
  25. So about that compass?
  26. new armor with economy patch?
  27. Weird UI BUG
  28. Mount Spawning
  29. Mana Leech
  30. questions on new weapon flavors
  31. a little worried about new boat speeds..
  32. A wipe is not needed to fix the economy
  33. ETA on patch?
  34. New Player Expierance
  35. Water crosshair broken
  36. Patch today?
  37. New Inventory Sytsem.
  38. April 27th Patch Released
  39. Todays patch, bug and error thread.
  40. A post by Axilmar that the entire community needs to read
  41. 4/27 Patch bug list
  42. Your clan vault logs are working?
  43. Question: Do you want 2 more common skill and 2 more school skill slots?
  44. Nerfing buff duration was the wrong way to go
  45. Possible economy fix
  46. Chaos cities confirmed. I believe in AV
  47. Any fixes on this downtime,AV?
  48. Releasing Enchanting and Long Term Progression to DFUW makes DFO irrelevant.
  49. So what now AV??
  50. What do you think about this..
  51. Mastery level SHip % life after patch
  52. Why isnt the question to import DFO combat into UW?
  53. Moving DFO threads to public discussion
  54. Import Monsters and Dungeons from DFO into DFUW?
  55. Mantra's fix list(fighting)
  56. We are still working on DFUW.
  57. Upkeep cost for cities / hamlets
  58. In few words, suggest an interesting piece of content to the devs
  59. More Slots
  60. Racial Passives
  61. Economy patch needs to bring Fear back to the game.
  62. Other discussions
  63. This game is UNPLAYABLE for new players
  64. Question: New siege system and conquest gameplay suggestion
  65. Trade Route
  66. Dear AV ...
  67. releasing this petition will be bad for dfuw
  68. What AV was trying to do with UW, and why we hated it.
  69. Make a kickstarter, and all funders above a certain amount get test server access
  70. Quests
  71. 3 Most important changes u would like to see ?
  72. This is a siege game
  73. Coastal Runners are awesome now....
  74. Am I the only one who think the new inventory system looks like shit?
  75. Question to AV about armors
  76. "dfo" threads
  77. One dev working on dfuw
  78. data miners?
  79. Feedback about weapon patterns
  80. naval combat, trade routes? ...what is being done for NPE?
  81. Add more items to tree nodes
  82. can darkfall control monster loot?
  83. Melek, Godking of Pain
  84. 7,777 posts
  85. Movement Changes
  86. Stahp!
  87. Does Tasos still work for AV -- on Darkfall?
  88. Uh Oh
  89. Perks/dominion system
  90. Haven't heard from a Dev all day?
  91. Deleting Threads does not Silence the Truth
  92. Goodbye Darkfall Unholy Wars
  93. City node, 17+ hours untouched, yielded 53 resources.
  94. Server Merge and Wipe
  95. What was your favorite location ingame (non holding)
  96. AV tell us the truth about Steam keys
  97. Portal Chambers/Travel
  98. Jonah is the one person AV should be listening to not blocking.
  99. Meaningful content for DARKFALL
  100. A New Beginning
  101. Epic Game Event Suggestion (DFO vs DFUW)
  102. Old character models!
  103. {HELP!!!}Corrupted VIdeos
  104. UW Server Merge + Darkfall Online
  105. This regional, run everywhere shit does not work in a game
  106. AV, communicate with us please
  107. pach!
  108. Soundtrack
  109. 300 mb ?
  110. Are you kidding me?
  111. Meaningful content part 1: The four Island Trading Companies
  112. ninja patch?
  113. Let your tears flow
  114. mount slow
  115. More Slots
  116. This dev quote has been bugging me...
  117. Where's the next Combat Changes thread?
  118. AV thanks for kill DFUW, nobody play now because the devs's comments
  119. Spawn a ship to get a bottle of water
  120. Dfo
  121. Darkfall Is Like a Coca Cola
  122. Economy Patch Information
  123. Evil Eyes confirmed next patch by GM (screenshots)
  124. I'm only playing DF:UW to support AV while we wait for DFO.
  125. A Declaration by the Mercian Empire.
  126. Fix going Overweight at Villages and Carrying Capacity on High Level Mounts
  127. General Binkles
  128. Can I get an email notification?
  129. I'm getting scared
  130. NA 100 men siege no lag, no fps drop, no desync
  131. Dear AV, Do not restore deleted Characters/Items
  132. Unique DFO thread.
  133. Interesting post by Esprit (more skill slots)
  134. Sele shop items next patch
  135. Quests unlock abilities
  136. Exploited / Flurry debuffs
  137. Concerns about Heightened Reflexes
  138. So one time on 4-20
  139. You want a Robbing(aka looting without ganking) Feature in Darkfall ?
  140. armor buffing skills through enchanting
  141. What happened to char specialization?
  142. polearms
  143. Axilmar, please elaborate on "Normalized".
  144. Marothis Darkmoon, Herald of Melek
  145. Announcement regarding DFO: we are still investigating technical issues.
  146. Unique DFUW Thread
  147. Why did DFO shutdown and what about the future?
  148. Mob Loot
  149. Is the Economy/UI patch this week or next?
  150. How long to walk across the world?
  151. Heat Stroke Fire Debuff Broken/Gone?
  152. DFUW Server Merge Recipe
  153. duper
  154. Round Table access?
  155. Earth disable >Tornado > instant ray (impale) combo
  156. Logicts Steam Review of Darkfall
  157. Change which need to be reverted
  158. The real issue at hand...
  159. DFO begone x DFUW begone
  160. Public Levy Information
  161. What to do
  162. Question: Resource Distribution
  163. What 5 things from DF1 would make you a DFUW fanboy if they got it in game ASAP?
  164. Mandatory Nerfs
  165. Updated eta on econ patch please?
  166. Sub continent bosses
  167. Vordy wtf
  168. got another infraction
  169. The Truth About the Forums
  170. Who is in charge at AV now? pls
  171. Mandatory Buffs
  172. Question: Raiden is ruining the game
  173. Back peddaling, why?
  174. Unable to log-in
  175. Sooo why this aint fixed yet?
  176. How to log in and play
  177. Welcome Back.
  178. Question: Game/Forums down for a day?
  179. Customer service review
  180. Roll Back
  181. Real number for DFO
  182. @Aventurine - PLEASE READ.
  183. Devs, when is the patch?
  184. Combat Changes 5.0
  185. Old DF1 forums
  186. Whatever Happened to Weekly Updates?
  187. {PROBLEM}ASIAN Server Up Sieges on NA
  188. New Roles
  189. Round Table: Alignment ?
  190. Dfo
  191. ugg AV!
  192. DFO Mob Drop Item... Discussion
  193. I cant see why DFO pvp takes skills
  194. Axilmar comments on free trial, other business model and future
  195. What's a loose nut
  196. If You're Still Working on DF:UW How Come...
  197. What is your next move.
  198. axil black bagged?
  199. Progress Announcement
  200. Thinking of Making Guide/Tutorial Videos
  201. AV has 6 hours to retain 2 subs
  202. server merge and wipe fear
  203. DF UW player questions
  204. Dear Axilmar
  205. We need 3rd Party Conflict.
  206. Axilmar Stop Dodging Patch ETA Questions
  207. Axilmar - Can I have a Q/A to clear the air.
  208. WIPE and MERGE the UHW servers Immediately regardless of what happens with DF1
  209. Yep.
  210. Clarification about merging and wiping.
  211. We are moving to new offices.
  212. Clarification about portal chamber
  213. Remove exploit
  214. I am afraid this is the end.
  215. DF Screenshot Thread?
  216. Village Reqs
  217. Question: Maintenance on our Support Site - still down?
  218. Can we End the Blind Cheese?
  219. A problem with Siege equipment
  220. New player help forum
  221. axilmar
  222. Kickstarter to fund a test server?
  223. What is the new siege system we are getting?
  224. Canada Day
  225. There is nothing to do in game..
  226. wise words for the developers
  227. Exanima
  228. Tweaks on Combat
  229. AV: Inspirational Message for you
  230. How do I get buddy keys for ppl?
  231. Thank you AV for the longest game I've every played
  232. important darkfall annoucnement
  233. The Secret Sub-Forum
  234. The patch is NOT COMING for atleast 3 weeks.
  235. AV Seriously
  236. Just came back to say I TOLD YOU SO regarding fast travel nerf patch
  237. All I want for christmas is DFO back
  238. Airdrops: A good feature from Rust to Mirror in Darkfall
  239. Darkfalls Road System and City Structure: make it KING in map intricacy. FACT.
  240. Subscription Expires Tomorrow and I'm not Resubbing
  241. Question: Soft wipe
  242. Axilmar you trying to "copycat" Information Minister/Saddam Hussein!?? for AV!?
  243. Trying to choose between houses, help please
  244. Axilmar, read.
  245. Someone sell me villa deed please!
  246. New office
  247. Remove Champion
  248. Bring Funhulks to Darkfall Unholy Wars
  249. Free Trial Needed
  250. Things I would come back for/leaving