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  1. Bugs
  2. Havoc Blast
  3. ETA Thread
  4. Tomorrow's Patch
  5. LOST Momentum again.
  6. Archery or Magic at high ping?
  7. Holy Shit World Is Packed With Groups
  8. Question: what would it take for a server merge?
  9. Yo Axilmar
  10. Darkfall MAP
  11. Question: Serious Question About Crafting
  12. Questions to the community
  13. Combine Test server for NA and EU
  14. NA Servers going down for second time in 1hour, PATCH?
  15. Hotfix March 27th
  16. Finding it harder and harder to log on
  17. Suggestion: How to Report posts
  18. Is the mounted combat fixxed yet?
  19. The Scope of Mob Loot Distribution
  20. AV I painted you a picture. (no troll)
  21. Looking for one DFO vid !
  22. Design Your Own Weapon Skin
  23. staff-less law school?
  24. Question: Login Server Down?
  25. Question: Are weapons and armor unlinked from stats yet?
  26. Was there a server wipe on characters?
  27. **Investigative Gaming** Mob Spawns around Zag
  28. exploits, hacks, etc and the forums
  29. who had the proof?
  30. Why not add some sort of stable system to the bind stones without banks?
  31. Cmon AV
  32. T-Surprise Signing Out
  33. Away until more slots/mob loot revamp
  34. Justice by AV
  35. plz
  36. Suggestion: About water speed and mount combat
  37. When patch?
  38. Portal chambers are too expansive now
  39. Fix Pulverize/Maelstrom
  40. DFO begone x DFUW begone
  41. The Newbie Experience - a look at a grind fueled by poverty
  42. Can i mentor my friends?
  43. How can I select skills without having to switch hotbars?
  44. globs
  45. April
  46. Are inferior materials being phased out?
  47. Build changing
  48. Would you support a bank wipe if the economy was fixed for good?
  49. Riot again
  50. WTF Happen with the patch?
  51. NY Server
  52. Hitboxes Are Better than Ever!
  53. sandboxer
  54. patch this week?
  55. Armour
  56. Can u explain this av? (Movement/Hitbox/etc)
  57. Pain school is coming next week!
  58. Nerf Eye Rot
  59. Question: New Patch Serious Question
  60. New Content
  61. On fast & frequent vs. slow & massive patching
  62. We made Ten Ton Hammer!
  63. AV, one simple question...
  64. It been fun
  65. AV the combat patches have been great, BUT
  66. So, global is still a thing...
  67. Darkfall makes Ripper X's Top 10 List.
  68. Happy easter
  69. HR and Spin-to-Win
  70. Attunement to Water
  71. Suggestion: Lost another player
  72. R70 armors when?
  73. Revert Economy Changes
  74. The Dupening
  75. Revert hitbox size
  77. Buffs / Debuffs
  78. Abilities & Racial Models ingame but not on players?
  79. How can board mods delete posts that are not breaking the CoC?
  80. Patchnotes 7. April
  81. Patch Notes
  82. If I did 28/30 of a feat prior to patch will I recieve the prowess at the end or ...
  83. Portal Shard cost and Tele Dust changes..
  84. AV Dunked on Me Hard as F*ck
  85. Suggestion: Patch is awesome but
  86. Feat rewards going directly into bank is not very 'Darkfall'.
  87. AV PLEASE don't backdate clan bank logs...
  88. If you are making patch tomorrow include to fix to prowess then
  90. AV how about adding Teleport Dust to Grimdrakes too?
  91. Can we get a Pain Video while we wait?
  92. House Recall
  93. When
  94. One thing missing
  95. Another blow to the NPE. - Gank on death to AI.
  96. stop dumbing down the game
  97. PVE Auto Gank
  98. Are 1 handed axes getting the same debuff as 2h axes?
  99. 10% attack speed buff
  100. Is patch out yet?
  101. 2-way Nexus system INC
  102. No Patch ??
  103. Patch news?
  104. Ice Skating again. Told you so.
  105. Nexus Entrance
  106. April 8th patch - bugs and unanounced changes.
  107. missing school skill
  108. Pain school
  109. Crashed - Cannot Connect Again
  110. I love this patch.
  111. Tornado is good again.
  112. New Material: Rugged Leather = wtf?
  113. Villain Level Mob Dropping Tele Dust? Intended?
  114. Surprised we don't see this more often
  115. Servers up - but still can't log in.
  116. EU down, NA up. Speak up AV
  117. New Mastery Protection Potions (a first glance)
  118. Issue with Repel
  119. How did they not nerf thunderbolt
  120. Less dmg from backhits with heavy armor
  121. Did I miss the AV sponsored competition for most crying post patch
  122. Question: Can anyone explain the events system?
  123. Who is getting blamed for robbing banks
  124. It's about time!
  125. 3rd person seizure
  126. Barrage Crit chance
  127. "Balance" patches are cool and all
  128. Mana leech broken?
  129. Mana Leech Possible Bug
  130. BUG - New potions do not exist on the marketplace.
  131. Jitter lag when switching weapons.
  132. 285kg carrying capacity on vicious eradan
  133. Eye Rot a shadow of it's former self.
  134. Leenspar GS Vs Dread
  135. Clan Bank logs dont work, client crash
  136. Wars
  137. Why is the server still down?
  138. Movement (April 8th)
  139. Wipe Tele Dust
  140. Combat Feel
  141. 30 FPS while dragging items from bank, bag...anywhere.
  142. mount slow when they got damaged
  143. Mana Leech is NOT working
  144. Hotfix 09/04/2015
  145. The ridiculous blind from Pungent Minst
  146. Dread
  147. AV Ban Wave
  148. new alchemy potions
  149. Peons Chest Rewards
  150. So... The droprates on larvae for revive potions...
  151. knockback issue
  152. melee is too weak
  153. Teleportation Dust
  154. DF STaff
  155. Dread is broken
  156. mount speed
  157. AV - What is your stance on player housing?
  158. Ninja nerf to heatstroke?
  159. Eye Rot and other annoying Bugs
  160. Combat is Broken. My Perspective:
  161. Hot Bars / More Slots Patch
  162. Battlespikes working as intended?
  163. To all those vets who want unlimited slots
  164. 3rd person camera (archery)
  165. Av read fix all issues from latest patch asap
  166. Change your account password
  167. Pain Feedback Thread
  168. Question: AV, how long until requirements on weapons are taken down?
  169. What is really must be nerfed is ...
  170. Posssible cause fo the "on ice" slide when you stop moving.
  171. [Video] So you think hitbox are fine?
  172. Can AV admit they messed up with Portal Chambers?
  173. City Nodes
  174. Av fix bugs please
  175. Simplify, Man
  176. Closest thing to darkfalls combat
  177. About Magic, what needed
  178. Mana Leech - So Broken It Needs a Replacement
  179. AV needs to ignore the community now and just follow their vision for the game...
  180. Portal shards
  181. AV Direction and Vision
  182. Mage robes need damage buff output risen by 50%
  183. Application to be in charge of XML editing at AV
  184. What would happen if AV just shut down the servers for 3 months?
  185. Tasos where are you?
  186. ETA on alignment?
  187. New selentine items
  188. Refined Ingots and Wood Drops
  189. Whats the plan av and devs?
  190. This needs to be fixed with the highest priority imo..
  191. Dread Armor/Mana Leech Feedback Thread
  192. SELF BUFFS etc
  193. Hamlet Perks.
  194. Crazy number of mob spawns documented. Time to trim the fat
  195. Mage Knock-FORWARD?
  196. Suggestion: Ulti, school, skill tree
  197. Feat rewards - where they drop?
  198. boosting other armors instead of dread nerf
  199. Combat the way i see it now
  200. Armor Balance
  201. I would like to congratulate Xipher on his 40,000th Post!
  202. Darkfall Unholy Wars is now Two Years Old
  203. An RPG related question to the community!
  204. Mid-April UI/Interface/New Inventory Patch promised
  205. Bolt Spam
  206. AV Why dont you hotfix more???
  207. Why av
  208. EU more active?
  209. AV Immediate Plans
  210. No Patch?
  211. Question: Question regarding Event and Limited Time Selentine Appearance Items
  212. Dread Weekend
  213. Time to merge servers
  214. DFUW - The Worst State It's Ever Been In - Vet Perspective
  215. Combat Question to Developers
  216. Darkfall the only FULL LOOT TWITCH FPS SANDBOX MMO - EVER
  217. UnHoly Wars Combat is far superior to DFO combat
  218. Why is the portal shard droprate so bad?
  219. Lets talk Theyril Gauntlets.
  220. Axilmar - Can we have an honest open discussion?
  221. Question: Would you support merging servers if it meant we could get a test server?
  222. Nyc server
  223. How is the population now?
  224. Why AV should let us use EVERY skill and Item with no restrictions
  225. Promotional videos
  226. Devs? Why don't Centaurs and Gnolls skin for leather anymore?
  227. Portal shards - Greater Elem should drop at least 1
  228. Relic Recalling and Mounting
  229. dreadfall
  230. Ok, which one of you made Chris Wilson rage quit Darkfall?
  231. Chaos Chests in funny places
  232. Revert boosters
  233. Give us a Common Skill Bar
  234. Levy system needs work or gone
  235. In game voice coms
  236. revert portal chamber change, its killing the game !!!!!
  237. About Event's
  238. DF Website Security Certificate has expired.
  239. Load lag (RE: Axilmar)
  240. Sup with AV?
  241. Message for EU players on NA
  242. Certificate Fixed!
  243. Patch?
  244. April 27th update, with Patch Notes
  245. Server down?
  246. [Lore] A small gripe about weapon changes.
  247. Is this something we should be woried about?
  248. Speed increase on pirate raft?
  249. Make Weapon Equipped change skill slots
  250. Why are people punished for using a 10k mount?