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  1. Aventurine's response on a server merge
  2. can't log in
  3. @ Icy Wave and the moderation staff
  4. Darkfall Armor Hopes
  5. who is in charge now
  6. Steam Stream and Darkfall
  7. What is the best way to help Darkfall UW, as a player.
  8. Once nerfed, will anybody care about champions?
  9. Let's have an honest discussion about Combat.
  10. Serious question
  11. The Dream World: A Sandbox Proposal
  12. Question: crazy thinking
  13. [Nominations]Worst Veteran on each server
  14. think about it
  15. Vengeful Arbitor
  16. For the love of God, increase bank size
  17. Jan. Update Discussion Thread
  18. Skill Animations
  19. Do you think city bind slots should be decreased?
  20. Removal of essences
  21. If you don't want to add arenas, add a test server.
  22. Build GUI for NPE and veterans
  23. A good time to introduce specialization with the new armor tier
  24. Unofficial "Arena" Discussion Thread [MOD EDITED TITLE] #2
  25. Unholy Wars reddit
  26. Ping spikes
  27. so, AV, how's that monitoring of Champs coming?
  28. Enchantment, Villages, Relics
  29. New patch suggestions
  30. Arena poll - I won't close this one
  31. My personal list of top 5 things AV should work on.
  32. What are you going to get after they nerf A2E?
  33. Should I just give up on ever getting Pain School skills ?
  34. Skill points instead of 8+1 skill caps
  35. Do you find the Chest Keys fun in their current form?
  36. Selentine Prowess
  37. Reminder to the devs for the update
  38. confused about Dev update
  39. Weekly update
  40. How to Fix the Game
  41. Question to the devs: Directx12
  42. My Thoughts on This Game
  43. Darkfall Fan Art.
  44. Trueshot.
  45. I suggest a change in schedules that allow siege go live.
  46. Pvp ranking system
  47. Next Patch
  48. More artificial pvp?
  49. New Upcoming Patch - Are the new armours posted on facebook included?
  50. Should Stone be removed from the new mob loot tables?
  51. Bug or exploit?
  52. AV, in this new patch, we really need arcane rings, just arcane rings...
  53. Question to Dev
  54. AV - "To sum up, we want to raise the level of competition..."
  55. The new armor tier: A chance to address the economy and drive open-world conflict
  56. Found a Newbie perspective Video
  57. Bias by mods
  58. Question: Viable play styles in group fights?
  59. Chronicles of a new player in Agon
  60. EU still down
  61. List of Unusable spells
  62. Neithal mat change to help the game
  63. ETA on new backpack system?
  64. Combat and its Current State
  65. water fighting
  66. massively shutting down Feb 3rd
  67. put in a @tag system on these forums
  68. Question: Update on todays (If not this weeks) Patch?
  69. No patch today, probably tomorrow.
  70. AV Read - This is why DFUW Gets Stale - And How to Fix it
  71. New Relic
  72. The Mentor System
  73. Patch today confirmed
  74. Patch notes 4/2/2015
  75. Can't log in
  76. New Loot Tables!
  77. Scraping... Scraping Everywhere!
  78. Golem Hot Spots
  79. Darkfall Insurance
  80. Fix food and Alchemy before I will care about berries
  81. AV this is how you will make people log back in. This should be your next patchnotes
  82. Sprinting Field of View
  83. AV - Revert the mob loot tables. This can't be serious?
  84. Advisory System
  85. Question to dev about new loot tables
  86. Today's Patch
  87. Mounts
  88. Add at least 70% of the drops back to Villain + Mobs = Problem Solved
  89. patch failed
  90. Why is AV not listening to us?
  91. Villages post patch
  92. sea ways z5
  93. What if AOI severely effected mob loot drops
  94. ETA on next Patch
  95. Add feats to the advisory system
  96. Positive Feedback on the Recent Patch
  97. Sample of the New decent loot table
  98. Golem loot are perfect dont change
  99. Loot Tables & PVE
  100. Stop crying about the patch...
  101. is this game worth playing yet ?
  102. 2/4/2015 Patch - The Numbers & Suggested Fixes
  103. New player experience
  104. Quick Suggestion: Reorder Starter Feats
  105. Why the patch is GOOD for both new players and veterans?
  106. Time to kill and Spells fix
  107. Theyril Golem Loot is Total Shit
  108. Wrong Direction
  109. Proposed Loot Table Idea
  110. Continuation on the "Timer Fall" Path
  111. Darkfall Online vs Unholy Wars Crafting Recipes - Economics and conflict
  112. For the love of god AV.
  113. Mob Loot
  114. Fix PvP balance with a single addition
  115. AV why is there no free trial?
  116. What's more OP and skilless (in your opinion and why) static or pulverize?
  117. Reverting boosters...
  118. dread is op.
  119. Dread Streaming
  120. Splitting Inventory Bug
  121. Suggestion: Making post about server status when offline.
  122. Who is the DFUW playerbase?
  123. Noob dungeon....
  124. Questions to Aventurine - Answer from Aventurine
  125. So, AV, what about killed Dungeons and other?
  126. AV Fix Earth Ulti
  127. Today is my Grandpa's 83rd Birthday.
  128. Wow...?
  129. Patch announcement
  130. 2015 DFUW Test Server
  131. Question: Do you agree with the removal of Runestones and Summon Friend?
  132. Agron, can you give some information about arcane rings? Lots of my friends is waitin
  133. Chaos bank removal to coincide with fast travel elimination
  134. Literally - the best patch announcement in 5 years - going to buy a year sub
  135. tell us your plans for fast travel
  136. boat speed must increase in next patch
  137. This is what confuses me...
  138. question about runes and portal shards
  139. Trial system: Give all new accounts 50k prowess and 1 free respec
  140. Server Issues
  141. Are you going to at least make the market global?
  142. What happened to the runebook idea?
  143. What is this?
  144. New roles
  145. Defender win conditions for campaigns
  146. Probably my last day here as my sub runs out tomorrow
  147. Av please add large refining matt drops to high end mobs
  148. Bitterstep: INclude in patch
  149. Gj
  150. Heart of Stone Stat Regen
  151. The new teleciness Should be higher than the city walls or will be useless .
  152. AV With all the Changes in Skills/Spell can we get our prowess back ?
  153. Public Service Announcement
  154. This just in, Tasos Fired?!
  155. Do not touch the movements.
  156. Difference Between a Hobgoblin and a Terror Mob
  157. Do touch the movements.
  158. Market Trends
  159. AV make Begone a COMMON skill and increase Common/school skill slots by 2
  160. good example of transparency
  161. Looking Good AV!
  162. Large maps
  163. Competetive Housing, Functional Villages
  164. UI changes under development
  165. Has the prowess system been a success?
  166. High end housing (keep and large villa with GRF) tax prices are too low
  167. Cool treasure map system
  168. Skinning for alchemy
  169. Question about Game performance and game screen resolution(To AV and Exp. players)
  170. February patch: back to our roots part 1
  171. AOI System Messages - Defending Territory, Coordinating Conflict, PvP Balance
  172. A Classless game
  173. Am I reading the notes right? 4 x 8 = 32 skills available to use?
  174. proximity chat
  175. 2 more skills slots this patch = because why not.
  176. FYI, the patch thread was just updated.
  177. Today is my Birthday and AV just said they were reducing Tower Damage.
  178. High ping / disconnects earlier tonight
  179. Pain, Champion, Backguard
  180. Recording software.
  181. A (2nd) visit to AV , a list of questions/suggestions.
  182. Un-Realistic Feat Expectations
  183. New Stream - Everyday - 5-10 Hours - PvP/PvE
  184. What is going on?
  185. EU get knocked again
  186. So many wants....
  187. Is Icy wave a bot?
  188. Will EU stand up in time today?
  189. no more insta teleportation
  190. Get rid of this fog
  191. Tell me
  192. How do I check how long I have on my subscription?
  193. Break the bullsh!t
  194. feats for supernode harvesting?
  195. [Tutorial] Disable Input Delay
  196. hate to dwell on the past but...
  197. Patch day
  198. Cargo Mounts
  199. Darkfall race talk
  200. AV: Opportunity
  201. How long did it take before your Flow state started?
  202. Will they make it?
  203. When will AV FIX THIS? For the avg player to notice
  204. Patch?
  205. Happy Birthday Darkfall
  206. My(2nd) visit to AV,epic loot,videos,photos,answers,Devs introductions and more!!!!!!
  207. What was your most epic open world fight?
  208. anyone else surprised?
  209. Patch thoughts
  210. how does the wrof work now
  211. Simiran Memorial Thread
  212. 36 Chaos/NPC banks have been removed - REJOICE!!!!
  213. 55% tower damage reduce. Thank you for listening us AV!
  214. Comunication and patches - Can populate this game again?
  215. Map with chaos banks that are being removed
  216. Is this the savior we have been waiting for?
  217. Question to AV about Sea
  218. Why wasn't ship speed increased?
  219. ships spawn/despawn only in ports
  220. patching
  221. Darkfall Seasons?
  222. ETA on Server Up?
  223. Do not be alarmed! Due to the massive combat changes your pp spent have been reset
  224. Congrats to Lustmord and AV -- You've made it into a Fail Army video.
  225. I'm a noob.
  226. Hotfix list (combat only)
  227. Theorycrafting forum needs you!
  228. Harvesting is...broken?
  229. Clientcrashes everywhere
  230. Horizontal damage discussion
  231. Metalkon's Skill Suggestions
  232. Darkfall live stream
  233. Shouldn't levitation be instant?
  234. How do you feel about instant travel removal (Poll)
  235. Day one review
  236. Archery Discussion
  237. Network time out
  238. Chaos cities
  239. Mantra's feedback
  240. patch 28th febuary discussion thread
  241. Thank you AV!
  242. Suggestion: Current UW Version Suggested Fixes/Changes:
  243. Hitbox desync
  244. village timers
  245. Thank you for fixing the mini map AV (axilmar) !
  246. Question: Did we get a Prowess reset?
  247. Quality of Life change ideas?
  248. Question: Old player coming back
  249. What the hell did you do to boats?
  250. Invigoration