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  1. Unholy Darkball
  2. My ping is over 1k. My ISP ask do trace to Darkfall? Have one ping or something?
  3. Question: Another Alignmnet Thread
  4. Starting to be a bit long between patches now
  5. I wish my landlord used same logic as AV
  6. Eliminate "Some of the safe Zones" by turning them into chaos cities.
  7. Please sign to affirm that you will not use A2W in your builds
  8. Weekly Balance Updates
  9. EU just died!
  10. About 1.2% of APB Player Base Uses Hacks
  11. Any update on EU status ?
  12. fastest fix in the west
  13. Patch today
  14. DF1 or dfuw?
  15. When city raiding was awesome
  16. Clan name change!!! Oh my god! <3
  17. Hotfix needed - Attunement to water
  18. Lye, Coal etc. harvesting prowess gains?
  19. I love the GUI edit mode!
  20. todays ninja nerfs/buffs
  21. I miss the old crosshair
  22. When is server coming up?
  23. Circle Crosshair
  24. GUI Bugs/Grievances
  25. Poll: Best village in game
  26. Hud
  27. Question: Which crosshair is OP?
  28. Need a disable crit indicator option
  29. Remove the Prowess Indicator from the Name/Clan name box
  30. Server down, but it says it is up, network timeout
  31. Every path I cannot play for days due to slow patching after 95%.
  32. uhhhhhhhHH AV how about an update on the servers??
  33. is this some kind of joke?
  34. DFUW wiki that details the skills/spells/effects
  35. Server down?
  36. So, um, has anyone actually seen the server go down yet?
  37. Str/Int Boosts
  38. pp gain by harvesting after patch 07. 24
  39. Fix TTK by fixing armors
  40. Selentine items on market?
  41. Server Move
  42. Backpack window opens up behind chat windows...
  43. A2W hotfix
  44. Stamina ninja fix(bug perhaps)/UI settings not saving upon relogging.
  45. Question: New Character System and Armor
  46. D.U.E.L aka DF's version of P.L.E.X in EVE
  47. Jonah's Big Fix to City Raiding and City Value
  48. Polearms sound ridiculous
  49. Open Letter to AV About the new Pay to Win Item.
  50. How to move cast bar from crosshair
  51. Soon - A Glossary
  52. make spirit bond skill shot spell change its functionality remove range res/gank
  53. No pve event for this weekend? We need this events for big hot spot pvps...
  54. Not being able to delete things inside bags
  55. Suggestion: Area of Influence, Holding Value , Levi's and More ( How to improve the game )
  56. Stotic Defense
  57. Next cash shop item
  58. Please hotfix tactical resting
  59. Aventurine: Why was stamina drain improved, then hotfixed. The people need an answer!
  60. Where it all began post your pics
  61. Let's all understand what Play To Win is
  62. my sub ran out
  63. "Timer-Fall" is getting lame
  64. After Balance Patch Give 14 Day's Free to Old Accounts
  65. the most annoying bug in the game atm
  66. An idea to help spread players out and fill the holdings. If liked post in MVP.
  67. Log In Server is Down
  68. #RemoveTheIslands2014
  69. Melee Tweak
  70. Village change
  71. Darkfall needs Mini Games and PVE needs something extra.
  72. Will DUEL work for steam accounts?
  73. This needs to happen
  74. 3 safes zones & 3 chaos zones.
  75. Why I don't want smaller, fewer safe zones
  76. Question: Should DUEL be lootable?
  77. Needs to be changed!
  78. Sooo....
  79. Balance between OP mage, archer, warrior and whatever
  80. Add 3 bindspots to player houses
  81. Evil Yeti's suggestions
  82. A bunch of sandbox features to fill the end game void
  83. How long?
  84. The perfect event idea for Unholy Wars
  85. Duelist skills
  86. Mage Robes. What am I missing?
  87. AV Please read.
  88. Confirmed, balance patch this week
  89. Small but FRUSTRATING bug
  90. Can we get some real chat mods...
  91. Darkfall Unholy Wars at Indie Database