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  1. Starting to be a bit long between patches now
  2. I wish my landlord used same logic as AV
  3. Eliminate "Some of the safe Zones" by turning them into chaos cities.
  4. Please sign to affirm that you will not use A2W in your builds
  5. Weekly Balance Updates
  6. EU just died!
  7. About 1.2% of APB Player Base Uses Hacks
  8. Any update on EU status ?
  9. fastest fix in the west
  10. Patch today
  11. DF1 or dfuw?
  12. When city raiding was awesome
  13. Clan name change!!! Oh my god! <3
  14. Hotfix needed - Attunement to water
  15. Lye, Coal etc. harvesting prowess gains?
  16. I love the GUI edit mode!
  17. todays ninja nerfs/buffs
  18. I miss the old crosshair
  19. When is server coming up?
  20. Circle Crosshair
  21. GUI Bugs/Grievances
  22. Poll: Best village in game
  23. Hud
  24. Question: Which crosshair is OP?
  25. Need a disable crit indicator option
  26. Remove the Prowess Indicator from the Name/Clan name box
  27. Server down, but it says it is up, network timeout
  28. Every path I cannot play for days due to slow patching after 95%.
  29. uhhhhhhhHH AV how about an update on the servers??
  30. is this some kind of joke?
  31. DFUW wiki that details the skills/spells/effects
  32. Server down?
  33. So, um, has anyone actually seen the server go down yet?
  34. Str/Int Boosts
  35. pp gain by harvesting after patch 07. 24
  36. Fix TTK by fixing armors
  37. Selentine items on market?
  38. Server Move
  39. Backpack window opens up behind chat windows...
  40. A2W hotfix
  41. Stamina ninja fix(bug perhaps)/UI settings not saving upon relogging.
  42. Question: New Character System and Armor
  43. D.U.E.L aka DF's version of P.L.E.X in EVE
  44. Jonah's Big Fix to City Raiding and City Value
  45. Polearms sound ridiculous
  46. Open Letter to AV About the new Pay to Win Item.
  47. How to move cast bar from crosshair
  48. Soon - A Glossary
  49. make spirit bond skill shot spell change its functionality remove range res/gank
  50. No pve event for this weekend? We need this events for big hot spot pvps...
  51. Not being able to delete things inside bags
  52. Suggestion: Area of Influence, Holding Value , Levi's and More ( How to improve the game )
  53. Stotic Defense
  54. Next cash shop item
  55. Please hotfix tactical resting
  56. Aventurine: Why was stamina drain improved, then hotfixed. The people need an answer!
  57. Where it all began post your pics
  58. Let's all understand what Play To Win is
  59. my sub ran out
  60. "Timer-Fall" is getting lame
  61. After Balance Patch Give 14 Day's Free to Old Accounts
  62. the most annoying bug in the game atm
  63. An idea to help spread players out and fill the holdings. If liked post in MVP.
  64. Log In Server is Down
  65. #RemoveTheIslands2014
  66. Melee Tweak
  67. Village change
  68. Darkfall needs Mini Games and PVE needs something extra.
  69. Will DUEL work for steam accounts?
  70. This needs to happen
  71. 3 safes zones & 3 chaos zones.
  72. Why I don't want smaller, fewer safe zones
  73. Question: Should DUEL be lootable?
  74. Needs to be changed!
  75. Sooo....
  76. Balance between OP mage, archer, warrior and whatever
  77. Add 3 bindspots to player houses
  78. Evil Yeti's suggestions
  79. A bunch of sandbox features to fill the end game void
  80. How long?
  81. The perfect event idea for Unholy Wars
  82. Duelist skills
  83. Mage Robes. What am I missing?
  84. AV Please read.
  85. Confirmed, balance patch this week
  86. Small but FRUSTRATING bug
  87. Can we get some real chat mods...
  88. Darkfall Unholy Wars at Indie Database
  89. Dungeons & Levy System
  90. Has AV started a debate in MVP forums yet to help determine a proper alignment system
  91. Av where is the others scholls?
  92. Balance Patch Confirmed for this week on Facebook.
  93. New tools that needs to be added to help create a meaningful alignment system
  94. Tutorial - or "How to make new players quit fast"
  95. NA Server Down
  96. NA Server Log-in down?
  97. State of the Asian server.
  98. Patch Today
  99. 7/31 New Patch - Stamina
  100. Sacrifice angle increased by .5%
  101. 7/31 patch
  102. Biggest problem w/ DF is Clans
  103. DUEL Pricing
  105. About time for a FREE RESPEC yeahhhhh ??!?!!??!
  106. Are you going to buy D.U.E.L?
  107. Will you trade for D.U.E.L
  108. Revert stamina change please
  109. Suggestion: Training Room to test all abilities on the DarkBall for free.
  110. Run Speed (New take on old problem)
  111. Very nice changes to stamina.
  112. Patch problems- What needs to be reverted
  113. Food works while sprinting?
  114. Stam solution
  115. 9 skills no ult
  116. Can't do buy orders for duel!
  117. Remove nazi mods please
  118. 9 abilities with no ultimate no longer possible?
  119. Has the stam issue been fixed yet?
  120. D.U.E.L Items
  121. About Ele in last patch
  122. Stat Regen based on Current Pool Levels... bad.
  123. Just Don't Play
  124. Game just got boring.
  125. Don't just revert, Fix it correctly
  126. Logic?
  127. Question
  128. Question: Time to Kill Survey
  129. How to DRAIN your Stamina
  130. Request on D.U.E.L
  131. When are you going to fix the Inventory behind Chat Window problem????
  132. Play Darkfall for free!
  133. What AV needs to do to fix stamina issues.
  134. Territory control , valuable cities.
  135. Just to address the Thunderbolt change
  136. how about we dont sprint ALL the time?
  137. Should Regressor be tradeble?
  138. AV please stick to what you do best !
  139. Congrats to the perma sprinters.
  140. Today's hotfix..
  141. Heatstroke Debuff?
  142. Its really not that complicated
  143. Attunement to fire does not increase DPS at all
  144. Imperious Robes = Pointless
  145. Spirit Bond as a sustained beam.
  146. Community TTK Test- Help Requested.
  147. So how about this (re: Stamina)
  148. Moar surveys
  149. Transfers
  150. Dread needs a nerf
  151. just had a wicked nostalgia trip.
  152. Stop the focus on combat.
  153. Dfuw current issues ideas/news/updates
  154. Question: How are cones created in UW
  155. We really need Clan Bank log and Clan bank bag tiers.
  156. Improvments to Darkfall that could easiliy be added that increases the joy of DF.
  157. A player if buddy key can continue play the game using D.U.E.L Item?
  158. Keybind bug..
  159. Hitbox and player model not syncronized
  160. Jumping in at the deep end! (New player saying hello)
  161. Don't Be Afraid to Take a Nude Erection.
  162. Bank Wipe..Because there is no other way.
  163. Review of niche gaming communities spotlights the Darkfall community.
  164. Sprint rework, how it can be, and be good.
  165. thunderbolt
  166. D.U.E.L stands for....
  167. Mentality of groups
  168. I need some advice
  169. In the community I believe,help new players.
  170. List of UI issues since last patch
  171. Important Announcement: This Thursday, all clan city walls will be reduced to rubble.
  172. Up coming patch: Oh no my walls are gone!
  173. Party Member UI suggestion
  174. Siege Patch Question: Icy / Any AV Ninjas
  175. Patch Suggestion
  176. Economic Overhaul - Why it is time!
  177. Questions about the upcoming wall change
  178. If we're being allowed Race Changes
  179. Suggestion: Sell respecs at 5 per piece.
  180. Fireworks pay-to-win
  181. Queue-based Darkball Arena?
  182. Elementalist damage on fireball is worthless vs dread
  183. Easy to implement changes I'd like to see
  184. Static Field
  185. Guard Towers - as AV was thinking..
  186. @devs Race Change is Gender included?
  187. Stone the delete item
  188. If you were running AV, what are the first 3 specific things you would do
  189. Thoughts on city raiding and holding value
  190. Estimated downtime for today's patch
  191. Add a timer for repairing a disfunctional tower
  192. Patch notes 08-07-2014
  193. Question to devs
  194. Uncanny focus and barrage crit bonus. What does it mean?
  195. Bow shots vs spells.
  196. City Nodes
  197. Patch notes 08-07-2014 - List of issues
  198. Video of Lost Untilik Walls going up
  199. Crash At Valahir Zone Issue Since Patch
  200. 3 patches, still no fix for chat>backpack bug
  201. Ninja fall damage changes not in patch why AV ?
  202. Increased Bank Space
  203. Best levy's?
  204. Hide patch notes
  205. Aldenfau
  206. Showcasing catapult on stream
  207. Please fix the notorious "bag bug"
  208. A question, that many players might be interested in:
  209. Prioritize Multi Core and SLI Support
  210. hotfix 8/8
  211. Ele fast fix needed
  212. Feedback
  213. Race Change Appreciation Thread
  214. forumfall has become a disgusting place of tears again
  215. This game is full of racism both ingame and on the forums
  216. New Computer
  217. Ladder summon sound
  218. 50% durability loss on tools used on clan mines - wasted on useless crap
  219. Chaos banks
  220. Can we talk about how terrible the Devil loot is ?
  221. Suggestion: simple & awesome spirit bond fix
  222. Magna answering question in NA global - post your findings
  223. We have a date wednesday with av!
  224. Darkfall Unholy Wars -- Contest: Darkfall Quest -- Submit your quest for all to see!
  225. How can Catapult be used in DF:UW
  226. Spirit bond?
  227. What exactly does a rare skinning knife do?
  228. Do we have Village Reqs and Levies backwards?
  229. The Last Patch
  230. Metamorphosis is a bit underdone
  231. Random Suggestions with JV
  232. So what happened with primalist's robes?
  233. more random events
  234. Ship building decimated by economy patch
  235. Dear AV, i quit cause mage.
  236. Can we talk about how retarded prices are?
  237. Magna Answering Q's
  238. Lol crushing blow
  239. Maintenance 13/8/2014
  240. Server Downtime
  241. Network Timeout. Will Retry - A NEW GAMBLING THREAD
  242. news: MVP forum change
  243. Population like?
  244. Suggestion: Nerf the nerf threads
  245. Suggestion: Ideas to make Darkfall a better game.
  246. A step back, AV delivers
  247. Suggestion: Surveys and the NEW MVP forums
  248. R80 gear
  249. FPS better?
  250. AV take action against hackers...