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  1. Baradon
  2. New movement Tweak
  3. On new patch
  4. AV release the loot table
  5. Consructive feedback Thread on Refining Materials
  6. To all those wanting a return to DF1 - you should be very happy with this patch!
  7. Double cost for refined crafting mats ... /facepalm
  8. Refining mats required for rare materias only
  9. naked protest day
  10. Time Required to Make a FP set
  11. Proposed fixes to the new material system
  12. Feedback regarding crafting orders and the UI
  13. Here is the fix for changing class roles:
  14. Please, Where is the High Yield Nodes and how many? Anyone discover that?
  15. Well you can expect alot less PvP with this patch.
  16. AV needs to make it easier to get gear, not harder - Remove inferior/catalysts
  17. Add a "View All orders" button for each workstation
  18. Suggestion: My comprehensive fix for resource changes
  19. my toughts on this patch
  20. Pro Darkfall Threads - Hailing patch as good. Being deleted again - Mods vs ALL.
  21. Combined Suggestion Thread: Patch 05/21/14 and More
  22. Protest The Patch
  23. What does 100% Neithal essances Mean?
  24. 5/21/2014 Patch
  25. New players have quit.
  26. New loot table
  27. Important quotes Explaining the patch
  28. Salvaging > AFK Harvesting
  29. Regarding our Economy patch.
  30. AV you need to EXPLAIN this patch, its details and it is ment to do
  31. Wanna feel some feels?
  32. Hotfix today. (advanced maintenance)
  33. A positive note, super node art
  34. IF this "hotfix" is only a minor adjustment do not give in and accept it
  35. No stream until the economy FIX
  36. how to make a game's economy full unbalance:
  37. I have a question...
  38. Hot fix notes up!
  39. time for a bit of ranting on crafting / gathering / time syncs
  40. New movement
  41. Mobs dropping TONS of refining mats
  42. EU Global confirm Coal drops from beast type monsters
  43. Tasos im comin at you bro
  44. Evade only work 75% of the time
  45. How do i get FullPlat/dread and R60/70 weapon mats? and FEEDBACK
  46. Monsters?
  47. Post Patch Loot Tables
  48. we need to save AV
  49. No explanation as to why Salavaging Mastery items was nerfed
  50. Curious to get some feedback on DFUW music
  51. The fix to make this patch fair and pormote more PVP
  52. DFUW - Killed in Action
  53. Back after a year: Can I use left mouse as the "action trigger" for both bars yet?
  54. Super nodes are a super waste of time
  55. Suggestion: High end monsters loot
  56. I cant download the patch. Failed timework timeout. WILL RETRY. (OPERATION TIME OUT)
  57. Just think of this like an expansion
  58. Question: When are we going to be able to set our own clan ranks?
  59. GUI seems very buggy after patch ?
  60. Conversion Material Loot Tables -- Google Doc
  61. Basic Materials vs. supposedly rare mats
  62. The fundamental problem with Super Nodes...
  63. Do we need mobs to start dropping a fair amount of iron ore?
  64. Which mobs are worth farming for basic mats?
  65. The Socialization of Darkfall's Economy
  66. What still needs to be done to improve the feel of combat
  67. Lets be honest...(eco patch)
  68. Make crafting order system global
  69. What happened to this idea?
  70. Simple poll on economy patch
  71. Pull back the economy patch
  72. Directional and distance sound is still really bad...
  73. Meaningful reputation patch
  74. Economy patch and new players
  75. Question regarding the AV post "harvesting changes insigth"
  76. Going live for the Day!
  77. Don't associate with Tree Fiddy.
  78. Big THANKS to AV for the eco patch!
  79. GJ AV Way to make new players quit...
  80. Post Economy Patch: Fresh new player 199 prowess farmed for 15 min in Safezone {FACT}
  81. noob question: Can I change looks in DF:UW (the barber NCP in DFO)
  82. Add sub-mastery gear to loot tables and lower mat costs for studded and plate
  83. Wishful Harvesting Patch Notes
  84. Who else will be leaving this game when it is wiped?
  85. [video]Refining Material Farming
  86. Ninja damage (very little combat feedback)
  87. Monster
  88. Is this the part where we pretend the issue is dealt with?
  89. Some thoughts about crafting
  90. Darkfall Unholy Wars community Streamers
  91. Server side patch 26/5/2014
  92. Monstrosity Loot tables
  93. New Shorax Loot table
  94. Durability
  95. Concerns and questions about duping that need answered
  96. Suggestion: Loading Screen Art
  97. Question: The Dupe: How F*cked Are We?
  98. Unholy Ban Hammer not updated since March?
  99. Fix for our current issue.
  100. A request to Aventurine
  101. Inventory Rollback?
  102. Banhammer
  103. Double drop weekend
  104. So my bank is being deleted?
  105. House Trades - Rollback?
  106. Item's that were on the market on Thursday.
  107. Painful but the right decision. The new AV is cool!
  108. Edward Snowden AKA Kahlan Rahl
  109. Whole server should be rolled back, NOT just inventory
  110. Double drop rate weekend
  111. @av
  112. Thunderstorm
  113. Banhammer reaction thread
  114. Is there really any point in having arrows anymore?
  115. Constructive criticism on Farmfall
  116. Housing trades with Merck Yous
  117. Bank Wipe Discussion
  118. Double drop week starting today or tomorrow please?
  119. Returning players want a easy ride.
  120. AV respond to us
  121. Once AV fixes all of the dupes AV Should Wipe all items in All banks ...view thread
  122. So if I sold my house for gold on Sunday?
  123. I'm sick of the lies AV!
  124. ok im kinda getting sick of the "wipe" argument
  125. Are many people coming back for combat patch?
  126. Alignment should be very high priority to help keep new players
  127. Bank Logs
  128. Has AV responded.
  129. Farewell Cards
  130. Elanias continious efforts to buff high end loot (Demon ice dragon etc)!!!!
  131. Can I use buddy key to begin my gathering alt?
  132. Cant find my old character
  133. Inferior mats and conversion mats
  134. Aventurine updates on the Duping
  135. Stream: 'The dawn of Knights'
  136. Try to help out new players after this rollback
  137. Garmir Knight
  138. Ban hammer updated!
  139. 2k Prowess Reward for Re-Subbing before May 30th?
  140. Can't connect to login server
  141. Is it fair to say.....?
  142. Question: @AV: Can we expect more preventive measures for dupes in the future?
  143. Does anyone have any idea how much prowess it takes to level a stat from 20-100 ?
  144. Leveling Up Crafting - Worth it with current inflation?
  145. Extended maintenance.
  146. Function to swap between camera views?
  147. Servers down?
  148. Regarding items on Market.
  149. Scourges and Terrors: Loot changes
  150. AV is hiring!
  151. For those who get fully wiped during the 5 days roll-back.
  152. UW Needs you!
  153. Darkfall is Coming
  154. Can we get rid of some of the SEVENTEEN stickied threads here? ^^^^ this is silly
  155. Aventurine doing things right
  156. So my poll gets removed?
  157. Impliment DF1 spells in this game
  158. Can casters get more high level mobs
  159. Good job AV
  160. Trouble logging in?
  161. Double drop weekend is active!
  162. Double drop weekend also for Treasure Maps?
  163. Double Dye Drop Permanent?
  164. After more than 1 week, where are the "As" of Streaming Q&A on Roles?
  165. Banhammer List Should Be Longer
  166. "Can we get rid of some of the SEVENTEEN stickied threads here?" Continuation
  167. Double Drop should go till Tuesday
  168. Looking for noobs insight on patch before they quit
  169. State of the Economy
  170. Game is CROWDED!
  171. Dear AV - Any plans on improving Client Side movement prediction?
  172. Double loot every weekend/ second weekend?
  173. Keep the double loot
  174. Inflation
  175. Thank you for Double drop tmaps AV!
  176. +pp
  177. Daily feat reward
  178. Making the mob AI more...Interactive.
  179. No EU1 downtime?
  180. Suggestion: Rotating Regional Double Drop Weekends
  181. Reagents
  182. Double drop weekend. Survey.
  183. Suggestion: Crafting Reagents like Coal still need to drop WAY more often.
  184. Returning to the Game!
  185. Pay more/Play more
  186. Crafting: Change Begets More Change
  187. What drops pure / primal ooze?
  188. Excellent Siege performance
  189. AV ninja changing mobs...when will it stop?
  190. Status of Supernodes, Are they working as intended?
  191. streamer tab
  192. Boosters and Equipment Sneak Peak
  193. Update to mob loot and Double Dye
  194. Loot Table Discussion
  195. Do attributes linked to weapon type also increase weapon damage?
  196. Nintendo's Mario Kart 8 Has Bunnyhopping
  197. Questions regarding today's Custom Roles skill selection pic
  198. Darkfall Unholy Wars Custom Roles #2
  199. Custom Role Patch Balancing
  200. Buff Levies
  201. Can we expect an updated ETA on the roles patch?
  202. Darkfall stream with Ragey!!!!!!
  203. Has there been any mention of what will be done with remote rez/gank?
  204. Spell cost
  205. If youre going to release custom classes..
  206. Suggestion: AV - publically comment on Bunny Hopping
  207. Puta theHyperSmuggler - dramatic reading
  208. New Player Retention
  209. It's too dark
  210. Reddit Swarm
  211. Will this patch bring "Pre-Patch" gear?
  212. Would it be so hard to get real numbers on skills?
  213. Bastion appears to be buff other now. Perhaps invigoration too? Game changer?
  214. Next week's patch contents
  215. Item Shop Services
  216. Turn on na server
  217. Make players pick res or range gank, not both
  218. Custom Roles - Overview Tab (From Facebook)
  219. Three Icons?
  220. Question for the devs
  221. none or limited name change services
  222. New robes???
  223. A few basic game balancing videos
  224. Starter Weapons
  225. Forum Suggestion: Dev highlights
  226. can we get a new torrent
  227. A question about stats and skills
  228. NA login sever down again?
  229. make boosters count.
  230. Suggestion: Make a Movement ability slot, just like the Ultimate ability slot.
  231. Cash shop - what services?
  232. Loot changes - Villains
  233. Community Q&A 1 of 3 - June 6th
  234. Petition: Give us a DETAILED list of ALL abilities prior to the class removal patch
  235. Hardcore or Casual?
  236. New Villain Mob loot
  237. DF1 vs UW melee sound comparison + sound drop-off test
  238. Sanguine Live Cam Stream
  239. Ninja loot change on Graveshots
  240. Route of monster loot
  241. promote skilled gameplay
  242. EU1 second downtime?
  243. Community Q&A 2 of 3 - June 7th
  244. Community Q&A 2 of 3 - June 7th
  245. Streaming on Twitching right now
  246. so this forced respec
  247. Robero Paskanakki Account stolen.
  248. Ping issue since yesterdays downtime.
  249. Question: New Patch and Prowess Required for Viable
  250. Red's contest Mount for sale.