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  1. Where is the NA1 Server based?
  2. Video Contest.
  3. when will DF be playable again for solo players?
  4. Disabling shot/bolt
  5. Dodge roll
  6. Shielding rework
  7. Can I make a better request?
  8. Pulv need nerf
  9. NA's Top Player- Marothis
  10. Future of Darkfall!
  11. Update! Holy Crap Batman!
  12. Activity level since patch
  13. Custom roles
  14. Free trial for your friends
  15. Hybrid Classes Predictions
  16. The remaining schools - What is happening with them?
  17. Question: How will character progression be improved ?
  18. Website
  19. AV - remember to fix some skills before the next jesus patch
  20. Good idea but maybe to early?
  21. DFUW Email, info Vision, direction and immediate plans
  22. Todays video posted
  23. Details...
  24. Suggestion: Now that you have our attention...
  25. Dyes, "Auto-explore" and Mentor System coming end of April
  26. [PIC] Prowess respec + in-game shop confirmed
  27. Political map Air-photo
  28. Wow Eu1
  29. Player to look out for.
  30. Suggestion: Make the Mentor system like the AC Patron system
  31. Question about buddy keys (notification?)
  32. Requisition Gauntlets and Globs
  33. Retrospective All Darkfall changes since April 2013 compiled
  34. Buddy keys,helping new players.
  35. My character was deleted ?
  36. Every Single Day
  37. I would have bet a million bucks an arrow or fall damage would kill me
  38. Prowess Reset Question
  39. Welcome (back) to DFUW
  40. Dyes
  41. Remaining schools still coming?
  42. Perspectives: First person ranges & closer viewpoint in melee
  43. Suggestion: Custom Roles: AV, you need everyone's feedback
  44. Dyes details
  45. Would you prefer a reduction in the size/effectiveness of the AOE on abilities?
  46. Question: Poll On How YOU Want the NEW Class System To Be!
  47. Village Capture Timer
  48. Short Video (showcasing Alberworth siege 22.04)
  49. If you could freely select 8 skills plus ulti which would you choose?
  50. Lightning spells go through trees and objects but not shields
  51. Double Prowess weekend
  52. Performance
  53. na PING to high to aim, Can we get an answer?
  54. No 2x Gains on Crafting/Harvesting
  55. Prowess gain past 500k
  56. Tactical resting is still a big part of combat
  57. Mentor system details
  58. steam update
  59. Thank you!
  60. Mentor Poll
  61. King of the Hill
  62. Globules of greed
  63. servers still down?
  64. Any good guides/threads for key bindings etc?
  65. Question: Why did I download new lobby today?
  66. Community project "State of Agon"
  67. Direct Petition for Change #1: Getting off the boat before it completely stops.
  68. Login server down
  69. If the Darkfall 1 player skill cieling was 100% where should the new cieling be?
  70. Concerning Buddy keys, paranoid about giving them out
  71. Question: Poll- Banking, What's best for the game?
  72. EU Login Server Down
  73. Question: Raising a secondary skill or skill line does nothing?
  74. Three buddy keys is not enough.Free week trial?
  75. Patch Notes, April 29th
  76. Question: Best Bandicam Settings (for high resolution/HD and possible lowest data volume)
  77. I'm not DC in DF2 - so stop telling me about DC in game please
  78. Party Weekend May 1st - May 5th
  79. Lets invite all our friends. Free trail on party weekend!
  80. Rolled back?
  81. How do you think double PP should be done?
  82. Invalid Response From Server. Please Restart.
  83. What about race models, AV?
  84. Servers UP!
  85. Like UO, plz, make gms command monsters hordes against Player citys.
  86. This is the shit I'm talking about AV
  87. I'm patching.
  88. Suggestion: (Optiona)l left handed archer.
  89. Lagging?
  90. Dyed Armor Picture!
  91. Dye Spreadsheet
  92. Impressed AV
  93. What's Confirmed for the Class/Jesus Patch?
  94. Dye drop rates....
  95. Feat bar
  96. Is the mentor system in the tutorial?
  97. As a mentor what is you daily budget per student?
  98. Starting FEATS Error
  99. DFUW official *epic* anniversary video
  100. Dye Bug with masks
  101. Darkfall Video Contest -- Your Videos
  102. Free Days for subscribers
  103. Suggestion: Can you guys Zerg REDDIT Gaming
  104. GM- Controlled Mob Strikes Vinterhein Siege
  105. Dear Darkfall
  106. Suggestion: Free Camera Angle - Front view of your character while standing
  107. Damn you AV
  108. Question: Double Prowess Points
  109. EU1 GM controlled mob @ Sanguine
  110. Darkfall Free Weekend Live Stream
  111. World first (Or eu?) TFK VS Demon!
  112. What's the best part of this game?
  113. Suggestion: My Wishlist
  114. Question: Fog on Niff
  115. art work
  116. Info about the new combat/role system coming out?
  117. Something I've noticed when teaching noobs.
  118. Prestige Classes?
  119. Question to AV: Mentoring bugged?
  120. About jedi master / padawan (Mentor) system
  121. NA server
  122. NA server Down 3/5
  123. Trading Villa deed for Large Villa deed!
  124. Both servers
  125. Elania & Friends vs Ice Dragon (VIDEO)
  126. Impressed with Siege performance lately
  127. MVP compilation?
  128. Easy way to see how poorly optimized the game's graphics are. Hopefully a fix soon.
  129. Are dyes too rare?
  130. GM event schedule?
  131. What do you guys think?
  132. How long till a mentoree can jump to the next mentor?
  133. Day and Night cycle
  134. Question: Auto-ress timer in PVP
  135. Complete freedom or Trade offs
  136. AV / Darkfall Unholy Wars operational update
  137. Downtime on NA Server.
  138. Village Timers
  139. My visit to AV (photos and more)
  140. New Sabre Mount
  141. Crafting Time, your thoughts (bootlegged poll)
  142. What happens next
  143. Enjoy the weekend.
  144. Darkfall on reddit /r/IndieGaming
  145. Re: How to register DFUW account
  146. What is the deal with weapon not unsheathing when I press mouse button???
  147. Jungle stompers
  148. Na1
  149. Try running the NA server in admin mode
  150. I like
  151. Economy Patch?
  152. Good PvP Music?
  153. I wonder
  154. Really can't play until changes are in...
  155. Patch day?
  156. Crafting Orders and Spyglass ER MER GERD.
  157. Mob Loot Tables
  158. Is the mentor system bugged if you ever unchecked the box?
  159. When I said I wanted better loot tables I meant...
  160. why do mob spawns have harder mobs in them now
  161. Excited about the Harvesting changes!
  162. Question: Levy's???????
  163. Suprised by lack of hype for next patch.
  164. Darkfall #2 top seller in Steam
  165. Custom Roles information
  166. Theorycrafting time: New builds
  167. Forumfall
  168. What is your monitor to play darkfall? What do you think is the best?
  169. Return of the green
  170. [Explanation] Custom role and armor set up
  171. Lux Arcana evaluating games changes...
  172. Official Darkfall Unholy Wars Community Streamer
  173. "improvements to the feel and responsiveness of combat"
  174. [power levels] Question for AV on the new class system
  175. What do we know about enchanting so far?
  176. Regarding stat management and stat drains #discuss
  177. Question: Steam Keys, Progress?
  178. Custom role patch first week of June
  179. Will craft orders work with Salvaging?
  180. On Crafting Orders
  181. Severs down
  182. What happens now?
  183. NA Server Queue is broken!
  184. My problems with the current way AV is going about it all
  185. Population Boom!
  186. counter-skills for identified over-powered skills
  187. Suggestion: Allow people to complete carfting feats for others
  188. Question: What happens on failure with the new Crafting Orders system?
  189. Do we need to buy school skills or are they all available without spending prowess
  190. Darkfall reddit got a massive makeover
  191. Na up before eu wtffffffffff!
  192. NA up before EU?
  193. Double Dye Drop Rate
  194. I guess...
  195. Now is ze time on Darkfall venn vee tanz....
  196. Buddy keys success story?
  197. Changes to Round Robin / Group Mob Leveling
  198. Darkfall LIVE streaming now!
  199. Bonus weekend drop rate on dyes, should be the standard drop rate
  200. DFUW and mmorpg.com
  201. [Test] Pigment Drop Rates
  202. [Real Test] Pigment Drop Rates
  203. There goes sunday moring farming
  204. Question: Does PvE feats make pve boring?
  205. Streaming for a while!
  206. Dungeon Daily Rewards
  207. Darkfall world: favorite locations
  208. Darkfall API
  209. Darkfall Stream live NOW
  210. What Keyboard do you think is best to Darkfall? mechanical keyboard ?
  211. How should movement be handled in DFO??
  212. Minor Suggestion
  213. More info on this weeks patch?
  214. When is the econ patch happening?
  215. Question: Charlestion SC Ping question
  216. Where did my character go?
  217. Patch!
  218. Will you contribute to an Official Darkfall Wiki?
  219. Patch notes
  220. Won't this new "Economy" patch just hurt new players?
  221. Question about the new advanced tools
  222. Big world bosses
  223. Gathering feat adjustments?
  224. Did AV really just add more resource processing steps ....
  225. Holdings worth even less now, Clan mines/groves/farms
  226. Server online STILL patching
  227. players in game.
  228. My one simple request for DF:UW
  229. "Tweaked player character movement"
  230. Inferior Timber/Mats
  231. Lord Bacon is Live
  232. Grimdrakes loot table worse?
  233. Economy Changes.
  234. May 21st patch = NGE
  235. This is what happens...
  236. fix it or you will lose all your subscribers
  237. RIP Jump kite
  238. Stop complaining.
  239. That patch
  240. Custom roles patch ETA
  241. Super Nodes
  242. Spyglass
  243. My excitement turned into deep dark sadness
  244. Soooo
  245. Custom Role Patch ETA: First week of June
  246. Before you make any changes!
  247. AV INTERVIEW from Diana Swift!
  248. @ Diana AND the Devs
  249. Re-cap of interview
  250. WTB Mastery reset option w/ Custom Role patch