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  1. Make the best of what we DO have.
  2. Can we all agree on one thing? Banning cheaters is good.
  3. New Player, looking for advice and some information before I progress any further.
  4. Darkfall Korean version gameplay
  5. Name Selection Impossible?
  6. Will DFUW ever have more content than its predecessor?
  7. Prim gear requires more mats then Elem gear.
  8. Another Steam Sale
  9. Day night cycles?
  10. City Building Costs
  11. Recalling into someone elses house when recalling to your own house
  12. Suggestion: Quick and Easy Fixes to VASTLY Improve the game
  13. Japanese test siege today
  14. Fix your Eu Server!
  15. An EASIER way to "fix" things in Darkfall...
  16. Question: Lowest spec computer you have harvesting in Darkfall?
  17. Asian server seige
  18. "admin only" right now
  19. I'm eating pancakes and drinking coffee and I WANT TO SCRAPE!
  20. Darkfall Japanese site up!
  21. Are EU/NA going to be secondary markets for DFUW?
  22. Eu admin only
  23. Korean DFUW Twitch Streams
  24. Question: What is the easiest way to kill shadow knights?
  25. Korean server has more cosmetic options!!
  26. Is this possible? NA vs EU vs Asia
  27. Subscribers only section - PLEASE READ.
  28. September Patch?
  29. Can you save you UI settting?>
  30. New lobby?
  31. New Darkfall Client
  32. Has it been 10 days?
  33. Are there any plans to fix the primalist class?
  34. Housing questions
  35. Darkfall news sept 6th
  36. what were the fluff items?
  37. theoryfall: str or dex for duelist?
  38. Post your binds!
  39. Duelist--another Slayer-esque madness?
  40. [Unofficial Feedback Thread: Role Balance & TTK'S]
  41. Game Fixes, NEED TO BE PRIORITY
  42. Question: Is it possible to get more indepth details on the Sept 6th fixes?
  43. Brownies should be made small again, nerf em!!
  44. Question: NA or EU? + General newbie questions :D
  45. Suggestion: Mark Chest on the Map
  46. The Players Killed Darkfall.
  47. Duelists! :D
  48. My first impression about Darkfall classes
  49. warriorfall thread deleted lulz
  50. My experience with scraping.
  51. Player's can FIX the tower issue and lack of chaos cities.
  52. Transfers
  53. High ping
  54. A guide to leaving your towered city (for sick bastards)
  55. selling large villa
  56. Tasos, a quick reminder.
  57. I just went back and re-read the Aug 23rd update...
  58. Funny instagram video (15 seconds)
  59. Polearm power attack.
  60. Exterminator coming to get rid of bugs
  61. Is there any news on how to get rid of the freezes?
  62. so im afraid to ask ..
  63. Maintenance or Patch?
  64. Paying customer
  65. Suggestions to make darkfall fun again
  66. Don't you think a little message before disconnecting us would have been nice ?
  67. steam lobby update
  68. darkfall pirate wars.
  69. Serious question: If you don't care, why should we?
  70. Duelist video.
  71. City Protection Exploit
  72. Questions about the future of DFUW
  73. darkfall + rage =
  74. I miss this place
  75. How does F2P work in Korea?
  76. Hacking - Unuldur please read.
  77. So, what's today's excuse for no patch then?
  78. 16.09 Patch delayed (again) - Question for the Important Community Goals
  79. friend having troubles resubbing. what do?
  80. getting so annoyed with all my posts being deleted
  81. What the
  82. Patch
  83. Towers , AV plz read
  84. Fixed a bug where Slayer skills didn't consume any mana.
  85. Patch Notes September 17th
  86. AV just made V zones worth patrolling?
  87. Any new word on the hackers?
  88. Question: Are currently broken maps now fixed?
  89. anyone else not able to log in?
  90. Patching extremely slow
  91. So how's the duelist?
  92. Old Maps - Same location
  93. Pummel magnitude doesn't work
  94. Mob Loot / Towers
  95. Whats the deal with flurry?
  96. Why are my posts getting deleted?
  97. Mage vs duelist
  98. Bad Taste
  99. Another round of Rate the Ultimates!!
  100. Why is EU Server still down?
  101. Question: Does level the Roll itself do anything other then reduce the casting time?
  102. Are you satisfied with the current "skill level" and "feel" of DFUW combat?
  103. increased ping/dc rate since duelist.
  104. Elephant in the room (stop deleting relevant threads!!!)
  105. Question: Just wondering something.
  106. Ninja patch detail: 15 per group
  107. Slowly losing the will to sub
  108. LF a friend :)
  109. NA Server.
  110. Replied!
  111. I live stream!
  112. Na....again
  113. Patch :)?
  114. Party friendly fire off in Asia server
  115. Good patch overall but whats next AV? And when?
  116. Live Interview
  117. Community Created PVP Hotspots?
  118. Patch :(?
  119. Tower Range Doubled
  120. Suggestion: Guard Tower Change Suggestion
  121. What I love about this game.
  122. Duelist class is killing the game....for me.
  123. No updates or word in almost 2 weeks?
  124. Live Total is doing live of Darkfall. Starting a new char now.
  125. 3rd Primalist School
  126. Upcoming-Combat-Gameplay-Update [discussion]
  127. Duelist has crippled the primalist.
  128. Aventurine 10 months ago you said you had 28 dungeons ready
  129. AV you need better focus
  130. Balancing the game before all classes are in game is a mistake.
  131. Include Wobble changes in the upcoming balance patch. *Fix Inside*
  132. I don't always Forumfall
  133. Duelist is a Step in the Right Direction
  134. This would get me to resub..
  135. Tasos redited his post.
  136. Really????
  137. respec with combat changes??
  138. Remove - nerf towers
  139. Alfar Cities - What up with that?
  140. Scourge Frenzy mode
  141. New Lobby 9/29
  142. Wonder if they are ever going to fix the broken siege bugs?
  143. How is your Siege Performance? 9-29-13
  144. What I believe is the best solution to wobble...
  145. Korea event, what is it??
  146. 11k prowess
  147. Why isn't anyone talking about how the ping has been messed up for days?
  148. Development progression
  149. New/Returning Player
  150. What
  151. State of the Game
  152. transfers
  153. Activating product on STEAM
  154. I feel like this needs more attention
  155. Question: Staff Bolt & Staff Bolt Mastery
  156. Everybody SHOULD Be Able to do Everything.
  157. Suggestion: Game Changers
  158. EU still down
  159. Just something to think about
  160. Where Is My Gameplay Update???
  161. Update 04-10-13
  162. Combat Gameplay Update REQUIRES PROWESS RESET!
  163. Goodbye slayer
  164. Combat changes patch plans to kill off the support Primalist
  165. Some not so easily recognized changes
  166. Things that NEED to be addressed
  167. Respec!!!
  168. AV --- HIre Taugrim for playtesting and pvp combat mechanics.
  169. Some Comparative Numbers (to help quantify some of the proposed changes)
  170. Is AV ever going to fix the bug where corpses full under building(into the graphics)?
  171. GIRL FARTS - for all of you who quit
  172. So mages....
  173. Question: POLL: Should we get a 1 time Prowess Respec to go with the Combat Overhaul patch?
  174. Lagfall
  175. Magma Bomb: Does Speed Increase = Less Arc?
  176. Recommend DFUW in massively article
  177. AV, give us new Video with 3rd Prima school!
  178. Suggestion: Mage/Primalist "Staff Bolt" Change Suggestion
  179. AV new office . Where!!!
  180. EU Down
  181. All Names Already Exist??
  182. Some time next week
  183. Patch incoming
  184. Darkfall patch media coverage
  185. Patch Notes, October 8th
  186. How did this guy knows Towers were going to be nerfed ahead of time?
  187. Question: both EU and US is down is this normal?
  188. Yo, Is the server up yet?
  189. server up
  190. 1v1 Tournament
  191. Elementalist FeedBack
  192. post patch:Skirm vs all
  193. post patch: Warrior vs all
  194. post patch:Prim vs all
  195. Post Patch: Primalist Feedback
  196. So how bad is it for polearm users / slayers?
  197. Error processing your order. Please try again later. (error code: AC)
  198. The Class Tier List, and what should be done after today's patch
  199. Remove the cool down on virtuous wrath completely
  200. Fix Polearms
  202. Primalists are now way overpowered...
  203. Clarification: Invigoration? 20% Cooldown Reduction?
  204. Wasn't DF1 more AoE based than DFUW :S ?
  205. Thinking About Resubbing
  206. warrior overnerfed?
  207. Ninja Patch
  208. An Observation
  209. Grimfell/Grimtide, I'm Resubbing
  210. Aim Bots / Hacks
  211. AV did it right I think. Primalist rocks.
  212. Prioritize Enchanting
  213. races
  214. Valley of the Kings
  215. Crashed in Svartvann dungeon
  216. Poll:What content next patch should include
  217. Kill for Love: a DFUW Motion Picture [1080p]
  218. AV should email old subscibers, and offer free time to come back.
  219. I have been here since early Df1 beta but I won't tolerate this
  220. Hats off to AV for banning people.
  221. One question to AV regarding class balance
  222. "We need a reason to pvp"
  223. Nagle's algorithm: Darkfall Unholy Wars' latency destabilizer
  224. Darkfall Launcher uplink
  225. Duelist Video
  226. Claus had his hand in the Jesus Patch of DF1
  227. Claus here are some suggestions on what needs fixing in DFUW- please view.
  228. Question: Why is Arcane Damage better than Percent Based True Damage on towers?
  229. Claud 2013
  230. Post in here if you resubbed just cause Claus is back!
  231. Claus for President (HOPE poster inside)
  232. Claus' 2008 blog
  233. Thank you
  234. "CLAUSification"
  235. What did claus say?
  236. Fansite: It is 4:19 PM in Greece @ Aventurine
  237. Gaming Products and Tools Discussion for Improving Your Game
  238. Should i worry?
  239. Question: At what amount of prowess should character development in safe zones stop?
  240. Question: Should Safe Zones Allow Mastery Level Crafting?
  241. Suggestion: Combating negative false image
  242. [News???] Scheduled Content Updates
  243. Disabling Bolt Change & Mage VS Dread Plate Protections
  244. Static Field doesn't reflect damage on Duelist abilities?
  245. The true on sick bastards contract!!!
  246. Asian version seems like up to date.
  247. The core issue of what is wrong with this game
  248. New content players want (poll results)
  249. help this user
  250. Is Claus under some sort of self imposed gag order?