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  1. Small Darkfall Rant...
  2. new
  3. New Server
  4. Okay I am completely lost in this game now
  5. I am a player!!!!!! And I want to write!!
  6. Just started playing? Just about to start? Read this.
  7. Whos playing in Australia
  8. Old School UO Player has a couple questions ...
  9. Question: Recently purchased DFO, need help!
  10. Should i buy
  11. Thinkin about coming back...
  12. YES! You Should! There Isn't!
  13. Last Login Time: 7 April 2009
  14. Why ain't there a demo?
  15. Question: Coming back
  16. I hurd Macro's took over there game...?
  17. Cant post on the forums if your account isnt reoccurring?
  18. Reactivation
  19. Interested but will only buy if I can get in a trial
  20. Why, I think, you won' see a free trial...
  21. Darkfall is seriously the best pvp MMO out there
  22. Please watch this video before asking whether you should play
  23. Logging in too fast Temporary ban
  24. UK player considering NA1
  25. whats does "errorcode: 901" mean?
  26. Ways to lose customers
  27. Fansite: Darkfall Daily Planet
  28. ok i'll try this game out
  29. A Few Quick Questions...
  30. Question: PvP Looting
  31. Contradiction in Gm explanations
  32. any way
  33. Searching for Bone Knights
  34. New players dont stand a chance in darkfall-
  35. I will be buying this game today or tomorrow... probably...
  36. Account management
  37. Seize skill melee is it supose to be a joke?
  38. Phil Collins crew
  39. anyone buy darkfall with american express giftcard?
  40. Question: Is this worth buying right now?
  41. A few questions
  42. Bought :d
  43. I am a paid user. How to post threads in paid section?
  44. Player citys.
  45. Full dragon set?
  46. Okay so I need strength too?
  47. Sparring to raise weapon skill?
  48. Need Help
  49. 8 secs for a vet to kill a relitive Newb
  50. I just purchased this game...
  51. The Question: Should I Purchase DarkFall?
  52. trial
  53. I'd really like to buy this game, but...
  54. What race should I be?
  55. Racial Abilities?
  56. Looking for a Clan.
  57. Potential New/Returning Players, Your Questions Answered Here
  58. The Darkfall Newb Experiment
  59. Can I play on US servers if...
  60. New Server
  61. Thinking to come back to DFO...
  62. New server?
  63. Cant link my account to my forums account
  64. just baught =)
  65. Instructions on Buying and Downloading DFO...
  66. Darkfall on Mac
  67. Yeah
  68. Putting a link into a sig pic
  69. Question: Playable at 750-850 Latency?
  70. It's possible to change name?
  71. What magic is most importent to get?
  72. Question: long Activation to work dam need fix it
  73. how do i get better fps?
  74. Iam on 10DAY Trial
  75. New to game any tips?
  76. Any UK players on NA1?
  77. Suggestion: Debuffs on mobs that should work.
  78. Australian Players What Server?
  79. Pay Metods
  80. Is NA-1 Now A Newb Bloodbath
  81. Ultra GFX?
  82. Webmasters please check your inbox
  83. I don't connecting server
  84. can i delete my account and make new one?
  85. you lost we won ,,nuff said (dont care how many there was) yu lost we won
  86. Can anyone explain how I can post on the forums?
  87. recovering account info
  88. Newbie question about server maintenance
  89. Just some things i've been hearin
  90. New german-speaking players
  91. Its been a while... few questions
  92. Pondering with Curiosity
  93. Is the game still a horrible grind?
  94. Question: IP problems with Servers??
  95. magic and sieges???
  96. only 1 character?
  97. A second try
  98. coming back to darkfall
  99. So, did they solve the bot and hack problems?
  100. There was an error processing your request! (Error Code: 901)
  101. Offline Skill Gain
  102. Account problems
  103. banned 3 days
  104. Download Problems
  105. Criminals/Villians/Bountyhunters in df
  106. Interested in DF - have some questions
  107. Questions about spells/magic and a few things overall
  108. My first 5 days (Experience\Impression)
  109. Didnt Think It Would Matter THAT Much
  110. How can i link my Forum acc with my game acc?
  111. Question: Trading - Any improvements?
  112. Darkfall and where is it now?
  113. Already bought EU client, do I have to buy NA client too????
  114. Question: Player Housing
  115. Oops. Killed a new player :(
  116. Is the UI any better now?
  117. Still not fixed weather yet
  118. Finally returning
  119. Question: Before re-sub, where to download the 12Gb of game files?
  120. Patron, Vassal. It worked for Asherons Call!
  121. Quick Question
  122. 1 month resubbed veteran: My take on DF for those seeking a mostly melee experience
  123. Can't re-sub
  124. I was going to buy Darkfall, BUT...
  125. My veilerion key and junk items got DELETE some how
  126. Account management / Darkfall Shop Login Issues.
  127. After Transfer...
  128. EU-2 Server
  129. I was lagging horribly
  130. Question: Duo
  131. NA Server
  132. New players, Old Server
  133. Suggestion: Darkfall should make an Offical Facebook page
  134. I think the server's down.
  135. What next?
  136. Why is Darkfall only available in America and Europe?
  137. First!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  138. Im a subscriber but I still cant post on Subscriber forums.
  139. Could not establish login server connection: Timeout (#2)
  140. Venting abit, lets see how flamed I get for it.
  141. Darkfall...why hast thou forsaken me?
  142. Are you still having problems connecting to US Servers?
  143. its up
  144. Will they ever... Have More then One Server Per Nation
  145. New to DF
  146. Should I resub?
  147. My forum account doesnt work
  148. Oh, hey, you want competitive DF PvP?
  149. Tech question, almost new player
  150. Resubbing to Na1 ?
  151. Curious impling has few questions
  152. Help port forwarding
  153. downtime
  154. Hows the population growth?
  155. BT Internet & Home Hub v2.0
  156. Bug!
  157. thinkin if resubbin
  158. Getting Random Disconnects
  159. Couple darkfall noob questions
  160. Question: Viable Character Builds?
  161. Accelerated Character Guide part 4.
  162. Is this the right game for me?
  163. Question: My questions??
  164. How strict is minimum CPU?
  165. bought on NA wanted EU
  166. Website - for Info on DF Mobs
  167. Question: Almost ready to play, just a few questions?
  168. After a year...
  169. Question: ATI Issues Fixed Yet?
  170. No access to post in other sections.
  171. NA or EU?!
  172. Question: To DF or not to DF...that is the...
  173. Getting Darkfall! Few questions?
  174. Just wanted to say "Thank You"!
  175. Give a free trail, or i will never try it.
  176. Darkfall =awesome
  177. Showing my appreciation.
  178. Question: A few questions whilst I consider a sub
  179. I am this close to buying the game and sub..
  180. For those who followed DF early on, how did it pan out?
  181. Question: Darkfall 2010 Release Date?
  182. Question: Are the servers still down?
  183. Question: Any websites with solid DF info?
  184. Solution for not losing new players and increasing the player base
  185. Introducing "NoobBall"
  186. server down?
  187. Hyperion was better than COTC
  188. Darkfall.
  189. Error Starting Darkfall: 2
  190. Question: What is the current client version?
  191. resubbing suggestions plz
  192. im thinking about resubbing, how do i recover my account information?
  193. Log in server problems still?
  194. Is there no recurring sub option?
  195. Scary Bad Guys
  196. Let me buy this game!
  197. Darkfall Ping for AUS users
  198. New Information About Important Stuff
  199. Question: Odd question, wheres the uk in the country selection for registration?
  200. not patching
  201. Highest Resolution World Map
  202. Looking for Hurricane and Wyrlwind Themercenaries?
  203. toggleable crosshair please
  204. how long until you leave a clan?
  205. studded and daggers
  206. need help ASAP from a dev/GM, idc who but...
  207. Color coded noobguide to the UI.
  208. What to do in Darkfall ?
  209. I resubbed
  210. How does the skill system work?
  211. How the heck do i transfer my character?
  212. Free Trial?
  213. EU Server down?
  214. Where is the nearest Mage Guild to Hammerdale or Sanguine?
  215. Sound revamp
  216. My first moments with Darkfall! (Please read)
  217. FIX the DEATH thing NOW!!!!
  218. Combat, it looks boring. (wanting to get into darkfall)
  219. One Month in Review. :)
  220. No free trial?
  221. Regarding the Significance of Skill Progression
  222. Names of Banned chars!
  223. Is Darkfall a true sandbox mmo?
  224. EU client to NA client
  225. perfect update
  226. Solution to improve PvE
  227. Account System Returns, I'm Out
  228. Couple Skill Questions
  229. Still cannot buy darkfall
  230. Macroing
  231. Cattboy - Stop digging a hole for yourself, lol
  232. Joining Darkfall
  233. acct management still down?
  234. Soo...is this game better now that its had some development time?
  235. Question: System Spec help? :)
  236. A Quick Question
  237. Hello Darkfall!
  238. some questions before I buy
  239. Stats: Hard or Soft Cap?
  240. Poll Please
  241. Question: Should I come back? Or is all hope lost.
  242. Ninja Loot?
  243. 'ello!
  244. Question: Archer newbie questions
  245. Torrent is incredibly slow...
  246. Will be able to buy DF tonight?
  247. Im ready.......
  248. Question: Payment Methods
  249. Unclanned kills in town without going Red??
  250. Just curious :)