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  1. Patching
  2. download problem ( testing first post )
  3. pefileinuse ?
  4. BUG - Extra Timber
  5. It takes 15 minutes for my character to logout.
  6. Game Crash bug
  7. Load lag still in game
  8. Constant Crashing
  9. "access denied"
  10. Website subscriber forums are visual without logged in
  11. Crashing on each login - notable to play
  12. Patching: Initializing
  13. Crash bug
  14. PeConnectionTimedOut
  15. Patching Failed: peConnectionTimedOut
  16. how to validate files 101 for DF developers
  17. [BUG] Quickslot Crash
  18. Reset my password and now i'm getting 'account not found'
  19. No active subscription.
  20. ''PeFileInUse'' when attempting to log alt
  21. [Sound] My ingame sound is very low (since beta)
  22. Mouse control delay
  23. DFUW Won't Install
  24. Cant use keyboard during char creation
  25. Patching Failed: PEProtocolerror
  26. The recent patch introduced a memory leak, fucking fix it the game is unplayable
  27. BUG - disconnect works inproperly
  28. How to turn off Debug mode ?
  29. [Requiring Mod Assistance] Account management issues.
  30. More crashing now than in beta
  31. PEAccessDenined
  32. All radial wheel / keybinds / options reset after crashing
  33. You need a bugs forum because obviously this is still beta
  34. Tutorial halts
  35. PeFileNotFound
  36. I GOT IN!... but I couldn't type...
  37. Lost all Harvesting Skills - Game breaking Bug
  38. Character Naming Solution
  39. EU server rollback, been placed back 3 hours or so.
  40. Auto retry why dont we have this ?
  41. Fix launcher
  42. Corrupt Files
  43. Bad FPS and PING
  44. Game crashes if loading while minimized
  45. Can you lower resolution and still have windowed fullscreen?
  46. [BUG] Clicking Member Roster lags player out
  47. Game crashing every time I try to launch
  48. stuck in loading screen
  49. pefileinuse error
  50. binds reset everytime you logout or crash...
  51. Crash after hitting F12 while running Bandicam
  52. I broke the starter feats LOL
  53. [bug] Exploration feats don't work
  54. cpu usage
  55. My cpu runs at 5%! I love my processor!!
  56. Sluggish controls? A shot in the dark.
  57. FPS Freeze
  58. Couldn't Type Name in Character Creation
  59. Suggestion to stop Crashing Improve Performance!
  60. Bsod
  61. Chat locks character in place.
  62. PeDirNotFound
  63. download the game
  64. FPS Issues: Real?
  65. Cannot have more then 1 process running ( no alt possible )
  66. Could not establish login server connection: Timeout #2
  67. Can not Delete my TOON on EU server, bad name.
  68. Copying over data
  69. Novice Pathfinder
  70. Login server is weak
  71. Can someone help me with my problem?
  72. Question: For those having no problems with FPS, what setup do you have?
  73. Constant Crashing
  74. Completely unplayable.
  75. Crashing
  76. chat bug
  77. The graphics device....
  78. Game Validates on every launch?
  79. Help me throw these files in the right place
  80. Switch from preset medium to preset high locks up game?
  81. PEFileInUse
  82. How to Install DF with Torrent Files.. Bump if u find usefull
  83. Patching 0kb/s
  84. Volume problem
  85. Game crashed while killing trolls
  86. computer specs, 40 fps
  87. Ping ...
  88. There an issue with the download?
  89. returning players price?
  90. corrupted data files
  91. Initializing...
  92. PeAccessDenied
  93. initialize all modules
  94. Stutter when completing feats/task and something goes into backpack?
  95. Old Account
  96. Sinking into the world when respawning....
  97. DFUW using 3 processes?
  98. Connection Issues
  99. Opening Screen Text Garbled
  100. "Could not connect to server, will retry"
  101. Sporadic Freezing in Towns
  102. Crash on PLAY BUTTON
  103. Billing issue : MY DF1 billing acct not recognized.
  104. [BUGs]
  105. Help... I make a mistake and put in USE key my left button, now i cant do nothing...
  106. Sell The Leather Feat Bug
  107. Mobs lagging
  108. Cursor moves behind/outside active clients (2 DFUW clients)
  109. Bag Bug
  110. Freeze every time a feat gets a point (with feat tracked)
  111. Invalid response from server. Please restart.
  112. [FORUM] Captcha for every post
  113. Wisp spawns not spawning mobs
  114. jvm.dll problems are related to the downloaded Torrent files
  115. Patching Failed: Connection to patch server timed out, will retry
  116. [Serious Bug]Clanbank wipe upon character deletion
  117. [BUG] Exploration feats not updating properly
  118. Worth upgrading Video Card for DFUW?(FPS seems lower than it should be...)
  119. [BUG] mount suddenly dies
  120. This fixed the FPS lock ups.
  121. Running 2 accounts FPS
  122. Already playing with this account!
  124. No Prowess from Skinning?
  125. Crashing when ALT+TABBING on load screen.
  126. Cant load game after Hotfix
  127. Patching failed: Invalid block index
  128. Black Hole Crash
  129. Crash on loading screen
  130. Redownload the new lobby?
  131. Ping issues
  132. Bad performance when casting spells or getting hit by them
  133. Crash related solutions
  134. reset graphics
  135. Three crashes in about an hour
  136. PING and JAVA
  137. Unplayable
  138. Lag spikes every 2 seconds ... same as in beta , unplayable
  139. The slow turning of some mobs a exploit or game feature?
  140. multiclient
  141. Crashed and character stlil in game 1 hour later
  142. Absolutely horrible performance
  143. Game doesnt open it after i get position in lobby.
  144. No Server Selection for Login / Non-responsive
  145. Patching Failed: Invalid block index
  146. Stuttering
  147. Sound issues
  148. Unplayable - Constant Stuttering and Freezing
  149. Unplayable
  150. Can not log back in..
  151. Horrible FPS (Only game to do so?)
  152. Character creation
  153. AMS Server down
  154. HotFix
  155. Change the credit card on my billing subscription?
  156. "Error Launching: The Storage Control Block Address is Invalid"
  157. Crash when opening paperdoll
  158. No Active Subscription?
  159. falling through earth when you die
  160. Guys, Come on, Unplayable game and you launch?
  161. Missing jvm.dll when opening launcher?
  162. Too many login attempts, try again after 10 minutes. (I waited 2 HOURS!)
  163. Client crash 99999x times
  164. Possible leak in clan menu (causes fps drops)
  165. The storage control blocks were destroyed
  166. Velmuna region horrible FPS
  167. Impossible to login
  168. trading from another account on same machine causes crash
  169. Bank Exploit?
  170. cant start game
  171. "Error Launching:"
  172. Prowess exploit
  173. fps problem
  174. Fog of War
  175. Keep crashing when I load my second account...
  176. [bug] double sound
  177. Performance / Stuttering: solution attempt
  178. Problem with Multiclient (ISboxer)
  179. Chat Bug: Cannot talk while crafting or using the menus.
  180. Rest bug: Cannot move afterwards
  181. Sensitiviy
  182. Cant see all Feats
  183. How do I report someone for exploiting in-game?
  184. Sound issue - no footsteps/mountsteps
  185. Friends List Wiped
  186. "Unexpected Error. Please restart" just after logging in on patcher
  187. Visual Lag!
  188. Novice Pathfinder Feat Not Completing
  189. Radeon 7970 with Darkfall UW curiosities and sound problems
  190. Fell through the world and can't log back in
  191. Crash in town (safezone)
  192. Constant crtashes when 2 people who live together play the game
  193. [Video] Regular, consistent lag spikes that climb up to 2500-7000 every minute or so
  194. Alt tab Crash . Keyboard stops working
  195. Realy bead Framerate (down to 9 FPS, never over 30)
  196. Bug+Fix: Unable to Name Character in Creation
  197. Sound seems to cause studdering in framerate
  198. Error launching
  199. Crash upon opening game
  200. "Load Lag"
  201. Patching Failed: File access Denied
  202. Friends list really buggy, randomly removing friends and adding random people.
  203. Mousewheel bugs inventory
  204. Game-mode + chat toggle renders your character imobile
  205. Crash 5 seconds after load screen as character appears in the world
  206. Unknown error - please restart (Resolved, but error wording could be changed)
  207. "Login Failed"
  208. Why is my patch size 6613MB?
  209. Unable to type in player name?
  210. Water reflection cause lag and low FPS
  211. 40 fps, looks/plays like 20 with stuttering. Help me troubleshoot please!
  212. Playing on Bootcamp on mac. Need advice how to improve fps.
  213. Ice Elemental and bisntond logo bug
  214. Patching from lobby is a pain ...
  215. UI slow in responce when changing focus
  216. Launcher update
  217. Unable to move after chating.
  218. Today's patch killed my fps...
  219. Feats ui bug
  220. Game crashes after new update 20 APR
  221. MAP bug, it return all hidden
  222. FPS very low now, BETA was 2.5x better
  223. New Lobby
  224. [BUG] Friends list not functioning, no Summons
  225. Have open Ticket - System says my login is invalid. Won't send me new password.
  226. Keep crashing on 2nd acc after last patch
  227. 3 Hours, only 31 MB Patched. Srsly?
  228. VMware - xp - unable to open bag/paper doll, red tab for tutorial tips
  229. Resolution Owned
  230. is there a way to get gm help ingame
  231. Will darkfall UW run on linux/wine ?
  232. Crash to desktop
  233. Friendlist gone
  234. I cant download the lobby from the lobby link
  235. [BUG] Primalist - Elementals damage bug
  236. Patching Faled: File access denied.
  237. Mounting Bug
  238. BUG: core game problem - no racial balance
  239. Game keeps shutting down
  240. please explain graphic options
  241. Can't delete a character
  242. Get a login slot, hit play, and then the game doesn't start
  243. Game wont start up anymore
  244. Can't Log Back In
  245. Can't get in game. There are a number of people crashing at log in.
  246. Cant log in
  247. lets flood their forums until they fix this shit
  248. Dual accounts, 1 PC is STILL broken. (Please read)
  249. Middle mouse button not working
  250. [BUG] Can't Do Anything Unless Chat Window Is Closed