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  1. Darkfall Unholy Wars - 4v4 HKM & William Tell vs Red Chicken (Graphics bug)
  2. NA loginserver down?
  3. D.U.A.L's don't work on Steam.
  4. bugged runestones making people crash:
  5. Unexpected error please restart
  6. Network timeout
  7. lag and lost connection
  8. Game doesn't start after Christmas patch
  9. NA server say's "offline" .. am I the only one?
  10. CS says Reinstall, no other options?
  11. Velocity Broken
  12. broadherne malaud spawns
  13. Major Bug Thread
  14. for the last time .. fix WOF
  15. Major Relic Altar bug fix now
  16. Really Low Fps after having 100 + fps normally
  17. GPU Question
  18. Computer freezes after pressing PLAY
  19. minimap problems
  20. Shadowplay windowed mode
  21. AV - My account is being hacked Ticket ID: XRQ-146-66271
  22. Unable to play due to crashing
  23. Constant ping spikes again and again
  24. Bad/High Ping always on my fiber net
  25. Okrim
  26. high ping with big clan vault
  27. Reasons for crashes?
  28. Bouncing Ping
  29. Game loads twice?
  30. Corrupted Data Files
  31. Random wired legg and FPS drops..
  32. Chicago ping test yeilds interesting results.
  33. Headset or Headset/Soundcard combo
  34. Random Disconnecting?
  35. Name allready exist
  36. stuck on queuing
  37. Login servers down 04/02/2015
  38. 32 bit windows and random freezes.
  39. these ping spikes.....
  40. Patch Bugs
  41. Road patches not giving speed bonus
  42. Stuck In Loading Screen
  43. Crafting Feats Broken
  44. DUEL Item *Is it working*?
  45. routing problem / packet loss on Feb. 16th 11:45 pm CET
  46. Cannot downlaod the game
  47. 7kb/s download
  48. Crash to Desktop after clicking play
  49. I need AV support
  50. EU crashed
  51. Stuck In Queue
  52. Cannot log onto NA
  53. Cant patch says Fetching Update information
  54. Please fix lighting.
  55. Overwolf crashing DF
  56. Login servers down
  57. Windowed fullscreen
  58. Unexpected windows error
  59. Consistent Failed network timeout.. cant play
  60. Is there a way to move steam installation to stand alone?
  61. Samurai Armor - how equip other look now ( EU1 )
  62. Raptr
  63. Map markers
  64. Character Marker Keeps Freezing In Place
  65. Validating Files issue.
  66. Blueprint bug
  67. Weapon Saves bug out after death
  68. Fetching update information > Network timeout
  69. Occasional bugged mount speed
  70. G-synk
  71. Stuck logging in
  72. D.U.E.L. item don't prolong my subscription
  73. Failed Network Time Out In Lobby When Fetching Update Information
  74. Trueshot not working at longer ranges underwater?
  75. Can we fix this bug at last?
  76. Stuck in chat bug is back
  77. Patching: Fetching Update Information
  78. Question
  79. GUI problem since March 18th update
  80. Can't despawn scraper at harbor, GM not responding.
  81. Mount spawn on slooes
  82. Catapult despawn bug
  83. Chat Issues - March 19th Update
  84. how to log into old dfuw account through the steam version?
  85. ATI radeon HD 5850 can it support 144hz monitor?
  86. No Sound in certain camera angles?
  87. Steam communication error with original client
  88. Trying to log in
  89. Timeout on Login
  90. Used a dual and is not showing up
  91. Network Timeout, Will Retry
  92. Shaders
  93. Garmir Mount Animation Issue/Movement breaks
  94. Chat tab and quickslot bind persistence
  95. [Request] Performance Tips needed
  96. Can't get ingame
  97. Playback video from shadow play is choppy
  98. Ping-last chance
  99. Resubed, having problems
  100. cant leave the game
  101. Forum mods needed on off topic
  102. Not letting me log in
  103. client crash when i try to open my clan vault logs
  104. EU Online - But still not possible to log in
  105. network error
  106. Resubed and Disappointed
  107. Slight "Shudder" fps drop*
  108. looking at bank logs = crashed game
  109. Validating Files....
  110. launcher says game is online but hangs up "network timeout"
  111. How do I cancel an 'ongoing subscription'
  112. Ping issues on NA-1 since the latest patch (Anyone else?)
  113. Log out inside a house ...
  114. Bug found that crashes your client.
  115. Pungent mist reduces my FPS dramatically
  116. Mounted Speed Issue
  117. Unable to rename chat windows
  118. Ams service unavaible
  119. Game keeps crashing when i try to use Race change token
  120. Could not connect to server will retry
  121. Launcher download speed is very slow & the torrent has no seeds
  122. 3 Bugs caught on video
  123. Side Car Camera
  124. PATCHING COMPLETED - and waiting...
  125. City Nodes
  126. Question on workstations in player housing
  127. Rate this PC
  128. High and unstable ping in the last few days
  129. last patch issues
  130. cant log in
  131. FIX ASAP! Castbar / Revivebar bug still ingame
  132. Boat HP -- What happened here?
  133. Running scripts/auto clickers in multiple clients simultaneously?
  134. Please fix the Revive Bar bug
  135. What the fuck? I popped 2 duels on my alt THIS MORNING after AV gave me a free day..
  136. Fix the mount bugs that were introduced for God's sake.
  137. Alt-Tab lag in window mode
  138. Can't connect to log-in server?
  139. Anyone use Elgato Game Capture HD card?
  140. Crashing when loading game
  141. About the huge laod lag
  142. Anoter thread about "can't logging"
  143. No ticket system ---and my new account has the NAME IN USE bug.
  144. DUEL didn't give me any extra time
  145. Vsync
  146. retrieving my password is not working ?
  147. Account Page missing subscription info?
  148. Steam Keys
  149. Question about ToS
  150. Run DFUW and CSGO same time
  151. cant create new character
  152. No roll back? Come on AV.
  153. Trying to Sub: Error Code AC
  154. AV has 6 hours to retain 2 subs
  155. Is CS really broken or did you guys stop paying your bills?
  156. duels dont work m8
  157. 3 duels used, no game time added
  158. so duel not working
  159. While waiting for Support Site to come back online
  160. EU server down?
  161. Fix EU server please
  162. AMS working again
  163. DUEL Subscriptions Issue
  164. DUEL did not work :<
  165. Tickets are back!
  166. DUELs working again?
  167. Beware : D.U.E.L. activates recurring subscription
  168. DFUW launcher says "Could not connect to server, will retry."
  169. Customer support
  170. Re-installing
  171. bulky salvageables bug
  172. Stuck in black screen on launching client
  173. AV this is a pretty big issue...
  174. Downloading the game
  175. Constant DC
  176. Water Breathing Potions
  177. World Map "Search Agon" feature causing repeatable crashing consistently
  178. Keep crashing everytime I log in
  179. Priority is wrong Kappa
  180. Port Forward to DFUW
  181. EU Server Still DOWN
  182. Metamorphisis Manipulator
  183. Unable to Play Game - Stuck at Queue?
  184. is the server up yet?
  185. Windows 10 Support?
  186. steam subscription upgrade issues
  187. Halp!
  188. Active Sub - Website account logon returns RESULTCODE.IP_BANNED
  189. executable does nothing
  190. Can't download patch.
  191. 1-8 Quickslot Binds
  192. Invalid Server Response Please Retry
  193. steam not patching
  194. Ticket for a Free Day?
  195. Stuck validating fiesl
  196. Crash on craft
  197. mobs not spawning in Broadherne dungeon
  198. lost my cottage while servers were down
  199. Key bindings borked
  200. can't hear foot steps
  201. FPS drops from 60 to 20 sporadically during gameplay recently.
  202. Unexpected Windows Error - Lobby
  203. Sele gold
  204. Could not connect to server, will retry. PLEASE HELP
  205. Graphical bug: shadows dissapear while moving the mouse. Everyone has it?
  206. Stuck valadating files
  207. No Customer support?
  208. Please look at my ticket been awhile.
  209. Lobby and Patcher suck
  210. Fetching update information - Failed - Network timeout will retry
  211. Graphics messed up since sep. 2 patch
  212. Fetching update information - Failed - Network timeout will retry
  213. Progress Bar disappears
  214. Ping spikes
  215. Revive Potion Doesn't Work in PvE
  216. Siege Performance Megathreads
  217. HUD not saving
  218. Launcher Error: "Unexpected Winsock Error" after patching
  219. Left/Right Click to Activate Skills not Working Properly
  220. Uninstalled the game can't reinstall the game
  221. Keybind Trouble
  222. Cant Sign On.
  223. Patching Failed - HTTP Error.(the requested URL returned error: 404 not found)
  224. Shadowplay issues
  225. Stuck validating files
  226. Bought Masterys No Target Found When Attempting to Hit Nodes
  227. When does my sub run out?
  228. Wep lag ONLY when you swap a skill
  229. Getting "corrupt data files" message then crashing when i try to log in
  230. Bound keys not saving AT ALL
  231. Scraping + maps
  232. Weird Paperdolll spam to system bug.....
  233. stuck in loading screen
  234. Keep crashing to desktop
  235. Skinning mastery.........
  236. Please help me GMs!! Character unable to login
  237. GM help
  238. Can't open the chat field..
  239. Fetching update information (network time out will retry)
  240. Windows 10
  241. Issues with hotbars
  242. Need GM, sent ticket no response for 2 days.
  243. Stat Bar Freezes
  244. Nefarius Allcing from NA keep exploiting under city building
  245. Name not available.
  246. better performance
  247. scarecrow chump recipe last year?
  248. Consistent high ping for last 3 days (hadn't happened before)
  249. Purchasing Selentine Gold with PayPal
  250. Game keeps crashing a lot