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  1. Bowing
  2. Patching won't finish
  3. chat is being over riden bye hot keys
  4. Driver internal error
  5. Combat Log MIA
  6. This is new: Network timeout, will retry
  7. Skills not useable/greyed out after dismount!
  8. Exiting DF will freeze the screen and application will not terminate.
  9. Wall of Righteous Force
  10. Blue print bug causes client to crash
  11. Chat focus bug?!?!?1
  12. Ping Problems!
  13. How do I submit a support ticket without being able to log in to my account?
  14. Long Loading Screens
  15. Hotkey windows bug while typing in chat fields
  16. Disabling Bolt
  17. Since patch: Awful performance in windowed mode.
  18. Dupe rollback missing items
  19. Can't change spells
  20. Sending private messages
  21. Problem with right click on names
  22. Game blocks me from placing disabling bolt in my hotbars.
  23. I have to refresh my hotbars everytime i loging It's annoying.
  24. Lightning bolt blind Last longer the higher your gamma is
  25. Could not connect to server, will retry
  26. Double Patching
  27. downloading todays patch, again i think.
  28. existing darkfall account through steam?
  29. chat bug anyone?
  30. Cannot log in to AMS or Site Shop.
  31. Lobby Works but game never launches
  32. Darkfall in fullscreen mode doesn't display in my desktops gamma settings
  33. Failed- Network Timout, will retry
  34. i5-4460 worth extra $60 over i3 4130?
  35. Microstuttering
  36. Moving the installed standalone client to steam somehow?
  37. Active blueprints do not remember all weapon assignments after reboot
  38. Activate Quick Item and "MiniDump" files
  39. PC specs help
  40. more people with lag spikes?
  41. Blank Launcher & Network timeout, will retry
  42. Issues with Role Skill Weapon Assignment Persistence after Logging
  43. Multi account on same PC
  44. Chat bug
  45. Mouseover tooltips won't appear for me.
  46. Login issues
  47. After 8 hours login bug is back.
  48. Login issues still persisting.
  49. in game shop question
  50. Brink of suicide
  51. Youtube CopyRight Infringement
  52. i3 vs i5 for this game?
  53. Can't reinstall game.
  54. Switch to default attack after execution and skill queue
  55. LOBBY: Network timeout, will retry
  56. DFUW w/ Win 8.1 ?
  57. Network Timeout?
  58. Network Timeout. Will Retry.
  59. Can anyone help this guy?
  60. Interface/Chat Bug
  61. I disconnect whenever I'm not moving around.
  62. fix your launcher ok?
  63. SoCal Battle Ping Users
  64. Patching - Failed
  65. Network Timeout. Will retry.
  66. siege are unplayable !!! low fps
  67. Game freeze when not moving and lock up my whole PC
  68. Some infrequent bugs not mentioned in awhile
  69. Increasing Refresh Rate is reducing my visable screen
  70. Everything wrong with WORF currently
  71. When I play 1280x720 my "paperdoll" tab gets cut off at the bottom?
  72. FPS questions
  73. Crashing just outside player city walls
  74. Union Stove Pipe Shop Item Questions
  75. Network timeout again
  76. crashing in player citys only
  77. What happend to paysafe option at payment methods?
  78. [minor bug] Vendor markers always appearing though they are turned off in Settings
  79. Switching between resolutions can cause crashes
  80. Dev Question: Hyperthreading
  81. Livestream tips
  82. Spirit bond - random break
  83. Another FPS/Build question
  84. Assigning a weapon to disable shot/blow/bolt
  85. Getting stuck 'casting'
  86. Help with a macro.
  87. Can't Login, Network Timeout
  88. Ping about 2X normal tonight
  89. network timeout atm
  90. Template's Erased
  91. FullScreen don't work
  92. DF headset recommendation please
  93. network timeout can't login...
  94. Maintenance and login
  95. Scheduled maintenance on EU
  96. mobile forum style
  97. Maintenance Completed
  98. Ping / Latency - West Coast - 7/17/14
  99. BUG Disabling Bolt
  100. Login issues
  101. need new cpu. looking for suggestions
  102. GAME ENDING BUG! Please Help!
  103. Ability toggle options will not save
  104. Problems with my connection to DF forum and in-game server.
  105. client_log files with 2GB size ?
  106. FPS drop
  107. EU down
  108. Can't patch
  109. Bugs I encountered. UI and Gameplay.
  110. PATCH SPEED 20kb/s when Speedtested to Greece @ 60Mb/s with 60ms ping!
  111. How to fix your patching speed! Solution here!
  112. sound bug
  113. 7/24/2014 - 3:30PM - NA1 down
  114. Progress Bar & Crosshair not aligned
  115. Can't drag and drop items to delete them
  116. Can we get an update of fixing hitboxes?
  117. Cross hair gone!
  118. Downloading Patch Problem
  119. Server screwed up again
  120. Location of the server down/updates thread?
  121. Still can't log in
  122. Fatal Error since HotFix 25/7
  123. Forced to download patch a second time, very, very slow.
  124. Bug - Crafting Tables Orders and Crafting for Self - Incorrect Increment
  125. Loginserver?
  126. Just makin sure you all know you broke Prowess gains on Harvesting
  127. click speed increased and accuracy of clicking changed
  128. Cannot get over 20 FPS
  129. Ideal computer specs for Darkfall?
  130. Darkfall accessing my webcam
  131. NA Server Down
  132. Get booted randomly then...
  133. Na server still down
  134. Is there a fix for when backpack goes blank
  135. queue
  136. Windows 8 vs 8.1
  137. a2w robe bug
  138. Ping Issues
  139. House recall broken
  140. howw do DUELS work?
  141. Buying a new computer.. Is this one going to perform VERY well in sieges?
  142. Constant disconnect
  143. Estimated downtime for today's patch
  144. Log files
  145. Slow patch speed is related to the Read-Only folder bug.
  146. RE: Estimated downtime for today's patch
  147. Network timeout on patch
  148. Game Options messed up
  149. A totally different cause of slow patch speed - fixed!
  150. Anyone using 4k resolution in darkfall?
  151. Network Timeout 8/9
  152. Corrupted Data Files
  153. Siege Performance
  154. Reach over 100k ping
  155. Fix the ping issue now
  156. network timeout logging into client
  157. Trouble Switching to New Sound Device Mid-game
  158. Opening bank, causing disconnect
  159. server restart too early today
  160. D.U.E.L and Steam
  161. Client Crashes + Ping spikes all day
  162. AV, your NA servers are having problems at server central network
  163. EU server down?
  164. Stuck on the loading screen
  165. EU Server Timeout - Friday, September 5
  166. Network Timeout - Friday, September 5
  167. Network Timeout - Friday, September 5
  168. Network Timeout AGAIN... Saturday Morning
  169. Network Timeout - Saturday, September 6
  170. Login Server Down Again...
  171. Why EU maintenance takes over 1 hour when NA is back up in 20 minutes or so?
  172. Monday 12:01 AM -- Login Server down
  173. glitch
  174. Server is up, but...
  175. auto parry ahk?
  176. Didn't get my 100 gold after paying
  177. WoRF bug
  178. How to get Raptr/AMD Gaming Evolved to work with DF?
  179. Gaming Rig Setup - Under Heavy Load
  180. I load the game twice before i play
  181. Losing connection to server frequently.