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  1. Logout near water, log back in at bindstone....
  2. Freezes/stutters during Sieges
  3. Extra down time + forums off line?
  4. 6Month Purchase on steam
  5. NA-1 Down? Server Lag nonstop disconnects.
  6. EU down again - why has it been so much offline the last 2 days ?
  7. How to get a better fps ?
  8. Party Lag
  9. Dual Monitor
  10. Steam key
  11. Offering €10 for a fix to this.
  13. slow patcher? anyway to speed it up.
  14. Darkfall and screen hertz
  15. Server Super Lag
  16. Fahnark Village Bug Rewards
  17. AV pls respond on Low FPS
  18. Market Bug is back - How Exciting!
  19. Another village timer hotfix needed
  20. Ping problem
  21. Clear Mind Potion Bug
  22. Fps
  23. Installing DFUW on a USB key, etc.
  24. Please fix brightness in borderless full screen
  25. Config files somewhere other than C: drive?
  26. Permanent ban?
  27. Game slow(er) at launching?
  28. Chaos primalist duels in safezone.
  29. FPS Optimization
  30. > 1 Minute freezes of the darkfall client
  31. Custom resolutions supported?
  32. Game crashes when alt tabbed from full screen when loading client.
  33. Windows 8.1
  34. 150 ping during prime time, 50 otherwise
  35. Odd ping fluctuation
  36. Really Aventurine, after a year you haven't fixed the name already exists bug???
  37. Unholy Banhammer not working!?
  38. character deleted?, gone?
  39. I need help fixing this mess
  40. I cannot log into account to close or open tickets
  41. Late updates
  42. Cancelled Beta account continued Billing ! Help please..
  43. Horrible Ping Issues
  44. Low Download Speed
  45. when looking at some one not showing names.
  46. Bleed damage not registering as a kill
  47. Keep Crashing
  48. Bag Bug
  49. MIssing Characters after Resub
  50. GTX 770 x GTX 780
  51. Building bug still in game
  52. DFUW and fan noise (video)
  53. Technical UI Crosshair Bug (Wobble gone)
  54. Running 2 clients
  55. Darkfall Hyperspace
  56. Acount Management System Bug
  57. Sli?
  58. Cancel crafting is bugged after last patch
  59. Fullscreen vs Windowed Fullscreen
  60. Unable to connect on login
  61. Every Time I Log In 1st Attempt Fails
  62. Chat text all squares at input field
  63. DFUW Memory leak?
  64. New rig, game stutters, help pls
  65. Boost my fps
  66. Invalid response from server?
  67. A better way to download this client.....
  68. Broken Feats window
  69. Daily feats not counting mobs.
  70. Skinning Scumlings
  71. Sounds and skill effects dont work.
  72. Feat Window
  73. No Rawhide!
  74. "Already playing with this account"
  75. Patch downloaded for the 4th time
  76. patched 6 times since yesterday
  77. crazy ping spikes since patch, took 6 times to log in game kept dcing on loading
  78. DFUW Causing Video Card Blue Screens of Death
  79. Nvidia ShadowPlay and Darkfall
  80. Invalid Response from Server.
  81. Feat Window froze after completing 1st Daily ever
  82. Feat Tracker Clearing after each reboot.
  83. Constant crashing post territory patch
  84. [AMS] Payment: Fatal Error 500
  85. Feat window resize = crash
  86. Crash on start-up post 2nd Graphics Card installation
  87. Repeatable feats not being tracked after server maintenance
  88. Feat Window Freeze
  89. 7629 of 7651 MB Completed
  90. Patching
  91. patcher down?
  92. Bug: 'square' text
  93. Weather bug
  94. I dont fucking get it
  95. Territoy Bug
  96. Video Contest Signup Email?
  97. More weather(realistyc) bugs
  98. EU server kicking ppl out
  99. Feat Window Crashes Game
  100. How to get a bit more FPS
  101. Teritorry Buff in Safezone
  102. Mapbugs-holdings dissapearing off map, villages bugging out, and territory broken
  103. Bug "square text" is back.
  104. Spell window + alt tab
  105. Patcher....
  106. Multicore processor support
  107. SweetFX and darkfall?
  108. Server mega lag + dc
  109. Na down!?
  110. Village timers are bugged still
  111. UI bugs on low resolution
  112. Haven't played ina while (but always a subscriber) and my prowess points are missing
  113. Why am I punished for playing the game at the best settings?
  114. Keeping my chat channels and weapon bindings
  115. Na1:
  116. Loging server down ?
  117. Already playing with this account
  118. Not able to log in on EU
  119. Invalid response from server. Please restart.
  120. Patcher Speeds SUCK
  121. De-syncing every few minutes since patch
  122. Tried to login too many times Error
  123. Downloading the game
  124. Name Already Exists (even for jibberish)
  125. problems after patch
  126. Game crashes while loading if minimized
  127. map bug
  128. Junglestompers does not spawn
  129. Error when trying to access Account Management
  130. NA Still down:
  131. Name Select malfunction
  132. Na down
  133. Network timeout, will retry.
  134. Game unplayable due to crashing
  135. Nvidia ShadowPlay - Have a way to do it work in window mode?
  136. Steam Communication Error. Please wait...
  137. Darkfall with SLI
  138. Sub to game earror or hacked accunt?
  139. Can't log in to NA...character not showing
  140. NA (once again)
  141. Battle ping Server from NA to EU?
  142. Darkfall Unholy Wars has Lost Connect to the Server....
  143. Servers down?
  144. Screenshots and no UI
  145. Unstable ping since last patch
  146. Load time in game is taking longer and longer again .
  147. Extended Maintenance on NA server
  148. A Must fix for the next patch (Broken City Function) AV READ
  149. disconnecting alot lately
  150. chat keeps resetting on relog
  151. How long does it take to get a reply to a ticket?
  152. LoadLag since the last patch
  153. NA server go boom
  154. Village cap feat
  155. Customer Support systems maintenance
  156. ESC hotkey breaks in game
  157. Dude!
  158. Latency Issue With Sieges/Large Groups
  159. Fullscreen 2560x1440
  160. Extended NA maintenance
  161. Dye Error
  162. Login Server down?
  163. Extended NA maintenance
  164. Delay on weapon swith from staff to mellee weapons
  165. Good bundle for DF?
  166. Bug w/ Patch
  167. Downloading stuck at 20-30 Kb/s
  168. Cant start the game
  169. Keyboard and overall functions stop working after abit with this new patch
  170. Can't change roles / boosters after patch.
  171. game crashes when i try to salvage
  172. Possible Bug with patch.
  173. No fullscreen.
  174. New GUI bug?
  175. Bug: Feat progress is showing under System > Clan filter
  176. Stuck at loading screen.
  177. Can't get Nvida Shadow Play to work?
  178. Constant Crash on Login. Sanguine Tile
  179. bug: "keep repeatables in list"
  180. Character restore
  181. Duel Bug
  182. House recall cause crash
  183. Bug: Death Dealer helmets no dura
  184. Can't get Twitch streaming to work
  185. Chat bug
  186. CrossFire and SLI
  187. Please read if you're getting bad lag spikes
  188. shadowplay issue in darkfall only
  189. Network Timeout after login
  190. Bank Fully wiped after the 5 days roll-back
  191. Not able to type in chat
  192. Cannot harvest rawhide super nodes!
  193. bad ping on high pop + ping spikes while fighting.
  194. "Error launching"
  195. NETWORK TIMEOUT PROBLEM. logging server is donw?
  196. Idawoll Bug
  197. Slow patching
  198. game won't start
  199. Multiple Crashes While Porting
  200. Steam Darkfall crashin on loading screen
  201. Bugged Mob spawns
  202. Game still unplayable at 1920?
  203. Why does DF take so long to load ?
  204. Darkfall Defaults to Highest refresh rate supported.
  205. Help needed!
  206. Log in servers down.
  207. ams not responding and launcher not connecting
  208. Swimming mount bug
  209. NA down?
  210. Bug?
  211. Wired lagg. Stabile FPS
  212. Mouse/Aim Lag?
  213. AV Playtest PC Specs and Performance - Ideal Darkfall PC?
  214. Bug? Currently no drop of Essences on harvesting nodes except Clan nodes
  215. Monitor color/gamma settings in fullscreen mode
  216. So my Darkfall go Silent mode when in background are other sounds...
  217. Corrupt data files
  218. map bug
  219. Crashing more frequently?
  220. How important is graphic card for DFUW
  221. Bank issue
  222. Error Launching: Storage Control Blocks Were Destroyed
  223. Cant hear footsteps
  224. Xeon 1231v3 + GTX770 Performance?
  225. Bring that motherfucker up
  226. Bug after Crash
  227. validating files?
  228. Crashing
  229. Network Timeout, Will Retry.
  230. Crashed and cannot get back onto NA server
  231. unable to change skills from skill menu? HALP!
  232. Crashing #2
  233. NA - Can't login, crash in load screen
  234. Darkfall webpage account shop completely empty
  235. Client Crashes Upon Login
  236. Booster select UI glitch
  237. Urgent - Another persons profile details
  238. Cast Skill via Shortcut key/Perform default attack issues
  239. Hotbar has an issue with the - cast the skill via a shortcut key
  240. Crashing every two minutes
  241. Crashing every time I try to change skills
  242. ping spiking issues since patch?
  243. Crashing During Portal
  244. Kudos
  245. Cannot switch to any role with unburden in it
  246. Crashing during House Recall
  247. Steam user Selentine Gold not working
  248. so i didnt get my sele gold
  249. no play button till logging attempt
  250. file corrupted