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  1. patching
  2. PatchServer down?
  3. Upgrading from the original servers to the steam servers.
  4. Too many login attempts. Please try again in 10 minutes.
  5. Patching Failed: Client/Server Communication error.
  6. Steam link for beta players
  7. Why does DF run like crap on my new laptop
  8. AV, Please make your patching start where it left off.
  9. Patching Failed: File in Use
  10. Persistence Bug Still At Large?
  11. Bug: Backpack broken when not pressing escape or enter after changing a bag's name
  12. DF not working
  13. unplayable ping since patch
  14. 2-6 k/sec patching... what the flying fuck AV.???
  15. post here if you are getting crazy bad server lag.(na server)
  16. FPS Drop every couple of minutes
  17. 1000 Ping, Black textures for all graphics, and losting connection every 5 mins?!
  18. Game breaking black graphics bug since patch
  19. What the happen with melee hit?
  20. Splitting Stack... Lost the items.
  21. No wonder i dont get any chaos chests...
  22. 4/30 patch and Windowed mode.
  23. game running weird and laggy all of a sudden
  24. Rollback fail
  25. Turning off Vsync
  26. Getting 400-1000 Ping on High Speed Internet
  27. Is The Lobby Down For Anyone Else
  28. FPS worse after patch
  29. account already in use
  30. Strange bug with chat
  31. Unable to Alt Tab in game
  32. [IMAGES] Primalist Tailor Feat Not Working
  33. Installation Help
  34. Game Near Unplayable
  35. New monitor advice?
  36. Projectiles not connecting.
  37. Spells are going through mobs even when there's no wobble
  38. So i Finally got my new Rig...
  39. Patching failed: internal patching error
  40. SLI support, exists? on the way?
  41. Game stops responding after leaving start area
  42. Missing 40 rank 30 bows from my bank that I traded for last night
  43. Unexpected Error. Please Restart.
  44. Missing right radial wheel keybinds
  45. client copy
  46. changed a button, now cant use the gui
  47. Few bugs
  48. Everything is black except water and players 3 meters away from me since last patch.
  49. Sometimes hi get a high Ping problem
  50. Already playing with this account
  51. Many sounds in the game is way too LOUD
  52. Friend list vanished
  53. Network Timeout, Will Retry from steam client?
  54. !!!!login servers are down!!!!
  55. Latency And reconect....
  56. Download issue
  57. Steam problems
  58. Map Bug
  59. Can't hear footsteps
  60. Latest client crashes alot
  61. Random crashes.
  62. vsync??
  63. 5.1 does not seem to work with logitec G35
  64. Can't even start the game without video card crashing
  65. Safe Zone Monster Spawns;No Mobs Spawning?
  66. Cant launch game - steam version
  67. any laptop users with AMD GPU that run the game above 30FPS?
  68. I can level any skill past 100 with an autoclicker
  69. Running Multiple Clients - Cursor goes outside process
  70. Opening Lobby Download - WONT LOAD.
  71. GMT time is wrong
  72. Blackscreen after changing to windowed mode
  73. Graphics Card Benchmarks DFUW
  74. Combat is unbearable.
  75. Bind bug
  76. Playing on a low end laptop possible?
  77. No GUI persistence
  78. random crashes
  79. Cannot delete character (steam user)
  80. Recall Bug
  81. Cannot login to NA1
  82. Tried to loot a grave, left&right mouse click stopped working, rebooted, can't login
  83. Can't Join Any Server
  84. Option to limit fps
  85. Crash if loading while alt tabbed
  86. Persistent FPS Hiccups
  87. Game is currently broken and unplayable for some.
  88. 10-15 FPS on highend laptop
  89. Rebinding the Mouse Wheel Up/Down
  90. Clicking mount too early results in crash
  91. Double running sound
  92. Adjusting shader version with Nvidia cards
  93. Frizz/FPS drop
  94. Certain Sound Effects Cutting Out
  95. Login Failed
  96. credit card not accepted
  97. Could not establish login server connection: timeout (#2)
  98. Unexpected Windows Error
  99. Network timeout. Will retry. - Cannot login.
  100. Can't login
  101. login server down
  102. Login server down, cant get in.
  103. Login server is not connecting
  104. Cant move while in game
  105. Stuck in queue
  106. Login Issues
  107. Temporary "desync" upon logging in
  108. [BUG] Crafting Feat Reset
  109. Ping issues on EU1
  110. Multiplied footstep problem, yet to find my own solution.
  111. Mouse - QPad 5k - Button 4 and 5 not working properly
  112. Corrupted Data Files - linked to Wolf Lands?
  113. Bug or glitch
  114. Fix Life Ultimate Spell (Spirit Bond)
  115. Digging Macro!!!
  116. Video hangs every 12-15 seconds
  117. Random video freeze only in town on super computer, WTF
  118. 600 Fiend Hidden Kill Quest not Working
  119. Crashing when fighting - needs to be fixed
  120. Login server are down again today. !
  121. Sound issue on logging in
  122. Sound Issue: No footstep noise since last sound patch
  123. READ THIS - screen freezes for seconds FPS drops from 100 to zero
  124. Friend list bug
  125. Booster & Paper Doll Bugs
  126. Stable Ping
  127. login error: "Not enough storage is available to process this command"
  128. 25- 35K ping why?
  129. Loading Screen Crash
  130. My internet connection is fine your server is not
  131. Crashing
  132. Account management page on website
  133. "Full Screen Mouse Lock" Not Locking. (Dual Monitor Problem)
  134. Game messing up my keyboard.
  135. Bugging Ruby
  136. So I did the 500 simple robes feat and today I checked my feats tab and it's reset
  137. Loading screen music
  138. 60 ping to 7k ping
  139. Crashing when trading with my second client
  140. Have any issue here from the staff mistake
  141. Dissapearing Mounts
  142. Constant Ping spiking and disconnecting with 10-15 people together
  143. I'm Swimming!!!
  144. Log in servers down
  145. Network time out -May 6
  146. Lobby down?
  147. Pls restart the login server
  148. Mount Crash Bug
  149. Crash on every single ALT-tab
  150. Teamspeak Overlay
  151. Green dots not showing on minimap
  152. This isnt Beta Anymore
  153. Clan tab causes lag spikes
  155. I lost my battle boat
  156. Unable to get into the game...
  157. Crashing when frap/bandicam/live streaming...
  158. Cant get in... Constant crashes.
  159. Sooo
  160. Login Server Down (Tuesday, May 5th 6pm PST)
  161. Network timeout, will retry.
  162. New Computer, performance issues
  163. Map/Mini map stops working
  164. Howto solve machine gun footstep sounds
  165. Already Playing with this account - AGAIN
  166. WHY are these bugs still in the game, FIX YOUR SHIT
  167. i want my old account back...
  168. I need some opinions about my computer setup
  169. Really darkfall, nothing appears
  170. Unable to initialize all modules. halp?
  171. Impossible to log in
  172. Clicking into 2nd monitor when running two accounts
  173. [FIXED] "Error Launching" and "Unexpected Windows Error"
  174. Can't even give you money.
  175. NA down AGAIN
  176. I am glad the server crashed.
  177. Windows 8 hate this game?
  178. Already playing with this account..
  179. "Invalid Response from server. please restart" WTF?
  180. Costumer Appreciation BBQ
  181. Lost my Stuff after Crash
  182. Save the game every 5 minutes on the server please
  183. Connection problems?
  184. Save the game every 5 minutes on the server please
  185. performance
  186. Patch Notes, May 9th - wtf?
  187. Multiple screen issue
  188. server crash again
  189. Horrificly bad connection to server.
  190. Game Launch Failure
  191. Cant download the client/lobby
  192. Cant download the client/lobby
  193. Patching Failed: File access denied. - May 9
  194. Fix for a crash when using a mount before it was fully loaded.
  195. Tralala bsod
  196. Nvidia Kernel Driver crashes
  197. Race to the bottom
  198. Suggestions for Nvidia driver
  199. Corrupted Data Files - ya its back
  200. I can't reply to threads in the Clan forums.
  201. Patching failed: Patch server closed connection, will retry
  202. Is there any way to disable the sound when the game is loading?
  203. Takes ten minutes to relog
  204. 2 Client Windowed Bug
  205. stuck in party
  206. Log In Bug
  207. Black Screen when I load into DFUW
  208. Constant crashes and unable to log back in.
  209. Cannot Start the game. Errors with Network Connection error
  210. Black Screen Let Me In After 15-20 Minutes.
  211. Crashing more and more
  212. No mob spawn around Whiteclaw
  213. optimization to minimize lag
  214. invalid resonse from server. Please restart.
  215. Crashing when trying to add Clan Waypoint to the map
  216. subscription time
  217. Crash zone
  218. FPS drop in between harvesting cycles (when circle progress bar completes)
  219. Crashing when Alt-Tabbing out of Full Screen mode....
  220. Need some help with my account.
  221. Running 2 accounts - mouse goes out of window
  222. Error launching access denied!
  223. Heavy fps drop looking at Skirmishers spell effect
  224. Cursor falling off the screen in windowed mode
  225. Problems reviving/ganking people
  226. VMWare everything is so damn dark :(
  227. **Crash Report** Crashing every 35-40minutes
  228. Constant crashing
  229. Monitor out of range? help please
  230. SweetFX crashes game, anyone using this/had any luck
  231. no footstep sounds
  232. New computer
  233. Radial Slot Bindings STOPPED WORKING Out of Nowhere!
  234. "Flying" bug
  235. Turn off the annoying load-music
  236. How do I remove my credit card info from my account?
  237. FPS drops - Screen freeze
  238. Velmuna chaos stone not showing up on the map
  239. You say you fix things but you dont
  240. I seem to be in an endless queue on NA server
  241. Randomly DC'd then lost ability to access forums teamspeak or game lobby
  242. Dxtory and Darkfall
  243. FIX these CTDS
  244. Crash after recalling a few times
  245. griefing bug
  246. Bunnyhopping Contest
  247. Fatal error
  248. Summon bug
  249. Screen lock up when killing player/mob
  250. my black elve is slowly turning white.