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  1. Default New Player Looking for Clan (First Post on this Forum)
  2. Support Primalist/Crafter and Gatherer LF Clan
  3. Faol Nor - Male Mahirim - Skirmisher
  4. LF heavy RP clan
  5. OLD darkfall 1 vet looking for clan
  6. Merican Skirimisher Lf clan with holding.
  7. Semi-Hardcore Sandbox PVP Vet Seeking a good fit.
  8. LF a clan that plays both darkfall and smite
  9. Hardcore casual clan - I'm interested.
  10. LF Adult Guild
  11. lf clan
  12. Lf clan for two beginners
  13. New player, prior DF1 experience, LF medium sized clan.
  14. Ethnine
  15. Looking for a clan to help get me started.
  16. looking for a small clan
  17. LF a clan that can pvp
  18. Small group of players looking for mature 21+ clan, with active pvp/pve.
  19. Looking for Australian PvP Clan
  20. Two Players Looking for a Clan
  21. WTT 500 Iron Ore for 30min-hour Java assignment
  22. Looking for role-playing clan
  23. LF Clan w/ Active Vent. No stupid rules
  24. Any good greifing clans recruiting?
  25. 67k law/wis prim
  26. Resident Scrub (read noob) looking to return
  27. Old Vet coming back, looking for a clan.
  28. Two looking for a clan.
  29. LF Clan
  30. Looking for a small, Tight nit group.
  31. Le beast
  32. I play from 7pm til about 2am MST every night and all day weekends...
  33. Old Player Returning
  34. Immortalis is recruiting
  35. 20k Skirm LF Clan. Extremely active play time 15+ hours a day.
  36. Any clans out there for military members?
  37. New player looking for a clan
  38. New player looking for a clan of sorts
  39. Looking for a PvP orriented clan
  40. Df1 player looking for clan
  41. Looking
  42. LF Clan Oceanic Timezone
  43. Looking for clan. 45k prow Skirm.
  44. Looking for clan - please read
  45. Newbie Looking For User-Friendly Clan.
  46. 2 friends looking for clan!
  47. Old darkfall vet looking for clan
  48. 2 guys looking for more pvp.
  49. looking for a home.
  50. Looking for a smaller active PVP clan
  51. Looking for pvp clan
  52. Looking for a new home!
  53. Looking for clan
  54. Looking for clan
  55. I still play, need a clan!
  56. Hardcore MMO Vet Seeking Clan | DarkFall Newbie
  57. New to Darkfall, not new to PC gaming.
  58. Looking for clan to ally my 2 man guild with
  59. New player seeking active clan
  60. looking for guild
  61. Looking for clan
  62. Looking for clan
  63. Ethnine's Return
  64. Hobbit Herpes Looking for Alliance
  65. The legend is back
  66. Looking for a clan
  67. Lf pvp pve clan
  68. Rage tells coming back to game need a clan!
  69. Looking for a clan
  70. Df1 player new to DFUW
  71. New Aussie TZ Player Looking For A Clan
  72. 2 Players looking for Clan
  73. Oh hue der - john trikone
  74. Looking for clan!
  75. Clan hunting
  76. Old DF1 Vet looking to come back.
  77. Looking for a non Zerg clan
  78. Original Darkfall BETA Vet/Mortal Online Player looking for more PVP/
  79. Looking for late night PST people to play with.
  80. LF a small but solid semi-hardcore clan
  81. Looking for pvp clan
  82. Rage tell/Khaoz Wins! 5 plus year vet
  83. 35k+ prow casual
  84. 5 year veteran of Darkfall LF clan
  85. Chill Dude Looking for Other Chill Dudes
  86. The Essence of Annoyance seeking clan.
  87. Newbie looking for a chill clan
  88. Oceanic TZ Clan
  89. Looking for a mature clan
  90. Looking for Clan
  91. Assassin Parks Looking For Pure PvP Vet Clan
  92. Lfc
  93. Looking for active pvp clan
  94. Looking For A Niche Clan
  95. Old Player looking for a Clan
  96. Khaoz wins/Rage tells In search of clan... Message me on forums
  97. Catastrophe looking for an alliance
  98. Returning Player Looking For Home
  99. Looking for a clan
  100. Noob looking for a home
  101. DF1 Vet Looking For PvP DF1 Vet Clan
  102. BKs DFO vet looking for clan
  103. Casual, looking for clan
  104. COE Vet . Top tier player lookz for clan
  105. Looking to ally or join a clan
  106. Mushi Shi LFC
  107. Eletas Whitevale/Forty Hands Looking to Join a Clan
  108. Washed up vet
  109. Looking for active pvp-focused clan
  110. Looking for Friendly Clan
  111. LF small guild / alliance
  112. Bored of game - need a push!
  113. Zerg
  114. NA- 6 Looking for Guild.
  115. Sique Khan Looking for Clan
  116. Halp
  117. DF1 vet LF Clan
  118. Metalkon's Looking For A Clan
  119. Pink Motherfucking Floyd
  120. African American
  121. Looking for guild for fights n shit