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  1. Which clan is number one this week as far as solo siege capabilities?
  2. Just wanted to say thanks to Dark Side
  3. Funny Video!
  4. Lost Utilik Siege
  5. East Coast Seatower
  6. Mercs hired to demolish sweetwater city with ships!
  7. Empire hired to kill mercs
  8. About the gear grind (For Axilmar)
  9. Lord Bradtide
  10. Calfardar
  11. Imperium Imperator to address: Return to Calfadar!
  12. Mercs hired to demolish longmarch! Empire are now prime target!
  13. Empire hired to destroy mercs
  14. Defiance still desperate as fuck
  15. Xplicit gets a city!
  16. Is UW worth playing?
  17. Kharendak siege
  18. Mercs hit empire hard
  19. Sad state of affairs
  20. Damnnn Jet. 3 spies for 1 alliance?
  21. Thanks to Grim and Donador
  22. GRIMTIDE I challenge you!
  23. teneland siege
  24. @Tlaloc
  25. *contract completed* longmarch a burning mess of total destruction- mercs victorious!
  26. Another am siege
  27. DEFIANCE alliance, another piggyback and 4am siege
  28. Defiance back down on there own deal
  29. Anyone know the status of Long March?
  30. Xplicit 4 hire
  31. Sique Khan's Solo Services
  32. what happened at kharendak?
  33. Aftermath
  34. Mercs hired to redecorate the newly rebuilt Longmarch, Empire prepare repair shards!
  35. @Sentius Nox
  36. Round 2 Tug
  37. Darkfall Tales: Origin of Healing Hands
  38. Darkfall Tales II: Origin of Attian
  39. Breaking news from Kvitstein: Where is Keeway?
  40. Angfrost
  41. Esp/radar
  42. Tovrii Hammerhand
  43. just wanted to share my love with you all
  45. Xplicit's Scroach on Calf POV
  46. Sieges Today
  47. Blacksheep
  48. Calfardar Seige my PoV
  49. R.I.P. Rude Americans
  50. Shargal Hamlet perk is insane.
  51. Aftermath gives up
  52. Wintet is coming 2.0
  53. R.I.P. Roody Poo
  54. Aftermath sieges Xplicit on Halloween Night FAIL
  55. Khanruk 17v35+
  56. WTB : More posts about Aftermath
  57. Let's talk about chris and brad
  58. How did the Alb siege go?
  59. Defiance 2.0
  60. Mercs smashes Empire into submission! Empire flees city with 8 and uses asset protect
  61. Alberworth Seige 11/03/2015 Kwatos PoV
  62. NA clans, let me sponsor your siege!
  63. Mercs finishes contract 1 day after Empire uses asset protection, contract completed!
  64. Congrats to TainT on winning Tlaloc!
  65. NA less active then EU
  66. Moradar Siege
  67. Sat sieges
  68. Good Fight @ Mavengar! Game is still alive!
  69. Hostile killed Axilmar and forced him into the safe zone.
  70. The time for war is now
  71. NA1 Zeppelin Captain
  72. GF aftermath
  73. Spiderfang siege
  74. dread foo pro tip:
  75. after every loss comes the butt hurt AM siege
  76. Mr.Beckett irl
  77. Gods of Destruction
  78. Tlaloc siege
  79. Squanto Caught Cheating -- SOLID Video Proof
  80. kvit siege
  81. The forums will never be the same again
  82. With the game being shit....
  83. game is done
  84. Stay Ez Virgins
  85. Man up.
  86. High Stakes PVP Club
  87. Where do you roam?!
  88. Dupe dupe dupe
  89. MERCS Demolish Mehatil, Darkside's city, yet another contract fulfilled!
  90. Nice 4 am siege on Ul'Hamra Black Sheep
  91. Patch?
  92. Wanted
  93. Why did you guys ban Mr.Beckett on the forums!?
  94. Taint - Man Up -
  95. 5v5 dhw v sn
  96. Active PvP Hotspots?
  97. Good fight at Ul'Hamra
  98. MERCS fulfill yet another contract and win siege vs Darkside!
  99. taint resorts to using a hacker account lol
  100. The last of the marbles, if there was any left to begin with.
  101. Xplicit loses, then calls in hacker as we chase them down.
  102. Taint Loses Another Siege VS Xplicit
  103. Tughri siege
  104. Bye
  105. Tiquiya Siege - 12/4 - Black Sheep Vs Wings of Victory
  106. I'm sorry smooth
  107. Population statistic question
  108. No Money No Darkfall
  109. Who shit in karl's cheerios?
  110. PSA: Varekai and Xplicit will stalk you IRL when you smash them in game.
  111. Can we stop all the shit talk about Karl please?
  112. Whats Left of the NA Forums
  113. Darkside loses ship to Xplicit after failing asset?
  114. Karl.
  115. Karl wins dfuw
  116. The true winner of DFUW
  117. Taint stops repairing holdings *Tries to counter asset, dies before 1 spike is thrown
  118. Not a lot of people left around
  119. Dino vs Taint/shareholder/blacksheep/reapers/aftermath
  120. Calf Siege
  121. Well. State of the game
  122. How to get REKT
  123. Aftermath of the Gentlemen Reapers Tainted Black Sheep Alliance
  124. Varekai on Christmas Eve
  125. The Academy is Now a Duel League
  126. Leader of Taint alliance ban for cheating
  127. #freecobra
  128. I record all the time, and have dozens of videos of people using exploits.
  129. Racist Kid and Kwenos Valanos... Telporting around.
  130. So Black Sheep & Reapers Are Playing With That Hacker Lol.
  131. Beep Beep
  132. Varekai banned?
  133. Cobra unbanned wtf
  134. Havent seen a new thread in awhile
  135. 3rd shifters
  136. Take over
  137. Siege
  138. I'm Back
  139. games lookin good
  140. Snuff vs xplicit 7v7
  141. Average Size of a Roaming Group?
  142. message me if interested
  143. SNUFF loses Kholesh 8v9+? The Rage is REAL
  144. It was a good day
  145. Hey
  146. Willy t
  147. Somerstone
  148. Snuff/hostile
  149. Khanruk/Teneland
  150. Want to siege
  151. Pam won this shit
  152. The truth about XpliShit
  153. Bite me
  154. Stop The Lies
  155. For Senor Pepe
  156. Who saw that OKC vs Warriors game?
  157. Important Message.
  158. Important message update
  159. Update! Sique is done releasing videos
  160. BREAKING NEWS: Sique will release another video!
  161. Public Announcement Edit to previous Public Announcemen about the earlier News!!!!!!
  162. New news from siqnews
  163. Update about Sique
  164. Interstellar update!
  165. Darkblack Desertfall
  166. TheDark CullingFall?
  167. Active Clans?
  168. State of the game
  169. Get your rocks off
  170. Andruk Siege
  171. Bored?
  172. Everstorm Buthurt so they Seiged a Newb Clan!
  173. More Buthurt Then Ever!!!
  174. DFUW Almost 3 years old. With who and where did you start playing with then?
  175. Panda
  176. Is NA back up now?
  177. What clans you miss from the launch of the game?
  178. What clan win dfuw?