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  1. The Oromea
  2. Dog Company
  3. Addiction - Recruiting
  4. KGB - Established in 1997 - The Difference is Clear
  5. Thunder buddies clan
  6. Sinister Tyrants have returned ....join us!
  7. Imperium - Why serve when you could rule.
  8. Mercs: Scare Bears
  9. Dark Hand of Valor
  10. Divided-Allegiance is recruiting, EST 1998 Medium Size Community.
  11. Blood / Keepers of Chaos from Darktide and UO
  12. Incognito Recruiting
  13. Darktide is recruiting
  14. First Blood Manifesto
  15. [NA] Salvation - Group PvP Focus - Hardcore Casual Guild
  16. Savage - Recruiting
  17. Limited Recruiting: TNT Looking for 1-3 People that play late at night until server down
  18. Dreddit - Recruiting Players & Allies
  19. Bow Crafter
  20. Medium Clan: FOUR TWENTY [NA] Recruiting (PvP, PVE, CONQUEST)
  21. Special Olympics - A clan for all players!
  22. [NA] Trial By Combat - Recruiting (PLAYERS THAT LIKE TO DUEL: READ THIS)
  23. Open Recruiting: Empire
  24. Soul Takers Recruiting experienced MMORPG gamers who love PVP!
  25. Player Killers: <HK> Happy Kangaroos
  26. Mercs: Clerks. For the serious competitive gamers who aren't cocky guild.
  27. TheMercs / Rainbow Ninjas Recruiting
  28. Affliction
  29. Large Clan: Lost Minions
  30. The Gentlemen
  31. Medium Clan: Gtsrs
  32. Cyber Destruction
  33. Player Killers: Salem - Recruiting: No Zerg, No Carebare- Hardcore / PvP Focus
  34. Does your guild buy you Pizza? If not, maybe you need to join one that DOES!
  35. [NA] The Knights Watch
  36. The Gentlemen
  37. Small Clan: R I P - Recruiting a hand full of players.
  38. [NA] Thunder buddies
  39. Small Clan: Resilient is accepting recruits!
  40. [T.N.T.] Premier Late Night Clan - Limited Recruiting
  41. Welcome to Darkfall
  42. Player Killers: Join Our Family (PvP Clan)
  43. Hardcore pwnography
  44. Combat the FKN zerg guilds.
  45. [NA] DARK guild recruiting, looking for 20-30 year old mature players.
  46. Nox
  47. Hardcore Pwnography - New players welcome!
  48. Acta Sanctorum (Deeds of the Saints) - Battle Saints offshoot (multiracial)
  49. Player Killers: Sick Bastards - tryouts open for 5 players -
  50. [Na] Just Us
  51. Defiance
  52. [NA] DARK mercenary guild recruiting. We are also accepting contracts for merc work.
  53. RUIN Gaming
  54. Zealot - Looking for a few
  55. Medium Clan: [NA] Dark Side.
  56. Player Killers: Covert Operations *Intense Role Play Clan*
  57. Pirates: [TED] The Empyrean Divine
  58. Wealth and Taste is recruiting skilled players!
  59. Small Clan: the Ancestors
  60. Limited Recruiting: Insidious recruiting.
  61. Small Clan: SGS - Now Recruiting
  62. Atonement
  63. Limited Recruiting: Darktide
  64. Mercs: Regulators Recruitment Thread
  65. The Royal Federation of Agon
  66. Insidious looking for a few PvP oriented players
  67. Small Clan: Ancient Aliens Recruiting!
  68. Player Killers: Knights of Terror UO/DAoC/SB/AOC Guild looking for new members for NA1
  69. Grief is Currently Recruiting PVP minded Folks
  70. Open Recruiting: Welcome to Darkfall
  71. Sick Bastards - SMALL. ELITE. PVP.
  72. Limited Recruiting: Uda recruitment
  73. Open Recruiting: insidious limited open recruiting.
  74. Small Clan: R I P - Recruiting a hand full of players.
  75. Spectre Legion
  76. Open Recruiting: Insidious
  77. Master WeaponSmith looking for a Sieging Clan
  78. Open Recruiting: Red Solo Cup
  79. Limited Recruiting: Lords of War are recruiting!
  80. Small Clan: Proxy
  81. Open Recruiting: New clan looking for active players
  82. LF Bangers
  83. Player Killers: Welcome to Darkfall
  84. Open Recruiting: Telos - Bringing forth an Ultimate End.
  85. Undead Lords - Limited Recruitment
  86. Player Killers: Neighborhood Watch Recruiting
  87. Limited Recruiting: Evil Bastages - Limited Recruiting
  88. Pirates: Seek and Destroy; Limited recruitment.
  89. Medium Clan: Ancient Aliens
  90. Who Cares
  91. Small Clan: -IX- Ninth Legion Recruiting Players and Other Small Scale Allies!
  92. [NA] Blood / Keepers of Chaos
  93. Four Twenty Is Recruiting
  94. Medium Clan: Ancient Aliens - Small Alliance`
  95. Open Recruiting: Red Solo Cup
  96. Undead Lords Recruiting!
  97. [eaux noires] recrute
  98. Who Cares
  99. [NA] Death Row
  100. Does your guild buy you prostitutes? If not, maybe you need to join one that DOES!
  101. Open Recruiting: [Hyperion Kingdom] The Duchy of Wessex - a foundational Hyperion clan
  102. [NA] Undead Lords Recruiting!
  103. Limited Recruiting: Lords of War are recruiting
  104. [NA] Sinister Tyrants Now Recruiting New Players!
  105. Council of the Elders
  106. Ids
  107. Undead Lords looking for people who like to kill people and destroy shit
  108. Looking for a Clan
  109. 6 Looking for Clan
  110. Medium Clan: Sick Bastards
  111. Sick Bastards recruiting
  112. [NA] New Player? Eden is the clan for you!
  113. Tic Tac and the Massage Therapists - Open recruiting
  114. Atlantian Knights Recruiting (Moved from public forums)
  115. The Empyrean Order
  116. Incognito Selective Recruitment
  117. Traveling Merchant looking for more pvper's
  118. FOXHOUND is recruiting!
  119. Limited Recruiting: [na] ids
  120. Medium Clan: Men of NOBLE GIRTH
  121. Small Clan: FGTZ is now recruiting
  122. Imperil?
  123. Limited Recruiting: Heroes Fate
  124. Large Clan: IMPERIUM : A Darkfall Community inspired by the Roman Republic
  125. [NA] Death Row
  126. New Player Seeking Clan
  127. X X "The most interesting clan in the world" is recruiting
  128. KoS - selective
  129. <Industrial Strength > is Recruiting!
  130. Limited Recruiting: Undead Lords
  131. [TNT] - Late night clan
  132. [NA] New Player? Make Eden Your First Stop!
  133. Fraternity of Assassins
  134. District Assassins NEEDS YOU!
  135. Mage on Agon searsh clan.
  136. Looking for a clan
  137. Newbie recruits look here
  138. Small Clan: Join The Family (PvP Clan)
  139. Legendary [PvP]
  140. Kulog. Duh. Great.
  141. Large Clan: ZERG, 24/7 Activity, World Wide members, Hugely Newbie Friendly, JOIN THE ZERG!!!!!!!
  142. Limited Recruiting: Black Sheep
  143. Unholy Right Hand of Baal is selectively recruiting!
  144. ZERG Recruiting
  145. [Last Requests] New Clan, New Player Friendly, Experienced Leadership
  146. CoE is Recruiting 15-20 Members
  147. Bangsville
  148. Rival Recruiting 2-16-2014
  149. Looking for a clan
  150. Small Clan: 5AM Asset Damage
  151. Limited Recruiting: Natural Selection
  152. Small Clan: The Empyrean Divine - Seeking New Players/Fresh Start!
  153. Player Killers: Bangsville- Looking for Smart Players to complete our Pvp Team.
  154. Large Clan: ZERG, 24/7 Activity, World Wide members, Hugely Newbie Friendly, JOIN THE ZERG!!!!!!!
  155. Engage With Rage Recruiting
  156. Battle Saints - Now Accepting All Races!
  157. Limited Recruiting: Legendary [PvP]
  158. Looking for someone to hang out or clan
  159. Pirates: "ProSlacker" international
  160. Sick Bastards
  161. Open Recruiting: Nyota is Recruiting
  162. Regulators! Let's ride. (new player focused clan)
  163. Limited Recruiting: [KoV] Knights Of Vengeance Gaming Community! R E C R U I T M E N T
  164. RIP is back!
  165. Default CoE is Recruiting 5-10 Members
  166. Small Clan: 6AM Asset Damage
  167. Night Wolf Gaming Recruiting! (Very Limited recruiting)
  168. Knights Templar (KT) is Recruiting
  169. Limited Recruiting: LOVE is recruiting!
  170. Time Heals Everything Recruiting and Looking for Allies
  171. Limited Recruiting: Old Timers Guild looking for some laid back players.
  172. LOVE (small scale PVP)
  173. Large Clan: ZERG, 24/7 Activity, 500+ community members, Hugely Newbie Friendly, JOIN THE ZERG!!!
  174. [TNT] Late Night Clan
  175. The Hull Miners Union is recruiting
  176. Hogwarts Is Recruiting Wizards
  177. INCOGNITO is recruiting 10 more players
  178. United Legions has joined
  179. Female Only Clan - Recruiting Now!
  180. Mirdain: Court of Evermore Seeks more honorable Elves. < lore-Player Defender-small clan>
  181. Limited Recruiting: Recruiting for Vitality!!!
  182. Small Clan: Sleight of Hand Recruitment
  183. Player Defenders: pwnin noob is back
  184. Limited Recruiting: Absolution recruiting 10 players under 80k prowess
  185. Aus/NZ/Night-time wierdo clan.
  186. No Kings
  187. The Originals
  188. Black Sheep - Limited Recruiting
  189. Large Clan: ZERG, 24/7 Activity, 500+ community members, Hugely Newbie Friendly, JOIN THE ZERG!!!
  190. GUERRILLA - Limited Recruiting
  191. Join ZERG
  192. The Hull Miners Union
  193. UNION / Clan Québécois!
  194. Medium Clan: Old Timers Guiild - OTG
  195. Teamwork - Recruiting Members
  196. Open Recruiting: -- Catastrophe is recruiting! -- (new clan, details inside)
  197. New Clan Forming
  198. [NA] Love is Recruiting! - PVP Clan
  199. Open Recruiting: Black Sheep Recruiting
  200. Mercs: Join MERCS - minimum requirement 30,000+ prowess!
  201. Battle Saints
  202. lxv
  203. Mercs: Вступай в НАЁМНИКИ
  204. Chilbourne Recruitment
  205. COE Recruitment
  206. Brutal Legacy
  207. Double Rainbow
  208. Area 51 - Top Secret
  209. Grief clan
  210. Rise Above Hate is recruting!
  211. FORSAKÈN - Clan Québécois!
  212. LOVE - recruiting a few pvp-oriented players
  213. True Savage Life is recruiting
  214. Perfect Health - Recruiting Team Players
  215. Exitus Exitialis is recruiting
  217. Graveyard - Don't take it personal
  218. NIA - Looking for a few new members
  219. TainT - recruiting 2-3 more
  220. Tight-knit tactical clan recruiting - **Sanctum Consortium**
  221. Knights Templar (KT) is Recruiting
  222. <Dread> is hiring.
  223. House of Tulkas is recruiting!
  224. Asylum is looking for Small Scale PvPers.
  225. Nox Is recruiting!
  226. Naysayer Recruitment
  227. Canada United is recruiting once again for a limited time
  228. Battle Saints
  229. Large Clan: ZERG is recruiting, Vets and NEW player friendly, JOIN THE ZERGGGGGGGG!
  230. Limited Recruiting: East India Trading Company© is recruiting
  231. Nox Is Recruiting!!!
  232. Limited Recruiting: Salient Shadow (Alfar Only)
  233. Tic Tac and the massage therapists
  234. Team Tactics - Come join the fun!
  235. r E d D r A g O n R i D e R s
  236. Just resubbed!! (waiting on character restore)
  237. UndauntD - Join the uprising!
  238. The Blacklist is recruiting
  239. Knights Templar - KT
  240. Redline
  241. The Franchise LFC
  242. Any brand new dfuw player friendly clans to help with development?
  243. William Tell - Clan Search
  244. Large Clan: ZERG is recruiting, Vets and NEW player friendly, JOIN THE ZERGGGGGGGG!
  245. Battle Saints
  246. Small Clan: Honorable is Recruiting !