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  1. First
  2. Questions about base attributes
  3. Skirmisher mele weapon?
  4. Can someone explain role switching?
  5. Dear AV, it should be a joke right? : )
  6. Champion? When?
  7. So Putting Points Into Secondary Spells? No effect?
  8. What are the gear stat requirements?
  9. Break Fall
  10. I thought there were 4 schools each?
  11. Wisdom affects transfers?
  12. How to progress from here?
  13. Noob very confused on which role
  14. Maxing 2 boosters viable?
  15. A warning for all: do not raise Int AND Wisdom and expect your mana pool to go up
  16. Great Axe Reach
  17. Have "they" said anything about the missing 2 schools for each role?
  18. What is magnitude? Can't find info on it anywhere...
  19. freezing spell in UW
  20. Killed by a Warrior in about 3 simple hits.
  21. Wisdom + Transfers
  22. Dexterity & Melee Attack Speed
  23. Maybe ele's do need a buff...
  24. The classes ARE balanced..
  25. Prowess Cost & Diminishing returns formulas
  26. Skirm or Elem?
  27. Balacing Issues
  28. Please nerf Elementalists
  29. Primalist vs Skirm DPS (vid)
  30. A way to unspec boosters?
  31. Some quick answer plz...
  32. Is parrying with a bow or staff viable? Or does every class still need a shield?
  33. Dmg returns - Definitive answers for those unsure
  34. Fair points about warrior balance
  35. Prowess Progression for New Character
  36. Heat Stroke
  37. Anyone else notice the PP cost for stats/skills changed?
  38. Fix one handed parry with shield
  39. Class Guides (noobs to vet)
  40. I'm lazy and I have a question..
  41. What role do you play?
  42. Warriors need adjusting
  43. Parry "daze" effect
  44. Primary vs Secondary Skills
  45. Are there any plans to do some class balance?
  46. Which role should I focus on for PvP domination?
  47. Staff Bolt Damage
  48. I'm stuck, please help
  49. Question for skill choice.
  50. Cant Change Roles - REASON? LAG.
  51. What can i do and what will i be?
  52. Chaos school skills - short vid
  53. Question about the Role Specific Skills in the Online Manual
  54. New player question
  55. Guides and good links for new players,(request)
  56. The anti Mage - Skirm melee archery build
  57. Battle Rage + Barrage, do they stack?