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  1. I'm your ice cream man.
  2. Cotton?
  3. What rocks give iron ore?
  4. stats on gathering skills?
  5. 90 skinning but still a lot of failures
  6. chainmail feat bug.
  7. Wisdom
  8. Harvesting more essences outside of safezones
  9. Skill and Harvesting
  10. Gathering skill mechanics
  11. How do you infuse shit with essences?
  12. Salvaging Broken?
  13. Looking for some crafting friends
  14. do stats affect gathering or crafting skills
  15. Only Two sets of robes?
  16. Skarnik Gobbla - Unclanned Scammer
  17. Spent nodes?
  18. Shield Crafting
  19. Ultimate Cafting Data
  20. No Staffcrafting feat?
  21. Higher skillpoint reward for more complex recipes?
  22. Crafting Full Plate
  23. Effects of skill on essences, treasure maps, and steedgrass?
  24. Trouble with cooking 25-50
  25. Alchemy: no feats?
  26. More recipes ?
  27. How are people crafting? Salvaging their low level crafts?
  28. List of gathering feats
  29. Primalist tailoring feats
  30. Is a pure Crafter Possible?
  31. High Level Salvaging
  32. City Building
  33. Selling Dreadplate sets/ buying iron
  34. crafting mastery for casual players viable ?
  35. DFUW Crafting Spreadsheet
  36. Why take all the mats when crafting fails??
  37. Orks should be able to make sandwiches out of Larvae.
  38. Salvaging not working as intended?
  39. Why do three crafts have significantly more feats than the others?
  40. Where i can see more information about housing?
  41. Crafting fails
  42. WTB Any deed! Paying REALLY well!
  43. Crafting Skill Gain
  44. Crafting Mastery - Prowess gain and Feats?
  45. So 35-50 Alchemy is a Joke Right?
  46. Mounts
  47. Runestone [?]
  48. Treasure map LOOT!
  49. Crafting masteries make me rage
  50. Better gains from harvesting outside safe zone?
  51. (VIDEO) ZERG MERCS mining event
  52. Determining the price of items
  53. What potions do?
  54. Enchanting
  55. Quick question
  56. Simple robes feat not accruing...
  57. Arrow crafting, who was the one smoking the crack ?
  58. Harvesting: Gold vs. Prowess
  59. Armoursmith : How to do it successfully? [help please]
  60. (video) zerg mercs fishing trip with new ships!
  61. Stat requirements for armor and weapons and staffs...
  62. Armor stats, weapon stats for R40s and higher ?
  63. WTB unlimited multi colored map markers.
  64. Prowess point cost to level a skill to 100?
  65. larvae
  66. Post-Patch: Is points spent in Harvesting working correctly?
  67. Small Treasure Maps
  68. Fossils
  69. Costs for City Building
  70. Bow Crafting/Wood
  71. empty bottle
  72. How much should full chain mail armor set sell for?
  73. Feedback on Alchemy crafting
  74. Tailoring Masters need your help
  75. craft queue
  76. Crafting Mats (Selentine or greather)
  77. How the hell is a newb expected to get ore?
  78. Alchemy: higher feat for less prowess! Bug?
  79. Fossilized Chitin
  80. Salvaging mechanism - Need a boost
  81. Digging disabled in safezone?
  82. Leatherworking Mastery or Bowyery Mastery? Cant decide
  83. alchemy crafting feats
  84. The Alchemy retarded vent room
  85. Fishing
  86. Gathering and crashing
  87. Feat is gone? Crafting Primalist Mastery Robes?
  88. Small Tree
  89. Gathering Selentine and Other Essences
  90. Crafting Spreadsheet
  91. My Collected List of Crafting Issues/Suggestions
  92. WTS: Wood, Stone, Rust, Larva, Sulfur, Lichen, Resin, Cotton, Cloth,
  93. salvage cost
  94. Xtreme [SHOP] Updated - 2013/05/27
  95. Very dumb question..sorry for asking
  96. Durability on Polearms
  97. >>>>>warning - feat points hidden restriction tailoring <<<<<<<<<
  98. Weapons/Armor Prices
  99. New Salvage numbers - a little Ninja Buff from AV
  100. Harvested Food
  101. [Help] Crafting / Gathering information
  102. Crafting Information Tools
  103. Rare item help?
  104. safezone gathering yield more secondaries/essences
  105. Let the crafted item be dropped to a bag what is open in your inventorry !
  106. What is the feats and prowess gain in craft feats?
  107. Prowest and masteries
  108. WTS Large Guest Room Funiture
  109. The Self Sufficient Crafter and Refining Masteries
  110. Bonescale set
  111. More Housing Questions
  112. Price check Dragon Pillar (EU)
  113. Do you know what is the feats in craft masterys? Wht is the best to level up your pp?
  114. Crafting weapons in player citys gives no damage bonus ?
  115. Fishing trawler Information
  116. crafting with your materials
  117. Please AV change cooking recipes.....
  118. Starter Primalist feat stuck.
  119. skinning mastery broken
  120. Where do you get Recipies from?
  121. skinning
  122. Cut's Crafting Calculator
  123. Good crafting guide?
  124. Rawhide
  125. City Mines,quarries,Grove,Farm rare mats at increased rate?
  126. Weaponsmithing/Armorsmithing Craft Question
  127. ShipBuild 100 / Mastery UP
  128. Cooking Mastery
  129. Crafting Costs from 1 to 100 and from Mastery 1 to 100
  130. No longer receiving prowess for salvaging?
  131. A little question about scrapper's
  132. What are all The stuff you can use in your home ?
  133. Danger Zone Essense Drop Rate Broken - Per Character
  134. The *actual* value of city nodes (i.e. This isn't DFO 1.0)
  135. What is the best way to get fossil?
  136. Is salvaging fine elementalist gear a waste of gold?
  137. SIMPLE crafting cost spreadsheet
  138. Salvaging progression Bug?
  139. [EU1] Material price trend + crafting cost tool
  140. Taylor Mastery - the two feats, primalist hardy robe and Elementalist Elegant robe...
  141. Ship Building Progression
  142. weaving, tanning, smelting mastery worth taking?
  143. House items
  144. Cottage in Rhyandel w/ safe - 400k **
  145. Take abandoned House - How long?
  146. WTS House @ Jakudon
  147. Farming meat !
  148. harvesting skill worth it?
  149. How many items can I have in my keep?
  150. Holding Nodes - Essence Drop Rate
  151. Shipmaker
  152. recipe to better bows --> Help a newbi :)
  153. Be cool with the market
  154. Darkfall unholy wars farming (wood & Iron) Newbi Need Info <-- THX
  155. Salvage Tables
  156. uncomfirmed theory?
  157. Shipbuilding Feat Bug from the new patch
  158. Hitting Mines: LAG
  159. BlackJack Lod and Vermi Lod are scammers
  160. crafting cost for cloth mastery armour
  161. Spice
  162. Attention! Greenpeace wanna close all DFUW servers!
  163. Armor Prices Finally Going Up?
  164. Tailoring Mastery
  165. Can you get most of your prowess back in other crafts like you can with Armorsmithing
  166. New Cooking Mastery Recipe: Spices or Make them Diggable
  167. Crafting in clan cities....
  168. Small anvil (housing)
  169. What type of shield do you like?
  170. Magic items
  171. Crafting Calculator
  172. Hi, can someone help a couple new players
  173. Does a recipe with more materials rank you quicker when crafting?
  174. Love the new advanced Tools
  175. Price Check - Sunstones
  176. gathering buff?
  177. new mats? where to get? and why??? - returning player
  178. Why did they add like 10 extra steps to crafting?
  179. Best way to get cloth
  180. How much wood for 1-75 Bowyer?
  181. post patch salvage test (vid)
  182. Please help decide who I should buy mastery on :D
  183. Why the nerf???
  184. Where the heck are the crafting stations
  185. Why does it cost more to make than buy?
  186. New Crafting Spreadsheet
  187. Fastest mobs to farm leather?
  188. WTS samurai armor
  189. When will Weaponsmithing / Bowyer / Shieldcrafting / Staffcrafting have good feats?
  190. Safezone vs Danger Zone 4 vs Clan City Node
  191. Scrapping results
  192. Looking for help!!
  193. After Patch (Essence) Drop Test
  194. 5 resources per tree