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  1. Get a new guy for making Trailers.
  2. [Forums] Player Roles and Skills Division
  3. Xpiher's Unholy Wars Suggestions (working doc)
  4. Balancing Feats system and prowess gain.
  5. Enable the video tag for the Subscriber Forums
  6. Fix the CAPTCHA and edit post bug.
  7. The Key to DFUW Success: Making Holdings Desirable & Real Clan Politics Possible
  8. Staff post tracker and moderators
  9. Allow players to disable their own player protection
  10. Add a Player Guides section to the FORUMS.
  11. Split up the PvE Feat Kill Quests into Regional Feats.
  12. Make a lfg/recruitment chat channel
  13. Be really on the ball AV...
  14. Please add UI scaling tool
  15. Weekly quests for dungeons.
  16. Split forums into EU/NA
  17. Prowess Changes - Encourage Role Changes!
  18. Tutorial Recommendation
  19. Getting rid of target ui in melee
  20. Water = safe zone for people running away
  21. Buff mounted combat mobility
  22. Revert to the old key hand in system
  23. Permadeath, Events & Co
  24. More Simple GUI
  25. Feats and Prowess gains.
  26. Add the 50k prowess FEAT back in 6 months from now.
  27. Launching the game takes way too long
  28. Make details optional
  29. Private Chat System NEEDS a redo
  30. Bug section
  31. Simple Melee Change with Huge Impact
  32. Active gathering/crafting bonus
  33. Skirmisher Dash Ability
  34. tiered banking and clan bank log
  35. Make the Tutorial Optional Please!
  36. Post-patch validation
  37. Inventory Search Function
  38. Group Prowess Change
  39. Don't cast default skills when selected abilities are on cooldown
  40. Is so hard to make a new 1 button hotbar for skills and spells?
  41. Prowess Point Daily Quest's
  42. Mount Spawn Key
  43. Double Prowess weekends
  44. Linking guilds ( alliances )
  45. Make every mobs kill give at least 1 prowess and increase for harder mobs.
  46. Prowess Awarded For Random PVP Encounters
  47. Simple gold sink
  48. Fix The Bank/Bag
  49. Weaponsmithing feats suck
  50. Add "Salvage All" Option
  51. Prowess Suggestions: Search bar and "Doable feats"
  52. Combine bags suggestion.
  53. Add more iron nodes on continents and outside safezones
  54. Reset the Servers Twice a Day.
  55. Increase the amount of Schools
  56. Delay between actions *MUST CHANGE*
  57. How PP should be shared in a group
  58. Allow anyone in a party to add further members to the party
  59. Sprinting in water SUGGESTION MUST READ
  60. Refundable Prowess points
  61. Please finally Bring back EMOTES!
  62. Reintroduce meditation for prowess points
  63. Clan management
  64. Prowess feats - Kill Shots
  65. Offline Prowess Gain
  66. Mastery Cost
  67. Can we clean water combat up a bit?
  68. multiple levels of clan bank access
  69. Mana missel scaling whit wisdom
  70. Find a way to force players who claim cities and hamets to use them and not live out
  71. reduce fog of war blackness transparency at least 5 times
  72. skirmisher armor
  73. Arrow streams + Arrow impact + Crosshair
  74. Increase PP gains on Harvesting
  75. Prowess Respec
  76. [Feedback] A different players perspective!
  77. Tutorial Videos on Download Page.
  78. Party GUI Icon
  79. barber or change char models with out delete
  80. Scale GUI?
  81. Right Click => Craft Into (Set a bag to deposit to while crafting)
  82. Group Farming & Last Kill Splitting
  83. Warrior Idea
  84. Skills
  85. Test Thread
  86. Chat boxes on area talk
  87. Prowes/feat suggestions.
  88. Skill refunding system (from AC2)
  89. Clan Management - needs a lot of improvement
  90. Remove the fog of the city area when binding to a NPC city
  91. Increase PP gains on feats and mobs
  92. Suggestion for ban hammer
  93. Weapon Dmg.
  94. Work more on graphic optimisation
  95. 1h Wand for Casters
  96. Emotes
  97. Feat for finding treasures
  98. Easy PVP Hotspot and Prowess Suggestion
  99. Bank/Bag Sorting Suggestions
  100. Prowess from PvP
  101. Remove Heal Mount. Let regular heal spells heal mounts.
  102. Reduce Salvaging Gold Cost on High Rank Items
  103. BUG - Map Exploration Not Tallying/Updating!
  104. BUG - Weird Task Bar GUI Error
  105. Minor problems
  106. AV Do something about Global Chat you are fucking yourselfs so bad.
  107. The plural of bass is not basses
  108. Right click bag and give bank permissions
  109. Newbie Global chat with GM's moderating them
  110. Bounty
  111. Prowess given to last player to hit a mob
  112. Fix your trees that act as walls
  113. disable load screen music
  114. After window opening with feats the craft window is closed
  115. WEapons need to be Worked on big time... MODELs and everything
  116. People emotions.
  117. some sort of storm blast
  118. Mob protection
  119. Allowing cursing, since its pretty much 50% of the Darkfall Spirit.
  120. Reduction at chance on Treasuremap while fishing
  121. Add huge prowess gains for pvp
  122. Ganking people in Water
  123. Memory leak - fix it asap
  124. Make harvesting less tedious and more risk vs reward
  125. OMalley's First Few Day Suggestions
  126. Shadows, draw distance, and vegetation
  127. Track feats!!
  128. Some UI changes to consider...
  129. Harvesting should gain through use not prowess.. gimping economy?
  130. Remove mastery prowess cost
  131. skirmishir leap abilillty
  132. Modification proposition to the chat system.
  133. Feat system
  134. Problems with Primalist
  135. Take Kraken Spawns Off the Map.
  136. Cloth Weight
  137. Reimplement Text-Based Commands
  138. remove house transfers from the radial menu
  139. Already Playing With This Account Bug!
  140. Increase transfer net gain?
  141. **Screw AH style trading. Make a contract system. **
  142. The new inventory?
  143. Safe Zones Need To GO!
  144. Old map system
  145. Why make the 2nd booster cost more?
  146. Wall of feedback
  147. Fix prowess system
  148. Some basic spelling errors
  149. Bosster points spend
  150. Changing menu's while crafting.
  151. Increase graphical efficiency/performance
  152. Figure out some sort of limited Prowess refund system please.
  153. Parry disable shot and blow
  154. Tradeable, lootable prowess
  155. "Reroll" Treasure Map
  156. Slightly increase sprint speed for cloth wearing classes
  157. Graphical glitches
  158. Add post voting feature to suggestion forums.
  159. Chat Suggestions
  160. Camp fire
  161. Allow mounts to attack while in single-target mode when two-handers are equipped
  162. Allow crafting/harvesting into open inventory bags without having to drag them
  163. Decrease the time between respawns
  164. Sound BUG: I sound like a stampede of cows
  165. Bonus harvesting speed
  166. Crafted harvesting tools should yield more!
  167. Armor costs WAY too much
  168. Get rid of revival invulnerability
  169. Only big problem I see is the Loot Tables for mobs.
  170. Boost mob spawn rates across the board
  171. Only problem I see is the FFA pvp
  172. Elementalist
  173. Rework Staff Basic Attack (Staff Bolt)
  174. Remove Prowess Diminishing Returns
  175. Fix Chat Bug
  176. Ingot costs on crafting.
  177. Pls add vsync opt
  178. Please fix the memory leak from opening clan managment ASAP.
  179. Make people decap in water...
  180. Give the elementalist something
  181. Please give us HOTBARS !
  182. Add PST (GMT -7/8) To the clock timezones
  183. Offline meditation for prowess
  184. We need a Guildbank log, REALLY!
  185. UI Faults: Chat System
  186. Add Mass refining skills to the game.
  187. city/villages
  188. Safe zones are too darn big still
  189. Hard to accept
  190. Meditation for prowess gain
  191. Kill somebody? Go RED for 1 HOUR and not allowed in Safe Zone til BLUE again.
  192. Two lost features that were implemented into beta
  193. Static Field + Tornado suggestion
  194. Please normalise Feat Prowess
  195. posting long term update and goals
  196. Primalist Weak...
  197. Remove Bandage
  198. Fix elementals resists to holy
  199. Different type role armors
  200. Treasure Maps
  201. Give new players a treasure map at the end of the tutorial
  202. Mixeable boosters for increased diversity
  203. Primalist Staff Bolt
  204. add estimated distance in KM to Treasuremaps
  205. Stop closing the crafting tab if i open another one
  206. Staff Crafting
  207. Reflect spell/skill
  208. 90% Warriors 8% Skirmishers 2 Elementalists/Primalists on Servers
  209. Reduce Building & Building Mod Cost
  210. Great improvement for Inventory System
  211. Please increase the prowess per kill...
  212. Award Mob-Killing Prowess on Each Hit
  213. Avnturin Return bank statistic!!!!
  214. villages
  215. Kills and Feats
  216. Inform us about longer downtimes a day in advance
  217. Don't double the cost of other boosters when you buy a booster
  218. Make a DFUW Server status Twitter account!
  219. Issue with Trading UI: Confusing for new players
  220. @Tasos
  221. Dragon Robes
  222. Give torrent for dl patch
  223. Swimming POV
  224. Prowess Gain Booster
  225. temporary bans for offenders
  226. Safe Zones, Prowess, Group Farming,
  227. Clan Bank Logs
  228. Melee Combat=Poor Quality, Some Suggestions
  229. Melee hold LMB for power swing
  230. Hunger Games Matches
  231. Bottom right text fade
  232. Re: Adding new mounts:
  233. Add Clan Tabards NOW!!!
  234. Safezone : Hamlet owners decide to enable/disable
  235. Craftable Runestones
  236. [BUG REPORT] Up array in chat makes chat stop accepting input until ESC
  237. Bring back King Kokane's throne. ( The Nithron Throne )
  238. Health bars
  239. In-Game polls for devs
  240. please implement login right after disc
  241. Player 'Shop Mode'
  242. Ship Building Costs
  243. fix?/ re-do spawns...
  244. Redesign Armor System
  245. Adding markers near your character
  246. System messages for Kills
  247. Clan Ranks
  248. A Safe Zone Stipulation
  249. oceanic server /w steam release
  250. Slightly Prolific Alchemist Feat needs fixing