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  1. Make the world round
  2. Regarding the environment and exploration
  3. Demon Incentive
  4. Decrease Load Screen Time
  5. Titles/Appearance changes/Soul system
  6. let us actually turn off object clipping.
  7. Roaming Kraken
  8. Disable
  9. Fix Mage spells in Houses
  10. Fix Clan Ranks
  11. Allow duelists to hold/cancel skills
  12. Text Log
  13. Siege Force Player Buffs
  14. "Sploosh" Effect when a cannon misses your boat.
  15. Quest Ideas
  16. Change Treasure Map Loot (The Correct Implementation)
  17. Make server messages a bit slower
  18. A very simple solution to village stealing
  19. Third person camera fix: make it BETTER!
  20. Av Please take a stand against exploiters
  21. duelist
  22. Ban The exploiters
  23. Transfers
  24. Ease of use , User friendly enhancements??
  25. AV: Please implement a patron/vassal system
  26. DFUW PVE/Scraping changes
  27. Mobility Balance for elementalist vs Duelist
  28. AV save Darkfall..
  29. Weekly news
  30. Chaos
  31. Doors
  32. Mastery tool
  33. Wipe
  34. Benefits to expensive Crafting Masteries
  35. The Investigation
  36. Improvements
  37. Close the suggestion forum
  38. An idea: "prowess decay"
  39. We need Relics
  40. Darkfall Core issues
  41. Law men Bounty Hunter Idea. NOT FINISHED YET. Should I work on this or scrap it?
  42. Add activities rate on classes @ character creation
  43. What Would Help Draw in New Players and Retain Current Players?
  44. Useful Potions
  45. Mage: Mana Missile Suggestion
  46. Obvious Fixes
  47. Scrap the MVP forum
  48. New blood inc
  49. Loot Tables - Monstro's/Horror/Dungeons - End Game Hot Spots
  50. Daily feat suggestions
  51. Nerf Duelists
  52. Armor Styles
  53. salvage percent chance doesn't feel right
  54. Land Towers (city)
  55. AV please
  56. Psuedo-Respec System
  57. more valuable holding's
  58. 1 Suggestion Thread to Rule them All
  59. 1 Suggestion Thread
  60. My 2 Cents
  61. Suggestion regarding crafting prowess
  62. land scraper
  63. Buddy Keys Please!
  64. Ideas for crafting, housing, feats and exploration
  65. New Role
  66. Give eggs !!!
  67. Raise tower damage!! and add weapons that can lower them (for a period of time).
  68. Permanent Mounts
  69. chat filter
  70. options menu from df1
  71. Some UO elements that DFUW could use
  72. Character Recustomize?
  73. Some suggestions
  74. Content Ideas (Series 1 Idea 2)
  75. Content Ideas (Series 1 Idea 3)
  76. Content Ideas (Series 1 Idea 4)
  77. All Mastery Crafting can ONLY be done OUTSIDE the safe zone.
  78. Changes to the Duelist and Deadeye.
  79. wild life potions
  80. mage
  81. In-game numeric input values for mouse sensitivity
  82. Running Towers in cities to cost Gold
  83. Polls for MVP Generated Ideas
  84. Food Bonus
  85. Another idea to remove items from the economy without breaking them.
  86. my suggestion with the pve feats
  87. Better way of dealing with current inflation of mats and top tier gear: expiry date
  88. Fix loot tables BEFORE you attempt to "fix" the economy!
  89. resource "village" monolith
  90. Souleater Weapons
  91. Please scrap the MvP forums
  92. huge sound delay
  93. city tax
  94. How to protect a city from unwanted asset damage at 5:00 am?
  95. Rotating MVP Forum Roster
  96. Comprehensive Sink Solution
  97. Suggestions To Fix UW...
  98. siege hammer citys
  99. Where Av went wrong from Dfo to Dfuw and how to improve it
  100. may i suggest
  101. Hit Sounds Please Fix- Suggestion
  102. Hybrid gear?
  103. Idea Proposal: Guardtower Change
  104. New sounds (Mount, Food, Potions)
  105. Church Relics - Content Based Gear Sink
  106. Nominate somone you feel is a good candidate for MVP Forum
  107. New player auto clan
  108. Please *Sticky The Rules/Infractions*
  109. Keys could be hotspots
  110. How to make a trial/f2p viable in DFUW
  111. A Way to Track Sea Scrapers
  112. NEW Village capping idea!!! PVP is what this game needs for content. Lets get PVP.
  113. Villages Regions and Bounty
  114. Making mob farming more desirable...
  115. A suggestion to diversify combat
  116. Sea Tower Fix, PLZ read
  117. Darkness Falls for Darkfall and RACE WAR
  118. Tiered Clan Bank Access
  119. Beeing able to choose and mix the school we want
  120. Ethereal Mounts!
  121. Ship Mix Up
  122. Stealing villages feets
  123. Loading Screen
  124. Salvage process queue
  125. Unnerf Scraping!
  126. Kaluven's Plentyful Holding Suggestions Thread
  127. Blizzard is ruining small-scale PvP
  128. What New Asian Features Should be Implement into NA Servers?
  129. AV where are the cannons????
  130. Market and buying suits of armor
  131. Fix Static Field!
  132. Swimming Player City
  133. Shai-Hulud as raudmob
  134. Offer option at market
  135. Placeable Arcane Null Field
  136. Rebalancing weapon
  137. Are there any thoughts on how to balance duelists?
  138. Explorer Based Harvesting
  139. Chicken Coop for housing
  140. Suggestions To Fix Bugs & More:
  141. Village Supply Routes
  142. Name already exists
  143. Blazzen's Suggestion Thread
  144. Repeatable Dungeon Quests for Prowess.
  145. Little change to harvestbuildings
  146. Portal Chamber Location / New Chambers
  147. MORE village changes
  148. Allow the stealing of cities/ holdings - More raids more pvp
  149. Relics +A PVP Haven That Is Within The Current Scope Of Darkfall+
  150. Improve the look of fine and elegant elementalist robes
  151. Extend the Tutorial and make it f2p!
  152. Enchanting?
  153. Boat Changes
  154. Suggestion on giving dates
  155. T Maps... make fun for Grouping this way:
  156. New Crafting Mechanic: Armor Tinkering
  157. Increase timer to 34 hours for Sieges to go live
  158. Quick & Easy to Implement Suggestion
  159. Transmuted Weapons done right
  160. PvE Aggro Gather
  161. Changes to current features
  162. Re-Use DF Fluff for Asian Cash Shop
  163. Stamina drain during combat needs to be reduced
  164. Move servers to California!
  165. AV you forgot to increase map drop rate
  166. elementalists generally bad for high end PvE
  167. Essence Harvesting Feats - Include Mob Looted?
  168. Goblin Event and Associated Lore
  169. Idea for upcoming Dungeons or Sinspire Catherdral
  170. Skirmisher HOTFIX - Quick & Easy read - (Merry Christmas!)
  171. Suggestions for Sinspire and Future Dungeons
  172. Movable stat bars
  173. AV While you're patching
  174. ID Tag Range
  175. Game Time Codes
  176. Option to assign the chat write target to Tabs
  177. Emote cooldown
  178. Increase chat backlog buffers
  179. The New Chat
  180. Please reorganize the chat channels
  181. Clan City building Option to raze down walls
  182. Cannon tower: distance markers
  183. Higher leveled craftable mounts
  184. Asset Protection
  185. Crafting Masteries
  186. Lacerate Suggestion
  187. Remove Friends List Beep!
  188. How to make people use cannons
  189. Stealing
  190. Villageee Changes / Recall Changes
  191. Fun things to do
  192. For the marketing guy @ AV
  193. Prowess Monolith Towers
  194. Expand scraping tiles for dragon back to 5 total and dragon 6 total.
  195. Default attack and mount
  196. Release Catch
  197. Chat window, text marked when you hold your mouse button in action mode
  198. Monoliths should be active all day and 15k should be closer to north east
  199. Addional System clan holding tab
  200. My suggestions about pp Monoliths
  201. Channel tabs
  202. More fun things to do
  203. Changes To Harvesting
  204. Another option to possibly help noobies and make role players happier
  205. Improvements to Trading and Crafting.
  206. Needed market changes
  207. Haha! i know... Fix the server lag?
  208. Real Backpacks and Mount Inventory
  209. Some Ideas for Harvesting, Crafting & Scrapping
  210. Waterbug: People not gankable in water
  211. Different Arrow types
  212. Holding Limits
  213. New sea zones
  214. Small Guest Room Furniture
  215. New prowess feat:
  216. Bosses, more variety on items & more
  217. battlegrounds and duel arena, df style
  218. Meele delay
  219. Add an option so chat windows can be locked in place
  220. New player experience is broken
  221. Add Relics to the game [LINK]
  222. Remove steedgrass from large maps
  223. Fix the siege performance
  224. T Swimg suggestion
  225. Capital jobs/quests/feats vs. current feats
  226. Deselect Skill if on CD
  227. New Ranged Weaponry: Slings and Crossbows
  228. armor die
  229. Advanced Graphic Options please AV
  230. Flavah Flav
  231. Randomly spawning rare resources?
  232. real suggestions
  233. Fireworks!
  234. Ressource Steal Siege
  235. Chat suggestions
  236. Emotes for the western version
  237. Bluetail Runner and Battlehorn mounts please.
  238. Remove Wobble Completely
  239. Ship tweaking
  240. Talk to us AV
  241. Solution for current gear management issues. (and creates pvp)
  242. Browse Clans: Diplomacy menu
  243. Please lower the price back to £10.00 for the client to attract more subscribers!
  244. Heat Stroke Suggestion
  245. My Sea Scraper Overhaul
  246. Needed hint at the slot machines
  247. Increase holding value with some essences
  248. Why do iron ingots weigh more than the ore from which they are made?
  249. Diminishing returns:
  250. Don't overnerf