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  1. Adjust Low Prowess Feats
  2. Make sea tower danger zone 5
  3. Warrior Fall is Fucking Awful
  4. Passive Prowess Gain
  5. Every class a knockback
  6. Elementalist fix
  7. Balance Economic/Suggestion
  8. Spice harvester
  9. No more ocean/water fluff more land fluff
  10. Fix evade
  11. Allow us to disable the village spam messages
  12. Int stat suggestion
  13. Dagger range is too short
  14. Tranfers and other things
  15. Village Capping
  16. How to bring people back to PVE.
  17. Epic Random Weapons
  18. Awesome Suggestion: Release the remaining schools...
  19. Clans and alliances
  20. License a cool techonoloy like Pikkoserver
  21. Salvage Cannons & Modules
  22. Funny Suggestion ?
  23. Skirmisher Change suggestions
  24. Realy Aventurine, realy? :P
  25. upgrade villages + add village guard
  26. Slowly add more Weapons
  27. Let us pay for more stuff?
  28. mounted ganks
  29. Zone Lvl & harvesting
  30. Nerf Vamp strike on unused mounts
  31. increase durability on bows
  32. warrorfall
  33. How to better improve player incentive to start and/or keep playing
  34. Suggestion: Barber Shops
  35. Factions for Clans?
  36. Reduce salvage time
  37. Submarines
  38. More housing, a second bindpoint at least.
  39. Combat Balance Suggestion Thread
  40. Outsourcing City Mines and connecting them with city portals
  41. Make villages work like villages
  42. Nerf warrior range with higher armours
  43. Buff monster loot
  44. Reduce the market selling fee
  45. Game is getting boring
  46. ASAP this game needs
  47. Balance suggestion that will satisfy everybody.
  48. Domination control - pre-siege content
  49. Custom and Unique Ship Sails
  50. Does AV know that the Law Ultimate has been bugged and not usable for awhile now?
  51. Increase people at mob spawns, introduce gold sync, fix towers with an old idea.....
  52. Suggestion: How to provide competitive PvP on a daily basis.
  53. better visual cue for private messages
  54. Pve and sea Scrapping changes
  55. Village Fix proposal
  56. Darkfall Ponzi Scheme
  57. Village changes
  58. mob maps or letters
  59. I'm not a metallurgist, but...
  60. Great game but..
  61. Remove auto-rez from pvp
  62. Another Village Suggestion Thread
  63. "YOUR SUMMONING FAILED!..." extremely annoying
  64. Enchanting
  65. Lootable seatower reward.
  66. A Plea to Aventurine re: Sieges
  67. Merge Treasure Map
  68. Three Simple But Powerful Ideas
  69. Plan to revamp village system and promote small scale world pvp
  70. Sea towers (how to make more interesting)
  71. Prowess Point Reset Option: For a fee of 5~10$ = Profit
  72. Easing New Players into the game.
  73. Option to remove grass
  74. Change Skirmisher Armor to Strength and Dexterity Based
  75. Arenas
  76. changes to rebalance group pvp
  77. Six(6) months live in September.
  78. How to make stealing villages better
  79. Free Camera Position
  80. Quests (+quest building to clan cities)
  81. Server
  82. Breakfall
  83. Crafting Mastery Benefits
  84. Fix Player City Towers
  85. Suggested Skirmisher changes
  86. Power Attack working as intended? Also knives
  87. Add skill costs to mouse over
  88. Reworking stat requirements
  89. Alternative to Prowess Reset....
  90. Daily quest in Dungeons
  91. Decap and gank time
  92. Mahirim...WTF!?
  93. Make Fish Spoil
  94. Remove refined mats from loot table
  95. How's that duelist testing coming along?
  96. Decrease Tower Damage and buff it during sieges
  97. Take out Spices
  98. Increase House Taxes, Increase village rewards
  99. new necroguardian loot table
  100. increase village income by 900%
  101. harvesting clothes
  102. City raiding
  103. think about this AV: Primary and secondary boosters
  104. #of villages captured powers guard towers
  105. Sea, scarping, ships and etc
  106. Free Trial
  107. Guard Towers "Health"
  108. Staff Quality
  109. Get that feat tracker out of my frickin way!
  110. House Safe Modifications
  111. I have 500 Chain Mail Belt on me
  112. Cancel abbility
  113. Make fish edible
  114. Dear darkfall staff
  115. Dear darkfall staff
  116. new tools in game? metal detector and under water boat sonar and more
  117. Few neat suggestions
  118. remove all movement speed debuff - its so horrible
  119. Fix STR Duelist
  120. Patch 9/17 Issues
  121. Inventory+Banking Mechanics
  122. UI radial menu suggestion
  123. AV, You only need to add 2 things in order to get alot of people back in my book.
  124. Random hotspot areas
  125. Can we at least admit that we no longer need a Queue screen?
  126. Teleport system to controlled village
  127. anyone else think deadeye is underpowered compared to new classes?
  128. Unholy Ban Hammer
  129. Consider some concepts from shadowbane
  130. Remove: tree stumps, clam shells, rocks, etc.
  131. Crafting into bags.
  132. UI Persistence....
  133. player progression ultimate!!
  134. Metalkon's Suggestions
  135. AV's official stance on the UI/radial menu disaster?
  136. No reward for AFK harvesting
  137. Random Epic mobs like chaos chests
  138. reward villages
  139. Remove or fix the system log
  140. skinned graves suggestion
  141. Mages PvE Idea - To not hit your group members during PvP.
  142. nerf ally tags and remove enemy tags
  143. increase village control time
  144. Waypoint keybinds
  145. CHAT FILTER catagory By Prowess Level
  146. Adding Layers to the Conquest System
  147. Introduce more "Dawn" melee weapon types sooner rather than later
  148. Communication
  149. Suggestion for PvP c:
  150. Duelist Changes
  151. Artifacts!!
  152. Remove global
  153. make disabling staff bolt a ray
  154. Elementalist suggestions
  155. Village PvP Hotspots
  156. Players spawning small boats to stop big ships - change this mechanic please
  157. Duelist Balancing
  158. Why was my wobble thread closed?
  159. Remove Antidote, Clean Slate, Suppress Weakness, Clear Mind, and Remedy potions
  160. No arcane jewelry STILL?!?!? Are you kidding me?
  161. Its time come to Repair Item!
  162. Legendary Players
  163. Add binoculars to game
  164. Add white flag to game
  165. Brawler school need some love(As Primary school!)
  166. If your going to nerf warriors
  167. Alliance Captial Citys,and Markets.
  168. Christmas is Coming.
  169. Warhulks, Deployable Cannons, City Cannons????
  170. Being able to change your Health / stamina/mana bar anywhere on your screen
  171. After major changes we need a respec!
  172. Attn Adventurine: Stop discouraging players from returning to DFUW
  173. Changes to Chat System
  174. The biggest mistakes which were made and are yet not fixed
  175. An easy fix to lots of problems
  176. Bring Back DFO Weapons = Reason to Farm = PVP
  177. Redial wheel per school type
  178. Tower Correction
  179. Prowess Reset Petition for Upcoming Jesus Patch????
  180. Revamped Tower Suggestion
  181. Converting Moderate Potions into Major Potions
  182. Reintroduce Bloodcrafted Armor
  183. City Gates/asset damage
  184. make mounts that are 100% health stackable
  185. In game Dev shadowing
  186. Easy solution for towers - ammunition
  187. Patch
  188. Add Arcane Defense to R40 armor and scale it up
  189. Add Potion Up-Convert
  190. Dueslist needs a change
  191. City Protection
  192. Warrior Piercing Protection
  193. Deployable "Reaper"
  194. Mantra's sug list
  195. PVE- Foebringer Taunt
  196. village capping rewarda
  197. Better rewards from food!
  198. Naked Village Theft must End
  199. Content Ideas (Series 1 Idea 1)
  200. [Suggestions] [Common Sense] [Fix the game] [ gain more paying subscribers] Thanks AV
  201. Inventory Management Suggestions
  202. Treasure Map Suggestion
  203. [Suggestion] Bringing conflict to Agon. Includes dominion system revamp
  204. remember wheel binding by school
  205. [suggestion] Pvp loot drop changes
  206. Bi-Weekly Claus Stream
  207. Another thread about holdings and towers.
  208. Skirmisher Blackguard School - Ultimate Ability Suggestion
  209. <-Item Faucet->
  210. New temporary housing type "Hut"
  211. Player Name Colors By Affiliation
  212. Elementalist Skill Addition: Thunderous Charge (Air)
  213. Targeting Reticle
  214. potion prices.
  215. Attenument to Air
  216. Elemental Attunement Reworked
  217. Housing Crafting Stations
  218. Piercing nerf and Slayers
  219. Safe Zone Wars
  220. Av shop suggestion
  221. Duelist Nerf
  222. getting ppl out creating hotspots
  223. Few more neat suggestions
  224. The F2P solution
  225. Cross-city teleportation for Clan/Alliance
  226. Remove portal and bank link
  227. AV dont drop the ball again
  228. Few suggestions
  229. Awesome DF Song to Spotlight
  230. Village Caps for Repair Shards
  231. Simple changes
  232. As much as I love blizzard...
  233. bonus speed on road
  234. Boat Speeds
  235. MVP Forums
  236. Oceans , Currents, Storms and Jetstreams!
  237. Row boats for days
  238. Mount Sprint
  239. Make Evade a base ability, IE light
  240. Please allow us to remove Clan Buffs (for fair duels)
  241. A few easy fixes.
  242. need more subs? put both servers up.
  243. Elementalist re-work
  244. Grave inside wall pieces
  245. Clan towers
  246. Some simple animations make the game feel clunky IMO
  247. Group(5 max) Credit for Terrors and up.
  248. Murder/mercy system
  249. Few Suggested Fixes
  250. Cloth safe zone for PK