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  1. Full Set Deed
  2. Village vulnerable and hotspot pvp
  3. Market improvement
  4. PvE, PvP, Gathering Leaderboards etc etc.
  5. increase the cost of robes
  6. rework salvaging
  7. make it easier to climb out of the water
  8. longer market timers with extra tax
  9. New Market Option: show last 10 sold of each item
  10. Tie Clan buffs to danger zones around their holdings
  11. how to improve economy/politics
  12. Ship styles - similar to weapons etc?
  13. Scale blocking damage of staffs with rank
  14. Mobile application to watch the Market and other stuff
  15. Guest key
  16. Market suggestions
  17. Make Sea Villages only capturable by ships and tune rewards for ship modules etc
  18. Link harvest nodes to player cities
  19. Give guilds the option of setting their own rank structure again!!
  20. Buy Orders 30,60,90 day options and auto renew
  21. Access market/bank from anwhere within the npc town
  22. Use Tools to fight with
  23. potentially discovered thing that makes sieges so laggy.
  24. Rework loot tables on everything...
  25. Add confirmation checkbox for skill purchases
  26. change digging harvesting
  27. Village Change
  28. Best village sug
  29. Addition to the Dregder loot table.
  30. Make all nodes pass thu server up
  31. Spirit Bond is still glitched
  32. Xpiher's Village system suggestion 2.0
  33. Engineering and "Groundhog"
  34. Sea Scraping should give damaged modules - introduce ability to mend/combine
  35. Remove opposite sub-class restrictions.
  36. New Ship Type "The Titan"
  37. Can we get more channels?
  38. giant super expensive ship with lots of cannons and a bindstone
  39. We really need to be able to buy a portion of the items in a Sell Order. (And BOs)
  40. Add Craft Full Set Option
  41. Vegetable Plants
  42. Salvage
  43. Crafting queue
  44. How to fix villages: A different mechanic for the Casket
  45. sieges and mercs
  46. few combat suggestions
  47. DF1 Deployable Cannons
  48. Sieging
  49. Villages, sea tower, monolith
  50. Rune stones
  51. Make fishing interactive
  52. We need Ego filled pvp.
  53. New Monsters for a New Age!
  54. Group Mechanics for Sieges
  55. Make Outside Hamlets Danger Zone 5
  56. Decrease Cast Time Attune to Fire
  57. Fix the servers or optimise ping when a huge battle is going on in a certain area
  58. Limit global spam to 10 message per min max
  59. Respecs before warrior school and or rebalance
  60. I'd like the sinking of a ship to be more dramatic! including a decent wreck left
  61. Crafted items placed in bag w mats
  62. Combat log filter
  63. AV please implement the following Armortypes.
  64. Feat System Needs Tweak, Prowess System Needs Re-Spec System Implimented ASAP
  65. Suggestion: Barbaric, Stoic, Militant Armor Styles + Dye
  66. Staff bolt - Bolt type should vary depending on Main Role and Class
  67. Add last name + guild on tombstones.
  68. [Ship-Captain Skill] Idea
  69. Mob Thread Reduction
  70. Suggestion : Adding Different types of "purpose" Armors
  71. [Celestial Prime Loottable] come on ;)
  72. Longer draw distance when in the crows nest on ships.
  73. This ticket was submitted a few days ago.
  74. A better view of clan indicators
  75. Allow players to craft a set of armor as 1 item
  76. Additional Village Feature - Village bind recall for one captured village
  77. Add "guild" Cloacks/Sails/Banners/Flags/Standarts
  78. take away stat requirement for gear
  79. Return Stam Loss to Parry
  80. Change the way food regen bonuses work instead of adjusting transfers
  81. Suggestion: Dungeon Bosses
  82. Salvaging Potions
  83. Fix food so it works while sprinting.
  84. How to fix transfers - make INT a factor too
  85. Remove the fee to put items on the market
  86. Buff loot from mobs
  87. Stamina regen while sprinting
  88. New Skills\Spells for Elementalist Role + Ele team play group improve
  89. Different Crafting Tools.
  90. The Tasos Monster
  91. SUGGESTION: Make clan houses ownable.
  92. Continue to have Darkfall sales, don't let it end with the steam summer sale
  93. Different Harvesting Tools.
  94. Browser based DF1 Thunderdome
  95. Casting Primal Surge on another player will stop someone from being summoned w/ shard
  96. Make INT effect common spells
  97. More diversity in staves&bows
  98. Hotbars please
  99. Balance Elementalists
  100. Health/Mana/Stamina Bar
  101. Please increase ID range to original distance from launch of beta
  102. Let us merge small maps into medium maps
  103. Parry Mechanic Suggestion!
  104. Fix the market
  105. Construction mastery
  106. Add TRADE CHAT tab please.
  107. Unholy Wars Expansion/DLC : Lunar Arena
  108. melee stamina / parry change
  109. buff theyril weapons
  110. getting off the wheel of a boat
  111. Land Dredgery
  112. Time to remove auto-revive from PvP.
  113. lvl 5 zones risk vs reward
  114. [Steam] some things to do
  115. Color Graves
  116. The ultimate suggestion to increase playerbase
  117. Village Stealing
  118. Safe Zone Arena / Dueling Colosseum.
  119. Can we get a community concensus on character survival stats?
  120. Footsteps and mounts tracks
  121. Simple Village Capping Fix
  122. Map Locations
  123. Small guest room furniture
  124. Keep & LV w/ Guestroom Problems
  125. Makes staffs one handed
  126. Bring back Passive Skill
  127. Lower Monster HP Regen Rate
  128. Cannot place buy order for this type of item...
  129. Stealing from VCP's decreases captured time.
  130. Make Demon worth it
  131. No wall tower cannons..yet.???
  132. Re suggestion for staffbolt (aka mana missile)
  133. Make NAMLIT a better place
  134. Solution to increase PVP - Player fun.
  135. Implement HOT Spot PVP Area
  136. Help boost solo playing in this game.
  137. FIX THE "Daze" Parry effect
  138. remove stamina drain on harvest
  139. Unique mob loot tables to creat PvP hotspots
  140. Crafting and Regional Resources. Please Read
  141. Customizable UI please.
  142. Darkfall Server forums - subscriber only please.
  143. Black Map left overs
  144. unnerf scraper loot and be transparent about game mechanic/ loot table changes
  145. [AV] Separate Crafting From Combat - Two Prowess Pools ( Crafting and Combat )
  146. Any thoughts on making danger zones more realistic?
  147. Ships: More Tooltip Details
  148. remodel dragon helm
  149. Player Deployable Ladders
  150. Please overhaul entire Blackguard/Duelist Roles
  151. Thoughts on DF's Balance and Design
  152. Siegestones
  153. Bring people back to pve spawns. ASAP
  154. Some more suggestions
  155. multiple class balance suggestion
  156. Trial - this is my idea
  157. Skirmisher - Deadeye Fix to Balance Class
  158. Full armor sets at once in market
  159. Cannon Towers. Deployable Cannons and Seige Weapons
  160. Please Introduce Farm Lands.
  161. Warhulks need to come back and be fixed
  162. make a better minimap
  163. Suggestion: Reload UI
  164. Open villages to all clans, there is already incentive for clans with holdings to cap
  165. Allow both Fossils and Shell from fishing
  166. ship cannons can be destroyed.
  167. Let us link things in chat again.
  168. Absolutely Crucial GUI Changes
  169. Solution to Transfers - The Transfer Booster
  170. Repeatable Feats
  171. Steedgrass =/= rare ?
  172. Market: Sell Bags full of items, ie armor sets or maps + runestones or weapons etc.
  173. Random meaningless murders
  174. Making the empty world less empty
  175. Clan Emblems combined with Dominion
  176. WEB API for clan information, logs, etc.
  177. AV a SIMPLE village solution
  178. Combinding treasure maps
  179. Prowess respec idea
  180. Slayer stam drain .....
  182. Additional Video Settings
  183. Mage Ray Hit Detection
  184. Water fight, due comming Sea Towers
  185. Heatstroke
  186. Attach consumption reduction bonuses to mastery weapons
  187. Temporary NO PVP time skill. Why not?
  188. Take out full loot and pvp
  189. INstant imprrovement to balance in two simple steps.
  190. Weapon smithing feat?
  191. New feats + more prowess for actions.
  192. PVP Feats for real.
  193. Make AoE Spells cast on self rather than on the ground
  194. Nerf clan towers
  195. Not being able to capture a VCP because you clan has no holdings = rubbish
  196. Mount attacks
  197. [List]-[Suggestions]-[Feedback] Here is a list of changes and tweaks for UW
  198. Zaptowers
  199. Seiges are unplayable for Oceanic players.
  200. Harvester Role
  201. Fix slayer class leveling
  202. Steedgrass rarity
  203. System Message
  204. Brining the war that is meant to be in Unholy Wars to life
  205. Change Fire magic.
  206. Consequences and Safezones
  207. Make a 3rd bindstone recall spot: village
  208. [IDEAS] & {THOUGHTS} about: Balancing the classes.
  209. Wall of Advice
  210. Conquest: Towers solution
  211. Adding dye tubs + tabards
  212. Petition/Suggestion to remove Proxitar from DF 2.0
  213. Promoting Idea's for AV
  214. Additional Armor and Weapons
  215. Primalist Wall Scaling
  216. Haz Mat's Balance and Combat Improvement Patch
  217. Buildable temporary stables
  218. Green Dots
  219. Quality of Life suggestion #1
  220. CANNONS!!!!! You killing our War
  221. List of recommendations
  222. Stamina Bug
  223. Bi Weekly Pod Cast
  224. Remove Zap towers and make Cities more accessible / pvp based
  225. Allow 2-handed weapon mount combat.
  226. What you did right and what you did wrong. Final thoughts.
  227. PvE Invasion and Daily Quests: create more PvP events and keep the world alive
  228. SUGGESTION: Increase Priority on Roles/Decrease Priority on Boats
  229. changes to stamina drain
  230. Local Voice Chat
  231. buff dex primalists, strength mages, and strength skirms
  232. Map marker symbol customization
  233. Siege Stone Timers
  234. Increase the cooldown on protection on cities
  235. DF:UW End Game : Dominion utilization
  236. Hidden Hud play-ability
  237. Gank Screams
  238. GUI/Inventory suggestion - dock/lock item placement
  239. GUI/Inventory Suggestion - Scroll inventory to boxed grid
  240. forum names
  241. Remove the 15 minutes of waiting to steal a village
  242. Housing owner/guest
  243. Delete half of everyones gold and get rid of maps from fishing/boating
  244. Fixing lack of world pvp
  245. Market change
  246. Add a bank extension for 50k
  247. Parrying + Weapon Switching
  248. Ship of the Line feedback
  249. Repair Shards: Possible Solutions
  250. Adjust Low Prowess Feats