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  1. Waypoint binds
  2. Lower Stamina useage/drain on warriors
  3. Chopping downt rees
  4. lack of individuality
  5. Patch: Can now actually stat up! Gone from 7.5 to 10 each tick in heal self
  6. Bitter step BUGGED!!
  7. Fun way to boost mob loot
  8. Suggestion for Combatting Battle Loot Scavenging
  9. Taking over villages
  10. Transfer change was a good thing
  11. Fix food costs and buffs
  12. Fix food costs and buffs
  13. bring back the killing PvP message in combat log
  14. Colour coded boosters icon
  15. Depletion meter on resource nodes
  16. Chat System
  17. housing for all ?
  18. Deployable Cannon, Guard towers and Wall.
  19. Quickslot durability indicator
  20. Free Trial suggestion
  21. Transfert and INT
  22. Ideas on transfer buffs
  23. for the love of god...
  24. dumb Gandalf the ultimate wrestler
  25. bring back old t maps
  26. Scaling City Walls
  27. Where DFUW Went Wrong. Can it be saved?
  28. Prowess Respec
  29. Travel speed on roads
  30. Melee with Bow! - transfer issue
  31. transfer buff suggestion
  32. More non-combat feats
  33. Villages and the Marketplace
  34. Buff villages for more PvP
  35. Realistic Arrow Effects
  36. AV take a poll
  37. Cooking
  38. Suggestion for Transfers: Masteries
  39. High and Low difficulty mobs do not mix.
  40. Change Roar to cone shaped instead of 360 degree circle
  41. Establish a new role category
  42. Add XXX users currently playing to NA and EU servers.
  43. Simple crafting UI improvement
  44. Add an additional mandatory stage to sieges: Each side chooses a champion for a 1vs1.
  45. Auto-Cast on spells and abilities
  46. Nerf Heat Stroke
  47. Auto Rez (dumb idea)
  48. Add item and skill linking back into the chat system
  49. Feat tracker bug
  50. Drop Prone/Crawl Feature
  51. Add craftable item: Alter; This item increases the spawn rate of terror level mobs
  52. Two men go in...only one comes out!
  53. Since you seem to rollback every time I craft
  54. No Roles - Just Schools
  55. Compiled list of simple suggestions to make the game better
  56. List of Suggestions
  57. Relic system that give clan bonus
  58. Rain
  59. int/wisdom booster warrior and skirm rolls
  60. Transfers; Reduce the input cost not the output gain
  61. Remove class cap on gear, make it effect wobble&DMG
  62. Delete the forums
  63. Buggy House Tele
  64. The Dismal State of Cooking
  65. Rare Crafting tools
  66. Nerf Towers or bring Arcane Rings
  67. Bring back allignment!
  68. Cooking and Alchemy
  69. House transfer
  70. Improvements
  71. Must have Primalist spell for Pain
  72. change heat stroke
  73. Village stealing a exact analysis
  74. Bank Lock - Protection against hacking and robbing banks
  75. water roll fix please
  76. AV what else we gotta do?
  77. Increase spawn rate
  78. Sound fix
  79. Please support stereoscopic 3D!
  80. No Rolls - No Schools - Just skills ...
  81. City Recall
  82. Alliance map waypoints
  83. More siege options
  84. transfers
  85. FPS spikes for 2-20 seconds
  86. no prowes gains or skill ups for mountmaking
  87. Fix Weaponswitching
  88. Jail
  89. Need dismount house items
  90. City dungeons?
  91. Buff mobspawn rate (baits/totems/food)
  92. Clan "tax"
  93. Persistence issues are back
  94. Primalists and Mages are screwed in water fights.
  95. Fix Buildings/Steps
  96. Character Development
  97. 1 house per ip address.
  98. AV read! blog about game mechanics and false choices
  99. sub reminder
  100. How to make the game better and more exciting!
  101. respawn timer
  102. Remove Village capture restriction
  103. New Class: Snooper/Thief
  104. Prevent players from leaving game by doing good job AV . HERE is the list
  105. elementalist ideas
  106. Changes to cooking
  107. Need more customization ui like df1
  108. Gathering faster by...
  109. Clan founder
  110. Clan VS clan Warfare / No more alliances!
  111. Make the UI insta cast abilites
  112. Gathering Add-On (Similar to treasure maps)
  113. Please put more thought into Hamlets.
  114. Clan Size
  115. Mini Games for Groups
  116. Sea traller rare fishabale ideas
  117. I am Tasos Flambouras, Lead developer Of Darkfall Unholy Wars, AMA
  118. New Ranking System and Boost Village Income
  119. Remove lava from citys
  120. fluff patch needed
  121. My Next Idea For AV - Village Stealing Operations
  122. Fix Bldg mod cost or the building destruction mechanic in sieges
  123. For Mages!
  124. Transfert buff ok but revert them.
  125. UI - Turn off Radial menu and just give us bindable hotkey bars.
  126. Make dungeons seamlessly fit into the world
  127. Fix Fog of War bug.
  128. Optimization and UI
  129. City building being destroying in seige alteration
  130. City building suggestion
  131. War Drums ! BOOM
  132. Elementalist: Disable shot when staff equipped
  133. Elementalist Mana Blast
  134. Clan ranks
  135. Wall Cannons?
  136. Better Hamlet locations.
  137. Suggestion: Fix Fog of War.
  138. SLI still not working
  139. alchemy/cooking feats
  140. Spice
  141. Reduce fizzles from Shipbuilding
  142. Mimics!
  143. PVE - Mob only loot all function and skinning indicator.
  144. Please add Chat Bubbles
  145. Automate Player Run Tournaments - Arena PvP
  146. Mix/Match Boosters
  147. parry disable visual
  148. Increase prowess gains on building mods
  149. Fix the Map Bug already
  150. Get rid of/majorly decrease essence drops from harvesting
  151. The Colosseum Open world structure
  152. Fall Damage
  153. Immediate fix: HOUSE TRADE in action wobble.
  154. Mercenary Contracts
  155. Suggestion: Mini-map change
  156. Primal Surge tweak
  157. Bring back clan logs!
  158. Bitch seat Mounts
  159. Squatting abondoned houses
  160. Activated Skills on Cooldown: Make them go away on a click
  161. Give Primalist Life School Holy Damage Spell
  162. Tailor mastery bags!
  163. fix skinning mastery
  164. Docks for citys that need them.
  165. Rare Harvesting tools (Sel/Vel and so on)
  166. Gold from village do not stack in personnal bank when we are offline.
  167. "Text Bubbles"
  168. how to save whats left of DFUW
  169. Mailbox for sending text messages
  170. We need a big patch and a Steam Sale.
  171. Give Us More Tools for Sandboxing!! This Game Seems Too Empty for 14.99 a Month.
  172. Please read about transfers
  173. Changes that need to be made to PVE and Feats ASAP
  174. Small change to prowess, major improvement overall!
  175. Your new rare Material lodestone Dont make it Random make it a resource to fight for
  176. Guard Towers
  177. Small Guest Room Furniture
  178. Load Stones and City Defense
  179. Fishing for lodestones
  180. Alchemy Bottle Sizes
  181. Lower back damage
  182. Frenzy mode spawn size increase
  183. Village loot: solving more than one issue
  184. Make sea villages produce loadstones
  185. Bring back "HELP ME!"
  186. Emotes.
  187. Fix Alfar Female Hitbox!!!
  188. Making Wood
  189. Group overlay and extend group maximum
  190. Salvaging scam no polish
  191. Class switching Time
  192. Party labels on minimap
  193. Attach Target Prowess to Reticle
  194. Character Server Transfer
  195. Portal Chambers
  196. [FeatPoints Beastman]
  197. Village revamp system
  198. Repeatable feats
  199. Allow Tilde turning in 3rd person
  200. Minimap: Move the direction indicator to the top.
  201. Reduce the weight of processed materials
  202. Suggested Changes:
  203. Rest -> Regenerate Percentage per Tick
  204. Racial Armors & Racial Mounts
  205. Transportation Improvements
  206. random ideas.
  207. Ul'sulak need a boat yard(dock)
  208. Villages and stacks of gold.
  209. Dungeons: Add Regular Key Chests
  210. Village cap Rewards
  211. Gank, revive and mugging
  212. Instant Dismounting
  213. Compiled List of Needed Changes to the game ( Easy to read for the Devs )
  214. Allow us to select default spell
  215. Allow everyone possible to fully test the market!
  216. Please remove auto default attack on staffs
  217. What makes the game unplayable.
  218. Add mob near resource nodes in safe zone with a random spawn timer
  219. Fighting with tools
  220. Karma/Fame - Alignement System - Please read
  221. a humble suggestion RE: safezone harvesting
  222. Want a gold sink? Create a Prowess Refiner NPC
  223. Add "Raven Standard" Feats
  224. Add lootable head of killed char
  225. Intelligence - Add mana regen , right now it is useless
  226. Suggestions of Potato.
  227. Market suggestion - Feats as sell orders, player made quests.
  228. Remove Staff Bolt, Replace w/Damage w/Staff
  229. Change the protection timer on Hamlets / Cities
  230. Reduce the mat cost of potions
  231. Cloth, cast, cost, vitals - how to fix
  232. Organization Bar
  233. Shields
  234. Pvp death = bleed out. pve death = auto rez
  235. Here's what's Wrong with Ele's
  236. Click and hold again during action activates hold.
  237. Ele tweaks
  238. Market Suggestion
  239. Stealing from Villages Message
  240. 30 sell orders a little low?
  241. Map suggestion - Danger Zone toggle
  242. Lower gathering times in higher zone levels
  243. Stealing village change for the better.
  244. Suggestion for market
  245. Chat + Market, make them compatible
  246. buy a server that doesnt crash when the population is high
  247. Market Suggestion
  248. Map Suggestion - Map locations reset when purchased on market.
  249. Village Suggestion
  250. Vary patch times sometimes, pleases.