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  1. Suggestion
  2. Skill Purchasing
  3. Small add on to Maps in DF
  4. Small maps
  5. Villages capturable to everyone
  6. Suggestion: Parrying with Staffs
  7. Change exploding arrow to FIRE damage type
  8. Objects that look like trees and bushes, should be trees and bushes
  9. Dear AV....
  10. Ok. Can we fix water pvp now?
  11. About the new "Bindcamping" Rule.
  12. Buoyed Treasures
  13. Fix Naked Damage
  14. Give mobility to elementalist and primalist
  15. Please increase fix spawn rate of terrors and above.
  16. Please fix Player Housing Trades
  17. crafting armor
  18. heres a suggestion
  19. Spirit bond bug
  20. Ability to decrease skills.....Again.
  21. A small feature needed for Round Robin
  22. Add PST to the ingame time at the top!
  23. Static Field feedback
  24. Small Clan Cohesion Fixes
  25. About the attacks
  26. make a external web based game !
  27. Menhirs
  28. Cor Ymirhall Animation
  29. Increase Font Size
  30. Pulverize
  31. City-clan- objectives - Idea - Conquest Flags
  32. Fix tailoring feats
  33. Remove Cost Increase on Boosters
  34. If killed by a player, no auto rez but death at the end of the timer
  35. Visual update to ele fine robes
  36. naked warrior Op
  37. Already playing with this account !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  38. A reasonable balance for the combat system
  39. Customer Service
  40. Balance
  41. School skill progression changes
  42. Add Random Feats
  43. Increase distance for Targeting / Tagging players & Change fall damage.
  44. Villages, Houses, and Clan Control.
  45. Harvesting
  46. Request new Emote - "Throwing the cod back into the ocean"
  47. Make gear required to wear
  48. Cost of Major Potions
  49. Clan tax tied to markets?
  50. Build Houses with Building Mods, Tax Changes and other Village Improvements
  51. Bounty system!
  52. Give players who had houses at the end of DFO houses in UW
  53. Localized banks
  54. REbalance The Game
  55. Left and right third person toggle.
  56. New recipes and wild life
  57. A few things that need fixed
  58. Warrior v Skirmisher (unbalanced)
  59. V Sync please
  60. Old models
  61. seeds, shells, lichen
  62. Make INT useful for all roles
  63. A few reuseable potion bottles.
  64. Ship sails symbol
  65. Remove the speed abilities from the game, keep evade
  66. Armor Dye an Guild Tabards
  67. Increase monster spawn ratios for 1 and 2 players!! Low respawn time 75% pls.
  68. Bring back the /Waypoint command
  69. Spyglass - Alchemy or Engineering crafted vision enhancer!
  70. Portal Chambers useless
  71. Lack of feats
  72. Elementalist balance
  73. get rid of stamina drain abilities!!!!
  74. Kick reds out of the safe zone.
  75. Primal Surge need rework
  76. Dungeons daily feats and skinning feats
  77. Class balancing
  78. Mix no Max
  79. Fix Solo Loot Tables
  80. Lobby tweaks
  81. Option to opt out of round robin
  82. Posting old sug about crafting ammunition
  83. Triple Digging yield, triple the distance required between each dig.
  84. Daily double - dynamic daily 30 kill feats !
  85. Add spices to herb bushes.
  86. Need more Kraken!!
  87. Remove the dash (no not from Skirmishers)
  88. Evade should not be able to escape water slows
  89. props on changing the map arrow to while.. works well on niff!!! only AV ...
  90. Needs to be addressed now NAKED WARRIORS
  91. Round robin Problems
  92. Cooking/Alchemy remake
  93. Allow House Items to be Removed
  94. Revert Transfers bring back df1 crosshair.
  95. NAKED ppl fighting = > EASY FIX
  96. Revert Village Changes
  97. Remove Mob Kill Message
  98. Round Robin Suggestion (Avoid passing kills to people who don't need them)
  99. Remove all dawn weapons at 10k prowess to prevent naked griefing.
  100. 16 crashes in 3 hours
  101. Xpiher's Unholy Wars Suggestions (working doc)
  102. Add tiered harvesting tools
  103. remove server forum access for non subscribers
  104. Cooking/Food/Pots
  105. Add stages to armor and weapon
  106. speed up the mob spawns
  107. Garmir Teeth
  108. Banners/flags
  109. break fall
  110. Add a global arena
  111. Mounts
  112. Smaller AoE's please
  113. pvp zones for PROWNESS LEVELS
  114. In rebuttal to the "Hacker" thread.
  115. Lower costs for crafting arrows
  116. Digging Completely Broken Now - Animation Glitch
  117. Option to turn feats quickbar on/off
  118. Craftable ladders
  119. Harvested nodes disappear when empty
  120. allow feat reset every week or add more feats
  121. Looting Mechanic Change Request
  122. Bring back permanent War Declarations for mutual agreements.
  123. Crafting Suggestion: Unique Recipe
  124. Clan city crafting bonuses to personal housing
  125. Prowess Respec
  126. Barber
  127. Stashes at Landmarks
  128. Allow party members to disable Round Robin
  129. Persistence Suggestions
  130. Feedback May.
  131. Out of Stamina, while I have 10-20 stamina left?
  132. BUG: keys dont work
  133. Trading chat tab
  134. Global Siege Timers need to be taken out
  135. System tab
  136. combat transfer wobbles
  137. Prowess transfer for PvP kills - Ronan Hayes
  138. Please add/fix water physics
  139. Bring back Fizzle!
  140. remove staff bolt autocast
  141. Couple of ship suggestions
  142. Alignment system
  143. New Prowess System
  144. Bring Casual Server System
  145. BANS! AV Meet us half way? Open the communication up a bit.
  146. Simple and necessary addition: Waypoint on self
  147. Character Models
  148. Safe Area Fading...
  149. Explosive barrels
  150. Transfers still need sorting out
  151. AV : Watch this video!
  152. kill msg removal and a better idea instead.
  153. Visual display on the empty nodes
  154. [BUG] Indestructible Siegestone
  155. Reduce durability loss to PVP
  156. DPI Settings and Switching
  157. Robes Suggestion
  158. Funhulks
  159. increase the maximum amount of map markers tenfold
  160. a way to inspect players
  161. Character Limiters to increase prowess gains
  162. [Remove ] Darkfall Non-Subscriber Forums
  163. OMG why are robe peices not stackable?
  164. bring back basic cooked fish
  165. Parry Disables #99349134913413941934
  166. Suggestion: Stealin' without Killin'
  167. Allow for prowess refunds when an ability is nerfed, changed, or added.
  168. AV Let's light this candle: Staff Gank, Bow Gank, option to disable auto-attack.
  169. Safe zone blinds: annoying
  170. you NEED to fix all these crashes from sieges.
  171. Prowess Reset Please
  172. Elementalist Robes
  173. bank logs
  174. primalist staff bolt
  175. Salvo broken now ?
  176. Make arrows look like arrows
  177. Hidden feets still bugged
  178. New suggestion about chat ..
  179. Harvesting
  180. Multiple entrances for dungeons
  181. give daggers the same reach as 1 hand swords
  182. Stackable Items
  183. 5 hours to kill 150 orbs....
  184. Please remove the code that moves things in quick slots
  185. Any plans on creating more housing plots?
  186. Bring back clan kill/ganks in combat log
  187. Skirmisher dash nerf
  188. Reduce the number of chaos/wilderness banks .
  189. TO DO list for AV (BALANCING TIME)
  190. Increase Map Marker Limit
  191. Fix Queue
  192. AV please make it so city walls aren't absolutely useless.
  193. Some small things to fix ive noticed in game.
  194. Turn off the loading screen music
  195. My simple take on balancing skirm, warrior and ele
  196. Quickslot Bar
  197. Random bugs with latest patch
  198. A more dynamic harvesting system.
  199. Elementalist Balance Suggestions
  200. Prowess and Feats - Lack of satisfying char development and how to fix it!
  201. Bugs List need fixing - also quality of life suggestions
  202. Elementalist balance suggestions
  203. Display clan kills
  204. Mouse over Info text and Prowess indicator
  205. Lowering the difference in armor more like Uo.
  206. Please make it so spawn rates work in 2's, 3's,4's and 5's.
  207. Make villages worth capping to provide incentive to fight over/control them.
  208. Mines are almost useless
  209. Simple Suggestion: Clan Ranks
  210. Round-Robin Bug
  211. Quest Maps
  212. Ok this is a big idea, but...
  213. Paid Character/Race Change
  214. House Capping Changes
  215. PST Time Zone Option
  216. How to deal with trolls.
  217. Maybe fixing water fight AV?
  218. Auto disband a party if number of total party member is < 2
  219. display tell window/pane when tell/whisper arrives
  220. gank/rezz
  221. Buddy summon and Portal Chambers
  222. Change respawn timer and number mobs spawned
  223. Player House Crafting Bonus
  224. steam keys
  225. Disabling Blow Animation
  226. System kill messages gone, intentional?
  227. Spawns need to be Improved Overall and for Bigger Groups
  228. Polearms
  229. Trade channel
  230. Add Roaming Dragon to Agon
  231. Meaningful Alignment Based On Clan Alliance/Friends List
  232. What's the biggest AV-derp with UW?
  233. Bring back kill messages in the combat log.
  234. Stress zones
  235. boat sounds
  236. For the Love of God!
  237. fix the fog of war fix
  238. Primalist balancing and suggestions
  239. Portals not working?
  240. Pot conversion (Alchemy)
  241. Boss mobs and server up
  242. Choice between progression.
  243. Fix explosive arrow.
  244. Next important suggestion
  245. please add more bindspots for skills.
  246. Fix siege crashses
  247. reduce tower damage or bring arcane rings back
  248. UI Fixes
  249. Item Breaks -> Chance of getting broken item.
  250. Salvaging away from crafting tables