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  1. Option to reset prowess points with gold.
  2. friendlist for player houses
  3. split up boosters
  4. Seriously AV
  5. Territory system
  6. Fix the hitbox on earth, fire, ice, and air elementals
  7. Bone's Suggestion List
  8. Increase PP gain from mobs in general.
  9. Mages need some love...
  10. Brainstorming on more sources of prowess
  11. Fix Village Reward System
  12. Roles-specific sub-forums
  13. break up the 150+ feats
  14. New type of Warhulks
  15. IF your not going to fix the crashes let us log into are chars if they are in game !
  16. Get rid of the circle!!!
  17. Robes.
  18. Fix 3d surround sound audio!
  19. imagine my suggestion
  20. Completed feats sorting system
  21. Ant colonies & Potatoes
  22. 1% Base Stat Loss with/timer for killing blues
  23. Darkfall pirate expansion
  24. Change Portal Chambers to require GOLD based on distance
  25. Markets? Portal Shards?
  26. Give everyone +100 base HP
  27. FEATS for other Crafting Skills????
  28. Deal with skirmishers...
  29. Clan Cost...
  30. Nerf the fucking Skirmishers bunnyjump
  31. Nerf stamina drain on everything
  32. Reduce downtime between spawns
  33. Allow recconect after disc
  34. Equalized prowess
  35. Crash to Desktop
  36. Ingame clock and the missing Timezones
  37. Allow to change vegetation area size
  38. More Clan Options
  39. No tools?
  40. Map vendor
  41. Auto revive
  42. Harvesting tools
  43. Never add enchanting
  44. Remove or drastically reduce spawn timers
  45. Dash = Stampede
  46. Unexpected server down time
  47. Alchemy changes
  48. Reduce fall damage!
  49. Bonus for people who plays 2 hours a day or less (rest bonus)
  50. Remove Fall Damage Cap!
  51. Split feat kills between party
  52. PARTY INVITES - Closed or Open option???
  53. Trade Confirmation Window
  54. Expand the party functionality and add hotkeyed markers.
  55. Remove loading screen music please
  56. Can we be done with beta now ?
  57. Add Prowess gain from treasure maps
  58. 1 square of safe zone per race + guard towers
  59. Remove most metal nodes from safe zones, and nerf safe zone crafting
  60. Fix guild banks
  61. This lag hack is getting annoying
  62. Info in launcher for daily maintenance
  63. Killing war targets in safe zones
  64. For the love of god fix the broken trees ruining pvp
  65. Fix ur fking game - PROWESS EXPLOIT
  66. My solutions for a better darkfall
  67. Garmirs need a fix
  68. Safe zone changes to improve the game!
  69. If you're gonna have GM's warn players for "foul language" put in a fucking filter
  70. Small balance changes every week
  71. Switch to a City-Centered Economy
  72. Prowess Respec.
  73. This has been suggested since 2008 beta
  74. Take Mastery Crafting OUT of Safe Zones
  75. stat booster suggestion
  76. Prowess Leaderboard -- Leaderboard in general
  77. Elementals need a blink
  78. forum search functionality
  79. Kick your EU serverhost in the face/Kick the server, that sometimes helps.
  80. Remove loading music
  81. Warrior stampede boost and bow nerf
  82. More useful clan cities
  83. Aventurine what do you think of our suggestions?
  84. Oceanic server
  85. Gear should break upon player death
  86. Add Dueling In The Safe Zones
  87. hidden timer when deleting items
  88. Seriously AV
  89. Few suggestion
  90. BAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! Can I please get some Dagger Love...
  91. Simple but majorly time saving crafting idea.
  92. Player named items
  93. Gathering Mastery - Post 5/9/13 patch
  94. City Repair Option 2
  95. Regs for Warrior and Skirmisher abilities
  96. Prowess refund for harvesting & skinning
  97. speed up mob spawns
  98. /taunt_04
  99. Remove Leap, replace it with an attack skill
  100. Solo vs Group Farming
  101. PvP Needs some form of consequence
  102. Bindcamping solutions
  103. Sooo sick of water pvp
  104. Login and boosters
  105. The State of PvP and Conquest: How to solve it
  106. Chaos Bindstone Camping Solution
  107. Split Boosters?
  108. Kill splitting concerns
  109. Why not add a monthly fee card in-game?
  110. Alignment System!?
  111. let us pay...
  112. Devs need to sit down and think, Why do I want this holding?
  113. Alow me to relog damn it
  114. oceanic server
  115. Ideas for making Clan Holdings more desirable
  116. GMs should NOT interfere in gameplay
  117. Fix The Crashes Please
  118. Auto Attack/Cast Configuration
  119. Housing transferring Needs a fix
  120. Don't make me click twice on the accept trade button
  121. Portal Shards, Runestone and Alchemy
  122. oceanic server in singapore
  123. Fix Alchemy
  124. Brewing Skill - Wine, Beer etc
  125. Let us choose which noob("dawn") weapons we have
  126. Revert conversions
  127. Add some fucking emotes to the game av!!!!!!!!!
  128. ITEM COUNTER - Bring it back please! (with images)
  129. Prowess for PVP
  130. Remove some power from Base damage of elementalist skills ......
  131. City walls OP
  132. player housing in cities
  133. unburden alternative
  134. Armours and roles all around>
  135. Add feats for every type of mob
  136. Bind stone camping solution
  137. Desired option for upcoming party kill share update
  138. Increased Mana Regen / Decreased Stamina Use
  139. Safe zones have effected world population and pvp frequency
  140. Randomize harvesting yield / cooldown
  141. Respec after EVERY balance change
  142. Add mouselook steering mode for mounts
  143. GUI Update
  144. Vines - Earth Ele Spell
  145. Make more stuff stack please.
  146. AV, Easy fix for target circle and health bars in center of screen
  147. [Duo farming]
  148. Viewing Feas while Crafting
  149. Unholy Trammel
  150. Respec
  151. Repeatable PVE feat poll
  152. View A Players Inventory BEFORE Gank
  153. Dynamic housing, or more housing locations, limits on # of houses per player
  154. Escapes
  155. Solution for waterslowdown
  156. 2Handed weapon as starting weapon
  157. "Fine Tuning" the prowess system.
  158. Banks are OP
  159. salvage is it working as it should ?
  160. [BUG] Ganking is broken since last patch
  161. Cross Class speccing.
  162. Misc bugs as I find them
  163. Make Skull island into a pirate island.
  164. MIX BOOSTERS or adjust armour and weapon ranks
  165. Gear Acquirement
  166. Atribute vs pool BROKEN
  167. Bunny hooping with sprint ability
  168. Armor part should light up in bank
  169. Settings should indicate whether prerformance is CPU limited or GPU limited.
  170. Please overhaul the feat system
  171. Disable Indicator
  172. reconect after crash
  173. Make every role viable on every mob
  174. Bug list back up !
  175. 500 Leather craft feat leads to carpal tunnel syndrome.
  176. Please give us the ability to set hotkeys for the different types of waypoints
  177. Crossbows
  178. Radial Menu geting stck in combat.
  179. Make sharks instantly spawn on swimming players with >100 points of health damage
  180. Poker Table
  181. please FIX SOUND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  182. Add "mines" to npc cities / safezones!
  183. Please Make Darkfall ... DARKER @ night
  184. Gank View Glitch
  185. disable bolt?
  186. Come on Gms
  187. markets / taxes
  188. Spirit bound
  189. When maintenance is more than the norm...
  190. Allow us to do something lese while crafting
  191. Remove Planets
  192. Add Ore Nodes to Remote Areas
  193. More freedom of choice inside of the single Role.
  194. Is it worth putting points in secondary skills?
  195. Siege Hammers
  196. Caster gear choices and lack thereof 1 hand suggestion
  197. Give us the ability to control sounds better!
  198. Gear costs
  199. Hairpin Turns speed reduction
  200. Major Sulfur Gatherer feat
  201. Change the Knives/Dagers to Short Swords!
  202. Harvested items life bar.
  203. Make an "Archived patch notes" section on the forum.
  204. Spend prowess to increase carry capacity
  205. Clan "Ranking" System suggestion
  206. New skill: tiptoeing
  207. Elementalist balancing
  208. Alchemist Feats
  209. Rune Prophets
  210. Dash / Evade / Stampede should not work while overweight
  211. Incentive to sub...
  212. missing armor parts should reduce weapon damage
  213. [BUG] you cant skin under water
  214. Bring back fumbles
  215. casters vs warriors
  216. Bring back old logs (player kills, deaths, mob kills, destruction)
  217. Change feat system as main source of prowess to mob kill as the main source
  218. Human Monsters Killer
  219. minimap compass
  220. "Let him kill you. Let him kill you."
  221. Let us buy our prowess back
  222. dueling area
  223. Vitals .
  224. Where crafted items go
  225. Tornado Graphic
  226. Pain vs. Life
  227. Leap, aka double jump, should be Skirmisher passive ability
  228. Epic Mobs and server up
  229. Please fix booster removal...
  230. Easy naked farming and village mechanic fixes
  231. Please lower the casting time on Wall of RIghteous Force.
  232. Make Safe Zones Able To Be Capped / Taxed.
  233. Prowess for exploring tile
  234. 2 free respecs/year
  235. Whats up with knockbacks??
  236. Idea for City value and mob spawns in close vicinity
  237. Make grind matter a bit longer
  238. Clan tags : give potential Allies a color (just white atm)
  239. Chat is jerky and a pain : major issue and clear consensus
  240. The Progression of Gearing Up (Armor & Weaponry choices)
  241. Resource Nodes Refresh Mehcnanic needs changed ( city node refresh needs changed too)
  242. suggestion for new exploration feats
  243. Nerf fall damage already...
  244. Change Break Fall Ability
  245. Nerf Skirmisher Escape Abilities
  246. Treasure Hunting
  247. Looks Like DarkFall went Free 2 Play already?
  248. Shields
  249. Remove a lot of the shitty monsters
  250. Suggestion