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  1. Suggestion against anarchy and chasing noobs or casual players away from game
  2. Officer Clan Bank Tier + Clan Bank logs
  3. We need a "reset Boosters" Button!
  4. Add an option to Remove from Freinds list
  5. Suggestion: Stackable Armor/Weapon
  6. Major Problem - Most people are stuck in the safezone
  7. Fifx water asap
  8. Load Lag is fixed awesome!!! Now just a few more fixes and this game is on its way!!!
  9. Cant use disable shot underwater
  10. No new crafts for Bowyer at 100?
  11. Remove prowess info fom gui
  12. Your simple suggestion to balance casters
  13. Unholy Ban Hammer to display server (EU1/NA1)
  14. PLEASE Fix watercombat! - allow sprinting while doing stuff
  15. Add a Crossheal
  16. Decrease cost of transfers
  17. Add P2P to Lobby
  18. GUI appearance
  19. Feats for other mobs?
  20. Bring back Warhulks
  21. Please remove knockback on stampede
  22. Upkeep on cities
  23. Decent bandwidth for patching
  24. Item: Battle Horn (not the mount) [epic fluff]
  25. Map is too small- EPIC FAIL
  26. Vote yes or No for Captcha
  27. where are our battlehorns?
  28. Bigger and faster patching servers
  29. Can we possibly get future patches in an "Installer" format?
  30. Waypoint System
  31. Make water fighting available to more than one Role
  32. Stampede - Remove speed buff after hitting enemy
  33. Please Add N/E/S/W Indicators on the Minimap
  34. Slowly fade out Player Prowess
  36. Ffs
  37. Steam weekend sale
  38. Attention tasos. Ref: Adding schools
  39. Increase max craftable items from 99
  40. new sound
  41. Option to disable to music on the loading screen after launching the game!
  42. minigame while crafting (for bonus gains/speed)
  43. Prowess: Add Refund Option to Skills
  44. Water = Safezone
  45. Add harvesting tools to chaos merchants
  46. Add more quickslots
  47. Add feature: Mugging while incapacitated.
  48. Please fix tree geometry
  49. 1 Small safe zone on every continant?
  50. Capital Cities Design
  51. New Mobile Archetypes and Monsters to Login and Take Control of
  52. Mounted sounds
  53. fps limitation in options
  54. [Chat Channels] Trade + Newbie
  55. Chat Bubbles will Reduce Gank on Site Attitude
  56. Expand the aspect of: Pirates
  57. Loading screen music
  58. Stop the astronomical absurdity.
  59. Spell/Skill Magnitude Control
  60. The Moon is Incorrect
  61. feats are boring
  62. Oceanic server
  63. Clan management window - Memory Leak
  64. Crafting Suggesiton:<<<<<
  65. Fix your treasure map system
  66. Fix WarriorFall please
  67. Spice of the feat system
  68. Nodes changing model for when they are emptied
  69. Salvaging should be the non-crafters way of making income
  70. Clan death should cost dominion
  71. More video settings!
  72. High STR Should increase Backpack Carrying Wieght!
  73. Re-design Elementalist
  74. Enchanting suggestion
  75. Change 3rd person camera to same as melee camera when using ranged.
  76. fix the timber logging trees
  77. Bounty hunter system
  78. Hud
  79. Group kills instead of single person
  80. Durability.
  81. Blue Nametags for Anti-PK's
  82. Remvove digging from safe zones
  83. Something needs to be done about combat flow aka runfall
  84. Alter Damage gain of Weapon/Stats
  85. Two Suggestions
  86. share kills with party
  87. Move the server out of Tasos' basement
  88. Suggestion list to improve the darkfall experience!
  89. More Uses for Dominion
  90. New craftable item: THE MONOCULAR
  91. Prowess buyback system
  92. Award master feat prowess gradually instead of 100% on feat completion
  93. Bank Withdrawl Permissions
  94. Personal Kill On Sight list
  95. Disable auto attack
  96. Do something about (RMT Bots)
  97. Reset prowess on role change / buff elementalist survivability
  98. Gear not durable enough?
  99. 3rd Slogan
  100. Please fix problem with running multiple clients
  101. Colorblind
  102. Mobs needs faster respawn times
  103. Harvesting/gathering is boring and time consuming heres a suggestion
  104. Chaos Chests Should be CHAOTIC
  105. Town Bells!
  106. Some Long-term ideas
  107. Put a random cooldown on resource nodes on server restart, instead of resetting it
  108. Nerf mahirim lands
  109. suggestion for when you rollback servers
  110. Better notification of spent nodes.
  111. Increase harvesting, so players can move out and do more
  112. Elementalist balance
  113. Normalize the PvE feats a bit
  114. Elementalists spells cost way to much stam
  115. teleport for casters
  116. Gibe a better description on bans.
  117. Major flaw in tutorial, needs fixed
  118. Make Salvaging Take 1/2 As Long To Complete, or Better Yet, Way Less
  119. Hotkey For Dropping Clan Waypoints
  120. The easy solution to the caster survivability problem.
  121. My unbiased analysis of the game thus far, with suggestions for the future.
  122. Crafting Armor as an entire set
  123. Invigorattion and food
  124. Suggestions to improve Elementalists
  125. Downtime Notice / Lobby improvement
  126. Item Hotkeys and button spam
  127. Option to Auto-revive MUST be made more obvious
  128. Attunement to Air and Heat Stroke are extremely boring abilities.
  129. Remove wobble completely
  130. Prowess reward for pvp gank/kill
  131. Stack every item
  132. prowess reset
  133. leave the servers offline during patches for an extra hour +
  134. Bonus prowess for PVE
  135. 2MB Patch Download Every 5 Minutes
  136. Prowess Respec
  137. Sub Forum: Complains
  138. give party kill credit
  139. Stampede: Remove the knockback effect
  140. City Building and making cities worth owning
  141. Time of completed feats
  142. New mob tier between Terrors and Scourges
  143. FoW clearing radius still too short...
  144. Suggestion to make player cities more appealing
  145. [New Common Spell]: Dragons Eye
  146. Fixing Reward on Certain Feats
  147. Fix 5, 30, ... 150 Feats
  148. Suggestion List of Minor fixes/editions
  149. Suggest: Reformat Chat Utility
  150. daily feats
  151. SOUND fix was great now how about remove the targeting reticle?
  152. Bowyer mastery crafts..
  153. [BUG] Gamebreaking, Spirit Bond lockup bug
  154. Does AV even read this? Or is it just a place to collect complaints?
  155. Nerf skirm just a bit
  156. Please fix the fact that the game is a piece of shit
  157. Change the wording on the website features
  158. Fix PVP
  159. Remove Recruit Tag
  160. Empty bag indicator
  161. Cooking Fish
  162. Monster Respawn Times are a little bit slow
  163. Make Towns More Accessible
  164. Suggestion: New Payment Model
  165. A Prowess reset option
  166. Feat Search
  167. Please fix sound when on a mount
  168. Remove Class Skills Bring Back the Sandbox
  169. Bugs - Please fix
  170. Map markers
  171. Clan bank item limit is too small for larger clans.
  172. Player City Vendor
  173. This game needs a "say" chat channel.
  174. Mage: mobility spells suggeston (upcoming schools included)
  175. Being red, guard towers and safe zones.
  176. Buying skills: Prowess Debt.
  177. Add white flag to the game
  178. More Uses for Dominion
  179. I really miss double jump
  180. item split and delete confirm changes
  181. Full time forum mod for steam.
  182. Empty bag on Log in
  183. Show all feats, unhide hidden feats
  184. Allow crafting with a shield
  185. Portal Chamber Portal Shard Cost is too damn high
  186. Fishing
  187. Bring back choice to Darkfall
  188. Roaming NPC squads.
  189. About in-game polls
  190. Skirmisher Too OP
  191. singapore server
  192. Stone and Iron nodes
  193. Remove the map marker cap
  194. Easy Mode Loot Splitting
  195. INCREASE spawn time for soloing!!!!
  196. Rust Gathering Feets
  197. Bring back racial alignment system, and Towers zap reds, and ban high prowess in safe
  199. Prowess from Digging
  200. Suggestion: Let me play as my character
  201. Wall of Righteous Force should block dragon bolt
  202. longer protection time after a server restart
  203. Should AV add spawn increase to duo farming?
  204. Chaos Chest = 50 prowess
  205. Please do this. PvE so hard
  206. Would you pay $$$ to soft reset your character?
  207. Loading music
  208. Prowess/stats examine via friends list.
  209. Improve the backpack and bank interface
  210. Clan Browser makes the game stutter
  211. Remove targeting circle smudges
  212. If you die, just delete your stuff and the killer gets NOTHING! WTF!!!!!
  213. Bring back old bag system!
  214. Increase Font Size overall
  215. Simple Combat log Filters
  216. Change the loot system from monsters.
  217. Increase gathering prowess gains; decrease crafting prowess gains
  218. Visual Private Message indicator on the mini map window
  219. Let us loot without ganking!
  220. Something wrong about Portal Chamber that need to be fixed ASAP.
  221. reduce the stamina costs
  222. Role's are not balanced, some suggestions.
  223. Jonah Veil-Fixing the game
  224. No music should mean no music
  225. Knock back to VW
  226. Roaming Mobs!
  227. Skining for Player Grave
  228. CRASH BUG with auto revive from fall damage
  229. Crafting is boring enough...
  230. Footstep prints
  231. GM Event Suggestions
  232. Lessen the useless crafting !
  233. Av fix this gui
  234. Increase mobspawn multiplier per every extra player, not just only every 3 players
  235. New server suggestion
  236. 2H Dex meele weapn
  237. Easy Fixes: Evacuate Safezone edition
  238. Most asked newbie questions
  239. City Housing
  240. Lower cost of elementalists abilities
  241. GUI - moving items from bag to bag needs to be easier.
  242. Nerf starter weapons
  243. Improve the other randomly spawned loot containers.
  244. Less gold more other stuff from Treasure maps
  245. Nerf Skrim movement
  246. Sound Range/Issues
  247. Open Up Schools and Roles
  248. Remove 2 (!?) portal shard requirement from Teleportation Chambers
  249. Max health for warrior is 495....
  250. AV communication