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  1. PvE Triage - Scourge+ Loot Buffs
  2. Now that elementals are the new bandits...
  3. An idea on how to balance pulverize/tornado
  4. Sea Scraper needs some love
  5. Parry suggestion
  6. Armor durability, dueling, etc
  7. before you add the free trial upgrade the servers
  8. Fantasy Inspired World map
  9. How to Fix Scrapping
  10. Spyglass - use on elevated TERRAIN to remove fog of war?
  11. Clan Dyes
  12. Natural Naval Trading Routes
  13. Chat localization
  14. buff tower when city is challenged
  15. Hotbars
  16. Siege Spires!
  17. Land Towers
  18. Auto Track Waypoint Option
  19. remove all globs currently in the game get us back to even footing
  20. Prowess per Monster kill and diminishing returns
  21. Massive 2nd anniversary promotion starting May 15th
  22. Bandages
  23. Keybinds for role changing?
  24. Darkfall PvP Train
  25. hamlet perks
  26. Add a Mailbox System
  27. Grindable Passives
  28. Public Quests
  29. Endgame pve.... Coal/Globules
  30. Fix Redundant Staff Re-Selection
  31. Duel Weapon Durability
  32. The Alignment System, and Related Mechanics
  33. capturable alters for encouraging roaming
  34. Prowess,Dominion,Ships,Crafting,Feats,Bo ats,Housing. You name it I got a fix.
  35. Repeatable Feats for Opening Chaos Chests
  36. Let us dye shields
  37. Flashy Dyes Please
  38. All primalist spells castable with 1hand+Shield
  39. How to rebuild what has been broken....
  40. Casting while mounted
  41. Relic Altars
  42. Relic of Hearth and Home - Runestones / Summoning
  43. Relic of Ability + Relic of Alacrity dont stack (the HP part)
  44. Pre-made classes for new players (NPE)
  45. Erodach
  46. A new talent calculator
  47. Forum revamp
  48. Extra slot shouldn't be free
  49. Skinning a Mob should turn the gravestone red
  50. AV Village Requisition should give 10 minute weight immunity
  51. "Reveal Map" Selentine Shop Item
  52. New items added to current bag
  53. [Selentine Item] Custom gank animations.
  54. Visages
  55. Cut out tongue
  56. remove selfbuffs
  58. [impale] remove hp return from mounts
  59. Shorax The Flame-Wrought
  60. Houses and Bindstones
  61. Buff lesser used dungeons
  62. Add extra incentive to village caps, give them a village stone bind
  63. Pulverize
  64. Resuscitation
  65. Chaos Banks/Harvesting
  66. Give us an option to remove loading screen sound.
  67. Fix video game
  68. Market Changes
  69. Prim robes + A2W = wtf?
  70. Economy Fix: Minor changes to mounts
  71. ATTN: AVENTURINE. USEFUL suggestions and Report
  72. Patch Wishlist; Alignment, Housing, Combat, others
  73. Armors Suggestion
  74. Passive Skills (aka perks)
  75. Remove City Buffs
  76. My big post of economy fixes
  77. Rework Impale
  78. Third Person Archery/Magic Camera
  79. Resistance Potions: Cooldown Separation
  80. Unlock the camera angles?
  81. Upgradable City elements
  82. Blockable blind effect with a shield
  83. Nerf Essence/rare loot, fix conversion mats.
  84. To AV - How you could get 1 million+ subs
  85. Make Begone a Common Skill
  86. Add extra reward for finishing any feat. (see habitual)
  87. Remove Foebringer - Make Seizure castable with any weapon
  88. Mount loyalty
  89. More variety of bags (color)
  90. Pre disables should be blockable - only good BEFORE someone parries.
  91. Remove and Add
  92. Darkfall needs poker tables in safe zones and player houses
  93. Selentine Shop: Infinite-Use Dyes
  94. Travel between Holdings
  95. Player built and placed chaos cities
  96. Ranked duel option
  97. Supernodes revamp
  98. A few suggestions I think would help promote more pvp and a couple relating gameplay.
  99. An Affinity System for Skill Selection
  100. Remove far-back third person view. Bring back stealth meta. Add 1 more pov.
  101. Adjust Basic Material Cost for Armor Crafting
  102. After this patch
  103. Bring back summon friend.
  104. Test Server
  105. Make villages siegable(kinda)
  106. Damage/protections drop with durability?
  107. Include in next patch.
  108. What if: No player tags at night
  109. Trade Packs
  110. can you fix the bank already?
  111. The problem with gear in this game...
  112. Recurring Tournaments with Legacy and Bragging Features
  113. stat drain greatly reduced or removed
  114. Combat tweak?
  115. When Darkfall Ends (developers look)
  116. Darkfall Arena
  117. Remove Village AoI Pieces
  118. Enchanting and Missing DF1 Mobs
  119. Combine Prowess And Passive Skill Gain Systems
  120. Harvesting & scraping & Maps
  121. Darkfalls return
  122. Prowess Store
  123. Trade Route Plan Alternative
  124. Over the shoulder swap
  125. maps
  126. Stat Bar
  127. New Siege System and the Conquest Gameplay.
  128. Levy system rework
  129. Portal Chambers (DFO sytle)
  130. New craft item - Chaos chest
  131. Player repairable/destroyable chaos banks (the missing ones)
  132. AV: Add Ship Mods Back to Scraping Tables, and Save the Naval Game
  133. Chaos workbenches
  134. Chaos city
  135. Clan City Work Orders, Make Crafting Stations Lootable upon destruction
  136. Chaos Chests
  137. Safezones
  138. Safezone/danger zone rework for newbie friendly pvp/farm
  139. Few minor changes to relics
  140. F2P/P2P models
  141. Free Play Scheme
  142. Game Concept/Event
  143. Change to levies - when 100% make it vulnerable in 30 mins, double loot capacity.
  144. Mount Gank
  145. Adaptive AOI, encouraging conflict
  146. Some more minimap and party Q.O.L. improvements.
  147. Hamlet Perks should have their perk name attached to crafted items.
  148. My suggestions.
  149. Enchanting suggestion
  150. Make a DFO Subforum
  151. The best hotfix AV can do right now
  152. Can we have the API for the GUI and make our own
  153. API for kill stats?
  154. Bring back old DFO cannons
  155. Balancing combat while increasing skillslots (Big read)
  156. New Alternate Siege Mechanic
  157. Relics and PvB incorporated into the siege system. (another suggestion)
  158. Make reagents only craftable/droppable
  159. Market Options
  160. My DFO Suggestions
  161. Meaningful content part 2: The Fame and Alignment System
  162. Gods and relgion
  163. Advertize!!!
  164. Nerf lightning bolt damage or buff dragon's breath.
  165. Can We Please Get Rid of Levies
  166. Some simple Relic tweaks (buffs) that will increase desirability a little more.
  167. Get rid of them !!!!
  168. new kind of quest system that is exclusive.
  169. Put SAGE NPC @ Clan cities/Hamlets
  170. Salvaging Mastery
  171. Mount Experience gain
  172. Legendary Items
  173. Anti-Relics (planting debuffs in enemy cities)
  174. Craftable superior amo for armor penetration and change damage/pircing dynamics
  175. More low level armor/weapon drop in safe zone
  176. Inventory/Equip/Role system improvement
  177. last combat change
  178. Economy patch: Before reverting AFK harvesting, this might diminish harvesting bots.
  179. developers pls allow champs to frenzy a spawn.
  180. 14 day free trial
  181. Re-use rcacial sounds from dfo for DFUW!
  182. Minor chat fix to solve misstells/wrong chat
  183. Remove conversation mats (Coal, Lye, ...)
  184. Offline char progression?
  185. Crafting changes - softwipe?
  186. Open all skills with exponential prowess cost?
  187. A rolling holding vulnerability time window?
  188. Weapons Crafting
  189. Scraper/Trawler - Add a second speed for when not scraping/trawling
  190. All skills open, but limit their use by ammunition? best of both worlds
  191. Another way to do sieging.
  192. New Battles Over Villages
  193. top killer
  194. Scale rewards on Agon with people currently logged on. (idea: Lord Andius & dfrocks)
  195. Levy Control - Pick what mobs you collect from in your AOI
  196. Put the "Unholy War" in Darkfall Unholy Wars.
  197. New mentee - add repeat signal until you whisper your mentee.
  198. Interrupt/Silence skills - rework of Disabling shot/hit/bolt.
  199. Sique's Suggestion/Balance Topic
  200. Rune craft
  201. Consideradding more midtier mobs to the rotation, event tweeks
  202. Another solution for low dura gear circulation
  203. Ultimate DFO Suggestion Thread
  204. Reduction and Unification Technique: Merge DFO - and DFUW
  205. If DFUW Servers Merge, Here's how Siege Mechanic Should Work
  206. Make new prowess sinks.
  207. funding idea
  208. Suggestions for Mage
  209. Questing / an rpg adventure in UW
  210. Less Safe Zone Towns (not talking about smaller safezones)
  211. Repeal
  212. System For Reason To Pvp
  213. Add Confusion Spell
  214. Skirmish/fighting indicator
  215. Dispell
  216. New House Decoration/node
  217. Alternate attack boost for melee for more skillfull duels.
  218. Alternate attack boost for spells and range.
  219. Make the Vale Tutorial Area Like This?
  220. market channel
  221. Trial Characters and the Economy
  222. Reincarnation
  223. New daily, weekly feat system, quest like!
  224. Adding more to AOI/Villages
  225. Heart of Stone - Pulse
  226. 1h should crit with the same frequency as daggers due to reach
  227. give increase parry bonus to 2h swords to make them more unique
  228. crafting order changes
  229. Implement crafting through recipe books & scrolls
  230. Comprehensive list of Siege suggestions.
  231. Traveling merchants with crafting stations
  232. i think nistead of thread only we have tread on top of thread
  233. Trophy Collector NPCs
  234. AOI buff
  235. Harvest Nodes
  236. Lore Scrolls
  237. levy meter improvement
  238. global feat/quest system
  239. Player Cities and Quests
  240. Let players choose to make current dura gear when you implement lower dura gear
  241. DFUW Nerf
  242. Daily Challenge Dungeon
  243. Gold sink
  244. Test Server
  245. quality of life sugestions
  246. Naval combat fix
  247. World Map and Feat Tracker Window (Two Suggestions)
  248. enhance stamina efficiency
  249. Super Nodes
  250. GM Event