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  1. Please please please AV
  2. Add Copy/Paste Blueprint
  3. skill fix/balance by smooth criminal
  4. Static Field (Mega Fix)
  5. Lower Prowess Monolith kill requirement
  6. make in game set bundles possible
  7. make unused artefacts trackable
  8. give us holding chamber
  9. make frenzy time every 4 weeks (turn off safe zone from FR -> MO)
  10. Dread+Imperious
  11. Fixing Player Housing - Crafting our own workstations!
  12. ok AV , tx for winter patch , remove snow now
  13. No Ultimate
  14. Events
  15. New Weapons
  16. If I was a Darkfall Dev, I would:
  17. The absolute best solutions to the unbalanced skills and gear.
  18. Sinspire Exit
  19. Increase base skinning speed
  20. Prowess milestone bonus?
  21. allow allies to see system log for holdings
  22. What this game needs ASAP
  23. I would almost give real money to...
  24. Allow us to set status like /brb /dnd /away /busy etc
  25. Building Modules & Ship Modules via SeaScrapping
  26. Mob AI improvements
  27. "flot loms" from destroyed ships
  28. "treasure ship"
  29. dual swords
  30. "penetration rating on melee weapons"
  31. Damage - Protection - Speed Bonus if you wear a Full-Amor Set
  32. Would be great if villages didnt go off at the same time
  33. Sabotage Tool (for deactivating tower)
  34. Mobs and AOI
  35. AV balance patch please??
  36. Sea levies, more content at sea.
  37. New Skill: Taxidermy
  38. Alignment System
  39. My idea to attract new players
  40. Global Event - Siegeable Chaos "City" (like the Sea Tower but on mainland)
  41. Hardcore PvP: Zone Anonymous
  42. Engineering Mastery
  43. Champions, Relics and PvE/PvP content to improve the game.
  44. The Conquest Meta: Fueling conflict, Adding value to AOI, and improving leveling
  45. Make it possible to bind at captured Villages.
  46. Build GUI for NPE and veterans
  47. Tutorial
  48. Salvaging cannons
  49. Fix salvaging %'s, make r80 easier to get mats for.
  50. The Coliseum
  51. Reduce the processing mat grind.
  52. Even numbered fights in the open world
  53. Remove mastery level crafted items from Global Market
  54. vendor to list a bag of goods
  55. Av read this !!
  56. Fishing up Small maps
  57. Common Skill : Runestone Bind
  58. Dr. unholywars and Mr. online....
  59. remove nodes from holdings
  60. To the Mods:
  61. Why and How Arenas should be introduced to Darkfall AND/OR how fix openworld pvp
  62. Stop teasing us....
  63. Double Prowess Weekend
  64. Party/Raid UI, Clan ranks
  65. Sounding Board, Asset Damage change:
  66. Full sail ahead!
  67. A Real Expansion Patch, Please
  68. Market Suggestion - Ready Gear Bags (etc)
  69. Make fluff items fitt the world of agon
  70. Rust
  71. Super Nodes Sounding board
  72. Cities and prowess
  73. PM chat for new players
  74. Enhancing the Seas
  75. Habitual Feats, Reward Vouchers, Alignment, Prowess as a commodoity, Lockboxes, Loot
  76. Minor Potions
  77. Property Taxes, villages as chaos cities
  78. Economy/ Activity
  79. Make Holding Banks FFA access when taking them to 0%
  80. In Game Loot Tables (Worldmap)
  81. Make "Area Search" at world map / search agon ... possible
  82. Make in game Village Information possible
  83. Buff magic protections on leather, buff physical protections on mage robes
  84. Increase respawn time on Varmints and Creeps
  85. Disable blow-shot-bolt...
  86. Make it possible to steal craft order when you destroyed the craft table
  87. Put incs and crafting in differen System msg
  88. Options - Game Options - Auto Block for all Duel Offer
  89. Balance battlespikes cost / dmg. output
  90. Combat Idea
  91. [Idea] Replace the Clan Teleportation Chambers [overhauled]
  92. Make it possible to build own way at own Citys
  93. QOL - Compass
  94. Golem Loot and other rare mats
  95. Swimming, Carry Capacity, Recall
  96. Skills to replace WoRF and Tectonic Shift
  97. tradable regressors
  98. Add Prism Crystals back to the loot tables on Black Knights
  99. Server Wipe - Crowfall Style
  100. GUI (Minor)
  101. AV do this thanks
  102. Feat prowess shouldn't count towards diminishg returns
  103. Incoming Patch Feedback and Future Content Suggestion
  104. Proposal for Air Balloons & Water Mounts
  105. Real Estate boards
  106. Durability Indicator as part of the new inventory system
  107. Replace tectonic shift with pungent mist and worf with spell reflect
  108. Clan Portals in Holdings
  109. Implementing transport,trade&piracy content by localizing ONE resource tree
  110. Relic Suggestion
  111. Light Spell Change
  112. Camp Sites??
  113. New Runestone Concept
  114. A Mount for Archery
  115. Mount Changes and Ideas
  116. Two different ganks Regular or beheading.
  117. More Detailed Skill Tooltips
  118. Duchies
  119. Repeat last sentence
  120. Fog of War (darkness on map)
  121. Remove Auto-Revive
  122. Changing Starter Weapon + Starter Arrows
  123. Bindstone recall
  124. Concepts
  125. Skills Information and Calculator
  126. Pure Classes
  127. What i would like to see after this patch
  128. Combinations into Classes
  129. Put Harbour at Baslans Escape (and other Sea Villages)
  130. Remove Global.
  131. Lower fall damage (fights shouldn't be decided by fall damage, lol)
  132. Hotfix List
  133. Farming
  134. Harbors
  135. Make disabling shot throw people off mounts
  136. We are Invisible
  137. Add Teleportation Dust to Chaos Chests
  138. Dear AV Please make mounts stackable
  139. Mount Balance Suggestion
  140. Harvesting is basically broken.
  141. Spell: Snare
  142. Common skills
  143. Teleportation Dust Drop
  144. Clanleader tools
  145. In-game Browser + Clan forums
  146. Bring back DF1 style Mini Map
  147. Dust, beads and arrows
  148. Advisory System Additions
  149. Allow clans to grant access to relic altar
  150. Make roads more visible/higlghtable/raod overlay on the map
  151. Greater Rejuvs
  152. D5 Trawling Pools
  153. Poker Hall
  154. New broken chaos banks
  155. Shipping Trade Routes
  156. Delete Begone and rework Havoc Blast
  157. Notification Text
  158. Can we have Dualwild 2x 1h Weapons
  159. Clan/Hamlet Message Boards
  160. Buff Rockbangers
  161. Clan Nexus
  162. The anti magic territory
  163. Tower Defense - Land event PvP
  164. Nerf a2a and exploit weakness
  165. Brawler Skill Idea: Guard
  166. Prowess Sinks
  167. Podracing
  168. Forced Camera Views
  169. Siege stones
  170. Jonah's Sandbox Ideas, from forever ago.
  171. Begone+Havocblast in Water is too OP
  172. Teleportation controversy
  173. Revert Level 5 changes in the Sea back to the Dragon/Kraken Tiles
  174. Center map levy
  175. We need one super city for everlasting conflict
  176. Suggested changes to Village req/capture and hamlet boosters
  177. Jabaoth's Crucible
  178. Enchanting mats as perishable items
  179. Make Sieges Almost Instant - 3-6 hours delay
  180. [Sand In The Box Series #1] Skinnable Player Heads & Pikes
  181. Current Game State Is Not Friendly To Low Prowess Player Base
  182. Relics, Density, Garmir
  183. Hi
  184. Please implement new character models
  185. Discountbundle for the Fluffitems from Halloween/Christmas and other Events?
  186. Fixing the economy: Otoan's suggestion
  187. Raise the skillceiling abit..remove cones
  188. The "Gatherer" Class
  189. Petition to connect Andruk to the Menhir tower via road
  190. Treasure maps
  191. Small Pulv fix
  192. New Player Experience
  193. [Sand In The Box #2] Trade Routes
  194. Connect Tower Damage to AoI Villages
  195. A couple of changes that I would like to see in the game.
  196. Enchanting items
  197. Scale ability magnitude off weapon rank NOT weapon damage
  198. Remove school and incorporate casting speed into abilties
  199. Class passives
  200. Prime time activities
  201. Weapon types and blueprints
  202. Sieges
  203. Portal Chambers (DFO sytle)
  204. Shipping channels (sea roads)
  205. Crossbows and staves
  206. Exact stat costs on skill tooltip?
  207. Remove Ability cap completely. Why? There's nothing Unique no more.
  208. How to localize loot by location
  209. Let us be able to choose sensivity for melee and archery.
  210. Portal shards in dungeons
  211. exalted sacrifice with 1handers
  212. Two suggestions for combat
  213. till melee casting arrived...
  214. Wake up av we need population in servers!!!
  215. Ban BigJo
  216. Remove Market and Introduce Player Vendors
  217. Revert Strafing Speed
  218. Encourage more play styles.
  219. Conncet clan markets to NPC markets
  220. Alchemy - Celstial Souls - Demonic Essences - Alignment - Flying
  221. Requisitions
  222. my comments and suggestions
  223. Please fix disabling bolt
  224. My suggestions for the enjoyable combat.
  225. Summon a friend "Rune"
  226. Stealth "fixes"
  227. Fix Supernodes
  228. Travel suggestion
  229. armor system sucks right now, here's my idea of how to change it.
  230. Make roads easier to see on the map...
  231. Season Server. 75 days - Building city cost reduced by 75% gear cost reduced by 50%
  232. relic of hearth and home
  233. Super Nodes and resource themes.
  234. Select Primary Spawn Point
  235. [hud] hp bar
  236. City Upkeep would bring small scale PVP
  237. Villages should go live for capture more often
  238. Relic of Aegis
  239. How to properly balance village capture mechanic.
  240. Crafting Order: Salvaging
  241. Bring back intelligent, skill based builds.
  242. Add a "Tip" window to crafting orders
  243. Monster spawning
  244. 1 hander suggestoin
  245. Now that harvesting has been nerfed into oblivion....
  246. Housing Plots--Livestock+Plant Breeding+other suggestions
  247. New Bind Stone Recall
  248. Adjust Starting Feats
  249. Give us double gold map weekend again AV
  250. Fast Travel Rework