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  1. Much Needed Game Fixes:
  2. Merging combat skill effect
  3. Next School: Chanter
  4. more archery skills
  5. Attunement to earth shouldn't absorb impact dmg
  6. Bleeding out in pvp
  7. Feedback subforum
  8. Spirit Bound
  9. Fullscreen gamma profile
  10. New Common Skill: Silencing Shot/or Effect
  11. Reducing grind for refining mats
  12. STAMINA - Problem
  13. Land Towers
  14. Indvidual Skills AV could release.
  15. Add rank 90 and rank 100 weapons to....... make citys more valuable.
  16. Give Mounts Traits
  17. Raiding holdings : system proposal (following AV Path Ahead)
  18. Political Map ingame
  19. Caustic Bolt
  20. Darkfall Card Game
  21. Danger VI zone
  22. Toggle ranged 3rd person to shift side to side
  23. Bring back Confusion
  24. A little sand and worth for AOI
  25. Another Spirit Bond Suggestion
  26. How to break the meta, lower ttk a bit and make both specialization and hybrid viable
  27. [pvp balance] Changes I'd like to see
  28. Combined Mob Spawns
  29. Defensive builds too effective versus offensive
  30. How to make sieges less blobby and laggy.
  31. Easy Watery Grave Fix
  32. Quick story on a clan that came and left
  33. Easy Static Field Fix
  34. Comprehensive Alignment System
  35. Weapon Durability and Duels
  36. Name Change : useful to see past names
  37. Suggestion for a Alignment system, with economy and clan warfare integrated
  38. Nerf all the AOES / Nerf the uber regen
  39. Please for god sake fix 1h and shields asap!!!
  40. The Phrase "Sandbox"
  41. Protecting new players
  42. Simplification Maximization
  43. Bitterstep
  44. Selentine Shop : visual change is too expensive
  45. Agonian Map
  46. Item Decay - 1% a day
  47. more Alchemy suggestions
  48. change for the common skills
  49. Darkfall Manual - Needs update - Low Priority
  50. A Thought Regarding Tower Damage
  51. P2P With a F2P Model - Legitimate Discussion Please
  52. A Thought Regarding Dyes
  53. Skill-Weaponslot Fix to Itemtype not Item(id?)
  54. advertising
  55. Make a reason to wear something other then Dread or Dread w/ Prime Head n Shoulders
  56. Make it possible to buy selentine gold with in game gold
  57. This patch better include fixes to....
  58. Chaos Chests
  59. BandAid fix for Housing
  60. Darkfall Ingame... Games
  61. [Harvesting]: Skinning Additions Concept
  62. Selentine Masks
  63. Decrease evade cooldown
  64. FIX needed: Flawed prisms
  65. Melee staggering due to parry
  66. Initial In Mini-Map
  67. Real Estate Board
  68. Ship Cannons
  69. Ship ramming and the depth of naval combat. Would make darkfall the best navy game :(
  70. Promoting city raiding
  71. Conclave
  72. Balance changes
  73. "Interesting WAR system idea !"
  74. Global Chat Cesspool
  75. remove global chat
  76. Village Requisition Timer
  77. Issue with Arrows
  78. EASY game changer while waiting for relics patch. PLEASE AV READ =(
  79. Tower change and guaranteed hotspot suggestion
  80. Fixing Darkfall
  81. Fixing Darkfall
  82. Loud Chaos Chests
  83. An idea for armor changes........
  84. Leenspar Melee Weapons broken
  85. Regressor tradeable
  86. Keys and Maps
  87. Militant, Barbaric, Stoic diversity + Panacea Potion
  88. Make Break Fall work more often.
  89. Halloween Event - In need of more than 2 active spawns
  90. Guise System - Expand to Hats/Masks
  91. Get rid of spirit bond
  92. SNAILPARTY wishlist
  93. Player Relics
  94. Buff on Leenspar and Theryl magnitudes.
  95. Some market changes ideas
  96. Personal Strongboxes
  97. Movement skills
  98. Build system (Upvote and downvote)
  99. Get watery graves right av
  100. Server EU v Server NA
  101. Armor (crafting in general) change
  102. Don't nerf fast travel...
  103. Fluffing up combat
  104. Sea Towers - Version 3.0
  105. idea for the mentor system
  106. Ingrease the Pigment Drop
  107. a way to significantly increase population and income.
  108. Drop Subscription cost inline with other games
  109. Surging Spawns
  110. Make regressor transferable
  111. 10 steps regarding rare materials and their use
  112. Some skills just shouldn't crit
  113. Sage npc in player cities
  114. Haunted House
  115. Option to mute audio on loadup
  116. Making sea relevent
  117. Fix lvl 3 monolith
  118. What to learn from AA!
  119. New Territory System Idea
  120. Prowess Gem 2.0
  121. Make Chaos Chests worth something.
  122. Prowess and Feats - Raap's Wish List
  123. Combat Hit Sounds need update.
  124. Rework chests (selentine, veilron, etc)
  125. Lower Village Cap timer, increase globule reward.
  126. Tutorial and new player bad impressions (urgent imo)
  127. in game tutorial video (from vets)
  128. 5 Small Tweaks to make the game more enjoyable!
  129. please add conversion mats to villains+
  130. Metamorphosis System
  131. Balance suggestion and explenation on various nerfs/buffs.
  132. Developers, we need to talk.
  133. LFD (Looking for Duel) - A fix to the random wager duel challenge.
  134. Reason for new player to play 1-3 weeks and leave
  135. Nerf watery grave today please...
  136. List of Skill That Need Tweak
  137. Selentine Shop Suggestion (More Profit)
  138. Weapons - Differentiating the Styles
  139. Can you guys fix some of these old bugs and reimplement some old stuff?
  140. A patch that only fixes bugs and addresses quality of life issues
  141. Durability lost is to high for Staffs and Bows compare to other Weapons
  142. Mages
  143. My thoughts on current combat
  144. Changes to combat-Pleasing both sides
  145. Make stones into viable mats
  146. Cooking? Whose sick idea of a joke was this?
  147. Free Respec
  148. A change for 2 monliths
  149. Sustainable and scalable territorial control system
  150. My Vision on how Darkfall Should be
  151. Rebalance Monster Spawns
  152. Conect the Steedgras Harvester Feat with the drop from Treasure Maps
  153. What kind of menu do you guys like the most? Picture inside [POLL]
  154. A suggested PvE feats after Starting feats.
  155. Attunment to earth. Fixing without destroying
  156. A few simple ideas to increase immersion [Long post]
  157. Idea for Kraken loot
  158. War Declarations
  159. Shield Abilities
  160. Renaming Marked Runes
  161. Light
  162. Disabling Blow
  163. Bring back Elf-/Alfarland as Chaos (City) Zones
  164. Change to enchanting mats to incentivize city raiding!
  165. Metalkon's Short Term Suggestions
  166. Cobra staff skin
  167. hotfix needed
  168. Crafting Mastries and Hamlets
  169. Make all craftable items salvagable!
  170. Remove secondary materials for non mastery refining craft
  171. Housing change
  172. Static field suggestion, and others.
  173. Champion School : Dragoon
  174. REMOVE towers / Add in better city buffs
  175. BUFF Towers
  176. Suggestions
  177. Possible solution to crafting for prowess
  178. Art Contest for new weapon skins!
  179. Dynamic City raiding
  180. Increase school bolt spells damage
  181. Keep change
  182. Adding risk to crafting, long term siege meta (economic warfare)
  183. Changes to city nodes
  184. Ingame-Gold into Selentine-Gold
  185. Pave Roads!
  186. Anti-Infantry Siege Equipment
  187. Relics - Thoughts
  188. Buff seizure
  189. Nerf Static.
  190. A solution to making maps stackable
  191. New movement animations..
  192. Tweaks to the relics patch
  193. Orb of Power
  194. Making cities desirable and super nodes worth while through enchanting
  195. Gauntlet of Dominion Requisition!
  196. Increase Space of Bank [ Selentine Shop Item ]
  197. Light spell
  198. Joining party
  199. Lifetime accounts to get some immediate cash flow and use it to quickly improve DFUW?
  200. Kickstarter campaign to get more players, and funds, then continue with donations.
  201. Wish List
  202. Group Duel Feature
  203. The Passive Slot Tech Tree
  204. New Monsters, Higher Prow Per Kill, More Dungeons, Enchanting.
  205. Make Everyone Champion For a Day All Day
  206. Remove non essential basic mats from master crafting
  207. Shield Changes and Common Skill Changes/Additions
  208. Fog of War
  209. More sand, simple changes
  210. character transfer
  211. Add 2 more skill slots.
  212. Village/Holding Value, AOI, System message
  213. Chaos chest buff?
  214. Every city building should have doors like houses
  215. Mob suggestion, keep new players.
  216. Skin player graves for their heads...
  217. A fix to binding weapons to skills.
  218. Incresing holding value and gold sink
  219. remove crits from non white damage
  220. Simple adjustment to Holdings and Villages
  221. Various Suggestions
  222. City walls !
  223. Waterways (Ocean Current) for faster ship speed
  224. make global chat post 51% mana cost
  225. Player driven Sea Tower loot meter
  226. Add more roads, create networks
  227. Reintroduce Chaos Cities
  228. For the love of of jeebus nerf these abilities;
  229. Clan markets are dead...
  230. portal shards to use the portal chamber
  231. The NPC Gatherling
  232. Hidden Feats
  233. Imma chargin mah fire ball!!!
  234. Rethinking Villages
  235. More video competitions
  236. CRASHING all the time since the new lobby update!?
  237. A suggestion for endgame skills and pp dump
  238. Allow for clan crafting bonuses in player housing
  239. Relic of Mass Destruction will ruin Sea Fortress
  240. Keep Chaos Chests with Sounds
  241. Shields and Parry, Invigoration
  242. AV, plz, stop skins a conveyor and start making game
  243. Dominion purchasable with gold. (Gold 2 Dominion)
  244. Stealth as a common skill
  245. encumbrance
  246. Game does not need anymore skill slots - NERF LUNGE
  247. resting
  248. remove champion
  249. Req village bug
  250. Please change holding messages..