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  1. Mob Spawn Rebalancing
  2. Remove Ability to Deposit While in Combat
  3. Individual housing plots
  4. spellcaster rework
  5. Cool places with nothing in them
  6. Potential Quest (Lets make a story)
  7. Simple & Useful Chat/UI Suggestion
  8. Safe Zones, Towers and Chaos Cities
  9. New Ultimate: Battle Sense or Scrying
  10. Paperdoll - Display Buff Percentages
  11. Small tweak; weapon & skill combo assignment
  12. Palisade Walls
  13. Alternative to current Rez/Gank System
  14. FPS Limiter
  15. New Player Help & Guides Forum
  16. Indicate health/durabilty of items in backpack
  17. Naval Warfare [The Improvement List] Feel free to add / discuss
  18. Kick Players on Server with Connection Problems.
  19. Fix First Person view (archery)
  20. Darkfall Minigames
  21. super node feats
  22. next weekend's monster event
  23. A Fair Alignment System:
  24. Summon players via rightcliking there names
  25. Pvp Ranking and Title
  26. Let us remove the awful loading music
  27. Schools Pt.2
  28. New Item: Lockbox
  29. My fantasy about how raiding (stealing) villages and cities could be
  30. A New players take and suggestions
  31. Gear bonuses => enchanting
  32. x 4617 y 3643
  33. Get the bank logs going
  34. player housing and portal chamber in npc capitols
  35. Player Cities and Hamlets
  36. Before you add any thing else fix the bugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  37. Travel suggestion mount "whips"
  38. After death, spawn at player housing.
  39. Droprate of Globules
  40. Newbie friendly looting idea.
  41. Deleting items in player graves.
  42. Before any other fix / add to the game
  43. Consistent Locations for Updates/Information
  44. Concerning Player Alignment
  45. Time to implement the Shipstrongboxes
  46. Yet Another Player alignment post!
  47. Three suggestions regarding marketplace
  48. Free Prowess reset for large changes in balance patch?
  49. How to fix holdings + alignment system
  50. Dungeons
  51. Attunment to water
  52. Static field nerf
  53. How to fix safe zones
  54. Alignment System Mechanic
  55. Allows us to Lock placement on Levy Requisition Window.
  56. Share Blueprints Hub
  57. Fix Mouse Movement in Action Mode
  58. Reduce Exalted Sacrifice Cone Size
  59. Bindstone recall; small change large impact for new players
  60. Rework A2W
  61. How To Improve DFUW
  62. my impression and suggestion like a caster
  63. More armor
  64. Low prowess pvp zones/ 20k won't get destroyed by 150k
  65. Fix time to dismount boat.
  66. Latest developer posts overview
  67. Fix Boat Boarding Exploit
  68. CvC forum section
  69. 4th of July pipe hat
  70. Tornado!
  71. Pls bring back the old Air_Guitar emote
  72. For ending the endless balance
  73. Two Easily Implemented Suggestions Everyone Would Like To See
  74. Mage Robe rebalance needed...
  75. Idea on how to make Daggers more desirable in pvp without making them OP
  76. Area of Influence, Portal Chambers, Reasons to Siege and Capture Villages.
  77. Villages & Globules
  78. Ship Cannons
  79. Theyril, the rarest essence of Agon
  80. Mage Fix July 2014 - Inquis
  81. Can we Please get a response or a hotfix to Tower Damage
  82. Rest
  83. Roar buff remover
  84. Why not half "primary" mats in recipes?
  85. I chopped a tree in the lvl 5.
  86. Tower damage sclae with armor durability and armor speccs
  87. In response to all topics concerning tower nerfs
  88. A plea for mastery Potions
  89. Change the rewards for daily dungeon feats
  90. Greater Rejuv icon
  91. Melee end of swing...
  92. Encouraging seiges
  93. Update the descriptions of Spells!
  94. Rework critical % to be non-random
  95. Extra prowess respec token once a player hits 75k prowess.
  96. Tracking on land
  97. New Weapon Types
  98. Reintroduction of Portal chambers between holdings - tied to AOI
  99. My list of improvements that should be included in top priority development
  100. AV: Its time to admit your mistake in food
  101. Give reason to wear lower rank armour
  102. Retain more player base by:
  103. Static Field
  104. Make active Siege Stones repairable
  105. Alliances & their Area of Influence
  106. Let people charge up the non ranged gank while moving
  107. How to retain subscribers and attract new ones.
  108. Just no one out in the world
  109. Fix Attune to Water
  110. Sea Fortress - Cannon Turret Rotation - Discussion
  111. make rank 80 weapons and armor worth using also make ranking up armor more effective.
  112. inventory design
  113. Comprehensive Attunement Change
  114. Buff Fishing
  115. Dont turn DF into Lord of the ring
  116. For R0 ~ R10 gear remove smithy/lab/workstation requirements
  117. More feedback when taking damage...
  118. Need more bow/archery abilities
  119. In game Scoreboard
  120. Active harvesting..
  121. Selentine Shop -- Subscription Time
  122. AV, can you let us make player made treasure maps already?
  123. Tone down the sound on Sacrifice!!
  124. Skinning Mobs
  125. Few Suggestions about Balance and Skills
  126. Friends List Folders
  127. Tag distance is woefully inadequate
  128. Changes to boat combat
  129. Ocean PvM Suggestion
  130. Dual-Mount System:
  131. Bow and Staff Durability
  132. Soulmate/Couple System
  133. Arcane Rings back to the game.
  134. Improving the Buddy Keys system and the Mentoring situation
  135. Please Fix The Role Management Bug
  136. Suggestion on naval combat
  137. Conversion Mats
  138. Evade & Leap = Common Skills / Heal Mount = Heal Other
  139. War dec changes with loot options on player deaths
  140. Small improvements with big impacts.
  141. utility skills that need to be added
  142. Marketplace should show alltime/monthly/weekly price averages
  143. Feats Window Change
  144. Remove Ranged Revive and Ranged Ganked Spells and replace them with something else
  145. Selentine Shop
  146. Polearm Piercing Damage
  147. Clan assignments
  148. Market Suggestions
  149. Need more PVE hot spots for PVP "hot spots"
  150. Make R80 armor affordable!!!!!!! suggestions / comments
  151. No safe zones, need to be more like DF1 citys
  152. User Friendly Messages
  153. Greataxe
  154. Orbs & Golems
  155. Conversion Materials
  156. polearms need a buff or rework
  157. The Mad Wizards Labyrinth
  158. Consolidated City/Hamlet/Villages/Small Clan/Siege mechanic suggestion thread
  159. Add Clan Alliance Waypoints
  160. PVE Adrenaline + Other Suggestions
  161. Make Armor Boost Skills/Auto Attacks of it's original class archtype
  162. AV before you nerf everything......think
  163. Newbie friendly stuff
  164. My opinions on skill-changes that are needed.
  165. Dominion & Prowess
  166. Prime robes
  167. Make cloth/leather sacks use inferior
  168. weekend event
  169. Increase Wall Protections
  170. Small Scale PvP
  171. Group Coordination Issues.
  172. Crafting ( bags suggestion )
  173. *POLL* on city nodes (repost)
  174. Thoughts on debuffs
  175. Fix the Stamina drain problem
  176. Territory Control Suggestions ( preventing the mess we have on agon currently )
  177. Tedious rain sound
  178. Fix to movement skills
  179. Make abilities scale off weapon rank NOT weapon damage
  180. Prime gear and food buff should stack!
  181. stars in front of the moon..
  182. Lack of Game History
  183. Make Top Tier Gear Matter!
  184. Remove Inferior Items
  185. Aoi and travel
  186. material conversion
  187. REMOVE Load screen music.
  188. Political Map Options
  189. Melee Suggestion
  190. habitual cave trolls feat reward
  191. Economy of mats is broken
  192. Increase theyril gauntlet's durability
  193. Fix weather effects
  194. mage skill combo needs some attention
  195. attunements
  196. Recall and Rune marking speed
  197. Roar
  198. Change Spirit Bond/Nerf it and REMOVE range res/gank
  199. Remove it please.
  200. MAKE THE UI MORE READABLE! Better for new players to get to know the UI.
  201. Outdated manual - frustrating experience as a new player
  202. Make the old crosshair option available again,option for smaller letters,hp bar.
  203. Partially Persistent Player/Mob Nametags and Health Bars
  204. Transparent Gravelord on Soul Flay
  205. Alternative to Spirit Bond
  206. Map search ability
  207. Larger Crosshairs
  209. alternative patcher
  210. HUD Change: Player Info Display
  211. New addition to cities for raiding/taking over.
  212. Teleport over AOI
  213. Levy
  214. Change spell-activated weapons with quickslot
  215. Village AOI Points
  216. An idea to fix AoI/nutcupping
  217. Extend double prowess another week!
  218. clan dots on mini map
  219. Trade-craft armor sets
  220. Add passive properties to weapons to make them different.
  221. AV Please read.
  222. Melee overhaul: Combos, guard break, stagger.
  223. Random Spawning Boss Mobs
  224. Lacerate
  225. Devs wasting time
  226. market suggestion
  227. Spyglass - Useless
  228. Auto close corpse after looting last item
  229. Newbie Friendly Bonuses for Low Tier Armor
  230. Too much empty NPC cities
  231. steedgrass
  232. Banking
  233. Mask Bless Deed
  234. Mage Robe should be based on int
  235. Trawlers
  236. How to fix duelist without nerfing it to death
  237. Link weapon to stay for real
  238. Ability Upgrades Like DF1
  239. Lend Mana
  240. Encumbrance and Crafting
  241. * Aventurine * Do not mess up the enchanting! My thoughts.
  242. Stoic Defence suggestion
  243. AoI suggestion
  244. Looting incapacitated players along with simple benefit for being blue
  245. ADD DF1 Sound effects ie. "WARRRRR" etc
  246. Improvement to the seas. PvE/trawling/scrapping
  247. make mob loot more consistent
  248. servers
  249. Stoic defense suggestion
  250. Champion Spawn