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  1. Please increase difference btw lvl of armor / weapons
  2. Alternate Super Node Mechanic Idea
  3. Increase normal mats in loot tables, decrease rare mats on terrors
  4. make it a bit brighter at night please (unfair advantage to fullscreen players atm)
  5. Prowess grind
  6. Darkfall: Farmville Ediition
  7. Mobloot Community edition
  8. Party Member Health Bars
  9. About mentoring
  10. Daily / Weekly reset
  11. Terror and Above Group
  12. Options for reticle
  13. AV please drop a compensation patch
  14. How to make PvE as mage more viable
  15. treasure map indicator
  16. Increase hamlet value
  17. Im serious now, Conversion and Inferior
  18. Complete sets in market
  19. After dupe bug destroying the games Economy time to protest?
  20. Conversion Materials Fine; Required, Better Source for Vets
  21. Default dye color
  22. Digging should give us Coal and other mats
  23. Fix economy please
  24. Ship Speed & Drive
  25. Add refining mats (coal etc.) to some scourge+ mobs
  26. Reduce/remove the amount of iron ingot on mastery gear/weapons
  27. Reduce fall dmg , its way high
  28. The duping/banks
  29. Rewards for Longstanding Accounts
  30. Ui needs to be fixed
  31. Suggestion: Release Spreadsheet with All Players' Bank Contents
  32. Give players 1 week of free game time for the time they lost from rollback
  33. PTR; Dupes/GameBreaking Errors is why we need a Public Test Realm
  34. re design sea tower broz
  35. Bank/Bag/Inventory system
  36. gear duration revamp
  37. Super nodes
  38. Do away with arrows and dust
  39. Change the safezones to relate with Prowess
  40. Combat changes - Crouch animation takes too long
  41. Tools should be Salvageable
  42. Livestreamers
  43. Bring Asian server's armor to NA please!!!!
  44. Bounty System (detailed and balanced)
  45. Quality of Life Change: Auto Split
  46. chat suggestion
  47. Make ReSpec Prowess an EPIC quest like Baron or something
  48. Daily picture updates
  49. Adding More Graphics Options.
  50. Pirates
  51. Menhir Sentinel need love
  52. Mentor system needs help.
  53. Forward disables auto-run
  54. Globalize markets!
  55. Adjust starter feats and add more feats
  56. The MAP
  57. for the upcoming salvage changes
  58. One of the best change since launch!
  59. Make armour sets only 5 pieces
  60. add the barber again.
  61. Hamlet defences
  62. Reduce the frequency of Weather
  63. Mount Suggestions
  64. camera angle and head position
  65. Combine potions (small suggestion)
  66. Fix mob leash points and AI
  67. Happy Friday:
  68. BRAINSTORMING - Sloppy's list of 10 things.
  69. Monster Spawn rate and the use of alts to boost it.
  70. Water Fighting and Skills
  71. Theyril and normal harvesting tools look too similar
  72. Where is my barber, bro?
  73. Seizure spell needs to actually send you into a seizure.
  74. Noob Island (Namlit)
  75. increase the bank slots
  76. Move SuperNode locations - Near Levy, out of mob spawns
  77. Hey Chest
  78. Remove this coffee stain off my screen
  79. Cut salvaging time down by 80%
  80. Active Harvesting
  81. Old map system, ever been feedback from AV about it?
  82. game needs more chests
  83. Guard Towers & Cities
  84. Cycle out MVP forum access
  85. Custom role explanation video
  86. Villages 2.0
  87. The Edge
  88. Suggestion to fix super nodes.
  89. Reduce the number of kill on the newbie PvE feats
  90. Theyril and below Skinners- Make them yield increased quantities
  91. Radial slot queue (frustrating/annoying issue)
  92. Small Player Holding Node Change
  93. Custom Roles Patch - Skill Changes -- AV we need info!
  94. bring back sharks
  95. Grandmaster Crafting and Refining
  96. Villages need a little change asap.
  97. nourishment suggestion
  98. Economics
  99. Miscellaneous Clan Roster/Friend List Ideas
  100. Invite popular Twitch Streamer to play Darkfall
  101. Bank slots
  102. Remove "elite" mobs from some spawns
  103. Chain Evade: Skilled Movement Without BunnyHopping.
  104. Map system revamp suggestion
  105. Quartz needed for spyglass
  106. Casino/stockmarket
  107. Release some API's for Darkfall!
  108. Fix Darkfall load time
  109. Make sanguine starter city for all races
  110. Lets talk about Skinning material conversions
  111. Skill-Based Mount Mobility (alternative to bunnyhopping)
  112. House pets/cash shop?
  113. A Working Economy
  114. Pool Bars, Enemy Bar, Casting bar
  115. Double Drop Spawns
  116. Remove revive invuln
  117. character recustomization
  118. make ork capital chaos city
  119. Skill Slot Keys
  120. Buff durations far too short.....
  121. Add a MAX SKILL button when spending prowess
  122. dash and stampede are pointless
  123. Add feats for the new cloth armor tiers
  124. Resetting Crafting Masteries
  125. Radial Select Player Card! (To view their builds)
  126. Exalted Sacrifice
  127. 30 Selentine Gold Shop Points for 6 Month Sub.
  128. make 10 input binding slots (cause of 10 roll overview safe) possible
  129. Ability to "copy" blueprints
  130. get rid of party buffs/debuffs icons
  131. Prowess and Harvesting?
  132. New crafting feats for new Robe sets
  133. Please add full list of spells/skills to official manual
  134. Cool Ideas
  135. Increase prowess cost for abilities + Decrease prowess cost for attributes
  136. fix disabling
  137. Fix the starter feats!!
  138. Overlay hotkey on role assignment page
  139. [SUGGESTION] Customizable Clan Dots (on minimap)
  140. New Player Ease
  141. Old names
  142. Front hit random crit chance
  143. Armor Balances
  144. Potions salvage
  145. + - button to the Theorycraft Forum
  146. Knock-up/Knock-back Fizzle or Invuln cooldown
  147. Balancing play styles and healing skills
  148. Make Summon Button for Party Member
  149. Bring bluetails back!
  150. Evade
  151. Add Race/Gender Change to Shop
  152. Hot bars VS respecing
  153. 2h Weapons on Back
  154. City walls are officially USELESS
  155. Remove kb from stamped
  156. Item Bar and Low Dura warning Player Model
  157. Newly introduced Bugs since the patch
  158. Regarding weapon to skill bindings
  159. "Download" button
  160. Allow us to activate both radial hotbars with the same button
  161. Bring Back the Old Stinging Reposte~!
  162. Player City and Personal House Sages
  163. Dota 2 guide system in Darkfall UW
  164. Nobody is using high end sword/board
  165. Please lose the "spray" effect from melee hits.
  166. Evade and leap as additional movement.
  167. GUI buggy
  168. Make a really good tutorial
  169. Improving the Desire to Use Keys
  170. Melee
  171. Duplicate Builds
  172. Add Protections to Shields
  173. Remove cooldown on skill change
  174. Mage / Spell Changes
  175. Disable
  176. Salvo Balance
  177. Increase the economic velocity of house addons
  178. Bastion/Primal Surge duration increase
  179. Free respec after hitting 50k prowess
  180. Expand Hamlets
  181. Expand post-death options
  182. City Protection
  183. Get rid of the radial wheel system
  184. Group Play Problems
  185. Polearm/Bow NOT Dagger/bow
  186. Normalize Spellbane/Reinforce
  187. Ideas for new daily feats
  188. Temporary prowess scroll that lasts 3 hours
  189. Allow daily and weekly feats still in progress to persist after reset
  190. Double prowess gain potions/store item?
  191. Separate camera settings for staves and bow
  192. Chests
  193. Make the minimap larger
  194. More reasons to get out in the world.(Trade runs)
  195. Essence Gathering Feats
  196. Large Fight Performance
  197. Suggestions
  198. Doombringer bounty chest
  199. A reason for war..
  200. Consecrate
  201. Territory Control V2
  202. Bring me his head!
  203. Anti healing debuff
  204. What about a Coliseum
  205. Puncture
  206. Fix mob friendly fire
  207. Stampede
  208. Half the village req loot
  209. INT\WIS stat effect
  210. Harvesting Feats Rework! <Sulfur and Rust>
  211. Pack Monstrosity/Horror feats ./. World Events
  212. How to fix player retention in a programmatically easy way.
  213. Wildtribe Shaka Feat
  214. One suggestion I think a majority can agree upon.
  215. Mage Skills Do not Cost Enough Stats ( Mana, Stamina ) Compared to Other Skills.
  216. All Abilities with AOE are Critical hitting very often.
  217. Give all monsters a ranged attack ( melee only monsters get leashed and its NOT FUN )
  218. The 10 min "combat role change" timer is not balanced here is a better solution
  219. Vendors
  220. Mobs Info
  221. Rare wildlife
  222. You've got Mail
  223. Trying this again... Cr0ss's ideas to improve DF
  224. Tiered banking OR Bag permissions
  225. I hope movement fluidity is a priority even if the June poll did not mention it
  226. Get rid of prowess limits on Monoliths...
  227. Fix the hit detection on Exalted Sacrifice
  228. Top level crafting request blue icon
  229. Breakefall on mount
  230. Buff to Wall of righteous force - counter to watery grave
  231. Soul flay tweak
  232. Housing
  233. >> Suggestions With Reasoning and Explanations <<
  234. Globules drops - bandits + 1 or 2 more rare monster spawns
  235. Adjust mob spawns in relation to Danger Zone
  236. Increaes the amount of vitality on prime gear
  237. Suits / Frame
  238. Primal Material Drops
  239. New Item "Horn"
  240. Selentine and Veilron keys
  241. Sea Tower and Boat Combat Suggestions/Improvements
  242. Arena for the new players
  243. Field of View (FOV)
  244. Seizure (come hither) needs to have it's CD increased
  245. Slight nerf to Blocking.
  246. increased melee range during evade
  247. Rank in guild change .
  248. Max skill button
  249. Chaos Jumping
  250. Siege change