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  1. Upgrade DFUW to Java 8
  2. Shops- Your Thoughts
  3. New Proposed Essence System
  4. Clan Quests-Prowess Faucets?
  5. Different Crosshairs
  6. Guild Roster Automatic Cleanup + Alliances
  7. Normalize village timers
  8. Press Account / to invite ppl to Ally Events and to make Guides for New Player
  9. Can we get an update on things that where promised ?
  10. Distinct Racial Models
  11. Request clan stance icon in clan overview
  12. Add Ability to Summon Through Party
  13. Request promised clan bank tiers
  14. Making Harvesting More 'Visceral'
  15. Cheaper siege equipment using stone as regs
  16. The Resolution
  17. leaderboards
  18. Making all tiers of armor viable
  19. Improving food
  20. Easy changes to improve sea towers
  21. Tournaments suggestions threat
  22. Ele fix list
  23. bring us back event mobs!
  24. Press Acc. / empty space for video stuff
  25. Clan Market - Global Market
  26. Globules
  27. New Player Retention
  28. List of all issues related to New Players
  29. Niburus ideas on Holding ownership.
  30. Fixing Bugs
  31. Darkfall - IT'S A DINOSAUR´╗┐
  32. VCP problem
  33. City Raid Ideas
  34. Simplify Hamlet Sieges.
  35. Remove Timers from Game Map
  36. Tournament Health Bars
  37. more marker possible
  38. Mantra based skills
  39. Outnumbered and Mounts
  40. Real time map of Agon on web
  41. Add automatically Prowess Point per day
  42. fix patch?
  43. Feat Window is kinda fixed, but gets bugged now
  44. Reqing a levy
  45. Feat windows Filters
  46. Press the PAUSE button
  47. Darkfall Anniversary "think BIG"
  48. Blizzard and Heatstroke rework
  49. Dragon loot not much different
  50. Housing System rework
  51. Changes to siege mechanics
  52. Create a DF1 Arena Game (I'm serious)
  53. Salvaging bug
  54. Two suggestions to fix my Annoyance
  55. Feat rewards into bank
  56. Binding gamma adjustment
  57. Elementalist Suggestions
  58. Some simple GUI/keybinding improvements that would be nice...
  59. [List]Daily Feats
  60. Allow us to set certain defaults in Feat UI
  61. Different daily feats every day
  62. 40k is crazy for a full set of Dread Plate...
  63. Configurable Default Attack "Chaos Bolt instead of Staff Bolt"
  64. Let Scraping give feat progress
  65. Remove the jump delay with the upcoming changes.
  66. Land Trawlers
  67. Primalist Things
  68. Unique casting effects for all skills and spells (vital for combat changes)
  69. Quivers?
  70. Custom Roles / Skills Idea
  71. If you are building a gaming rig for DFUW what will you choose
  72. Essences Drop
  73. Class Balance Fix
  74. feat window
  75. Dynamic Meteor Events
  76. bleed out for pvp
  77. rpg and strat suggestions
  78. Cross healing
  79. Sea Towers need changes
  80. Reduce village Capture timers in line with the new territory control.
  81. Masks
  82. Prowess Shop
  83. Feat Filter on Map
  84. Proposal for an Alignment/Faction System
  85. Proposal for Enticing Sieges and Connecting PvP with PvE
  86. Rewards from habitual feat
  87. give us bank logs and or tabs for officers
  88. The Whip - Speed Mount
  89. now that dyes are in, Customisable Sails for ships
  90. Input Lag
  91. Buddy key
  92. FIX BUG: The 1h Sword & Shield Log On is messed up! BETA BUG?
  93. IDEA: Low dura gives low benefits vs High dura gives better damage and resistances.
  94. Fluff- Look at The Sims
  95. Dear AV - Weapon suggestion + Content
  96. If you are considering selling game time for in-game gold...
  97. Feats panel easy clear fix
  98. Assorted suggestions
  99. Pimpin Leenspar Keys
  100. Please add more food crates, chests, and resource stashes to higher end mob spawns
  101. Asset Damage / Towers
  102. Clan bind point
  103. Suggestion Regarding Dyes
  104. AOI - Political Window
  105. City Innovations
  106. Lower Coooldown to Switch Roles.
  107. Light spell
  108. New Item: Binoculars
  109. Lets give more reasons for maintaining or destroying cities: Total HP vs Efficiency
  110. A couple snow weather suggestions.
  111. Stack Tools
  112. Meat
  113. Special effects
  114. Economy, Markets and ect.
  115. WTB Group Port Option for Dungeons
  116. Casket of Crafting
  117. prowess monolith
  118. Give Roads a Speed Bonus
  119. Problem with the structures (AV Read)
  120. Bring back Nexus Portals
  121. Add scaling options to new UI elements
  122. Upcoming Barber- Shop
  123. Update is needed on the official Manuals
  124. Dye's
  125. Day and Night fading
  126. Seasons
  127. Make Evade a common ability
  128. Suggestions for adjusting dye appearances
  129. Bring Back DF1 Vegetation Sliders
  130. Feat Window Tags
  131. Add durability percentage bar on item icons
  132. First Monolith & Newbies
  133. Old Village change suggestion
  134. Please accept BITCOIN (BTC) for subscription payments!
  135. quickslots
  136. Introduce lottery/ raffle system
  137. Add Housing Add-on - Card Table
  138. Already playing with this account
  139. Change default levy color to something other than purple
  140. Have monsters drop weapons/armor worth using
  141. Hotbar vs Radial Wheel/Quick Slots - Suggestions and Discussion
  142. Ghost Ships
  143. Julls Wish List
  144. Rework cooking
  145. Item counter for bank/safe
  146. Loot-Tables revamp
  147. Interface changes
  148. Can we Skin Players graves!?
  149. Different map markers icons
  150. Race improvement
  151. Villages STILL going live 15mins early
  152. Pack Animals and real Packs
  153. Daily feats overweight problem
  154. Smooth Criminal
  155. Please fix Dye pattern on Hardy
  156. Crafting Daily
  157. item tool tip in chat
  158. Fix the map
  159. Add markers for mouse sensitivity
  160. Small nerf to warrior damage
  161. The fight vs flight thread remade
  162. Salvaging needs a fix/buff
  163. More variety in armor
  164. Sinspire Dungeon - Design Flaws
  165. Ticket System for Dailies and Levy
  166. Move counter of backpack items
  167. Linked items in chat should show quantity
  168. Resource Quality
  169. repairing
  170. [Suggestions]-[Easy] Area of influence, Quality of life, Towers, Custom Roles
  171. Cooking Products Show the Crafter.
  172. Rework Crafting/Harvesting
  173. Fix Stack Splitting
  174. Suugestion, badly needed
  175. Darkfall "Agonian Time" clock
  176. Lower the weight of crafting materials
  177. Spawn Mechanics
  178. Left and right action bar - please give us alternatives
  179. Can we get a pulverise nerf already?
  180. Intelligence
  181. Increase Hot Slots
  182. Take out damage from stampede
  183. Armor Skill-Custom Roles
  184. Usage of Shields with new custom roles
  185. Change Village Timers on EU only
  186. Ingame Day/night cycle clock
  187. Alphabetize friends list
  188. Soul Flay (and Resuscitation)
  189. Prowess Spender
  190. Stack Splitter
  191. Ideas for Daggers...
  192. Roads
  193. Fixing economy: remove crafting feats + prowess from it during prowess re-spec
  194. Auto-attack while holding LMB
  195. Prowess hour
  196. Optional backpack and bank GUI system
  197. We need to be able to make preset builds with the new system.
  198. AFK Mentors
  199. Enchanting...
  200. Bring back nexus gates as craftables
  201. Darkfall: Gamma Wars
  202. Change gathering skills to rise by use
  203. More uptime:
  204. Barber Shop/ Character Appearance Rest
  205. Can we please have a Split on EU and NA video section
  206. In-Game map- Critical Suggestion
  207. Fast traveling has to go away / CD on portals
  208. Banners/Standards
  209. Promotion prowess
  210. Quicker Salvage
  211. Rework party icons on minimap
  212. Recalling to city/village/hamlets.
  213. Remove chaos bind stones and some banks let ppl bind to villages/citys/hamlet instead
  214. In regards to the economy patch - leave out spyglasses
  215. dyes - custom roles
  216. AV's patch release dates.
  217. Sea territories - Bigger rewards from bigger boats - pve in the sea
  218. Changes for a More Active Agon
  219. Water Hotspots/Suggestions
  220. My Ideas to Improve the Game
  221. Change the Dye System
  222. Fix the Neithal essence drop rate
  223. Toughts about the mentor system
  224. I dont think av knows what 100% means.
  225. Reduce the time of crafting/refine plzz
  226. MVP's
  227. Dura lost on weapon in duel
  228. Reduce max durability on gear and make it cheaper to make
  229. Monster spawns that contain Supernodes.
  230. Rework Mentor System
  231. [ ASAP ] Remove inferior Basic Mats, Remove Coal, Quicklime, Lye, Lineseed -
  232. Make it so when you break crafting stations you get the mats in the wreckage of it.
  233. Unfair feats now ?
  234. Thanks for the update, Not
  235. A Wonderful Solution to Inferior Raw Materials
  236. Treasure maps
  237. Mob Dropped Lye/Coal/Quicklime/Linseed
  238. Move Super Nodes to Villages
  239. Change spyglass
  240. The economy fix.
  241. Increase bank space slots by 25%
  242. crafting while materials are in the bank
  243. suggestion for "super nodes"
  244. BreakFall change suggestion.
  245. Change repair shard recipe to address coal problem and cost of asset damage.
  246. Changes to Salvaging
  247. Make Map search window movable
  248. Monsters skinning for Inferior Rawhide, Why?
  249. Detailed ability description
  250. Make Startercities more viable! - Advertisment for the game